Chapter 150 – Star River Valley

After Shi Feng rejected the call, he continued searching for Swamp Hippos.

”He actually rejected… ” South Wolf looked at the rejection notification, feeling a sense of discomfort in his heart.

Normally, those with social standings would earnestly wish to converse with him in order to form friendly ties.
Now, however, he was actually met with a situation like this.
It was definitely a first for him.However, the ones above had already given him the command to make contact with Shi Feng.
Hence, he could only endure it and continue attempting to contact Shi Feng.After he reported the information about Shi Feng and the flame, Underworld carried out an analysis on the effects of the flame.
They immediately discovered that the flame was definitely extremely precious, and there was over a 70% chance that it could possibly be an Epic ranked item.
Hence, South Wolf was tasked with negotiating with Shi Feng to obtain the flame for Underworld.

South Wolf sucked in a few deep breaths, calming down his mood.
He then sent another communication request to Shi Feng.

However, every single request for communication was met with rejection.

”Crap! I can ’t believe this! Let ’s see how long you can keep on rejecting my calls! ” South Wolf sent a communication request once more.

”This is getting irritating… ” Shi Feng rejected the request once again.
He then adjusted the system settings to stop receiving calls from strangers.

After turning off the system interface, Shi Feng suddenly felt that the world became much more peaceful and serene than before. ”Leader, I discovered a very special place here! The rivers are actually flowing in mid-air! There are also lots of golden-colored fish swimming in the silver-colored river! Moreover, these fish are all Level 20 Special Elites! ” Lonely Snow suddenly said in the party chat, his voice containing great excitement. ”A group of Level 20 Special Elite fish? Isn ’t this too much of an exaggeration? Lonely Snow, are you sure you saw right? ” Blackie did not believe Lonely Snow ’s words at all. Special Elites! They were much stronger than ordinary Elite monsters.

The reason being, Special Elites were very outstanding in a particular field.
If it were not in terms of speed, then it would either be in terms of strength, magic, or something else.
There were extremely few Special Elites in God ’s Domain, and their rarity was comparable to Rare Elites.
Not to mention finding a group of Special Elites, even meeting with a single one was extremely difficult. ”It ’s true! If you don ’t believe me, I ’ll send you a picture of it! ”

After taking a look at the picture, it was indeed as Lonely Snow said.
The location in the picture was like a wonderland on earth, dazzlingly beautiful.
It was truly hard to imagine that the dark and damp Silent Swamp would have such a location in it.

There were hundreds of big golden fish in the silver river, and they all shone brilliantly, creating a dazzling sight. ”Golden-colored fish? ” Shi Feng entered deep thought as he looked at the golden fish in the river.
Suddenly, he thought of a possibility, ”What are the coordinates? I ’ll come over immediately. ”

When Shi Feng and Blackie arrived at the silver-colored river, they discovered that this river was actually moving in position, though it moved at an extremely slow speed.
Shi Feng and Blackie only managed to locate this river due to Lonely Snow 
continuously following it.As expected…
It is the Star River Valley. 
Shi Feng smiled.Star River Valley was one of the rarely seen marvels in God ’s Domain.
These marvels would usually appear at maps that were below Level 50.
Any players that were able to meet such marvels were all extremely lucky, as this meeting represented an opportunity.Shi Feng had once heard of a player obtaining a Fine-Gold ranked item from the Star River Valley.
There was even a player who obtained an Epic ranked item, causing others to feel envious.
However, there 
were also rumors that the person was just lying.

”Brother Feng, how do we deal with these big golden fish? ” Blackie felt a headache coming on just from looking at all the big golden fishes swimming in the silver-colored river.

[Golden Fish] (Special Elite)

Level 20

HP 100,000/100,000

Ignoring the level suppression, Attack, and Defense of the Golden Fishes, just their 100,000 HP was enough to bring a person to despair.

”These Golden Fish are swimming in river that ’s floating in mid-air.
I ’ve previously tested it out before, and I couldn ’t land an attack at all. 
However, if we solely depended on Blackie ’s magical attacks, the damage dealt might not even match up with the Golden Fish ’s recovery speed. ” Lonely Snow said, ”Leader, do you have any good ideas? ” ”Let ’s take a look at the surroundings first, then.
We might be able to discover some clues, ” Shi Feng said.

It was also Shi Feng ’s first time meeting the Star River Valley.
If their luck was good, they might 
receive a huge harvest, possibly even obtaining one or two pieces of Fine-Gold ranked items. ”En ”

Blackie and Lonely Snow started searching through the entire region of the Star River Valley.

After searching for over ten minutes, Blackie discovered an elderly man floating in mid-air.
The elder was holding onto a fishing rod, fishing.

”Brother Feng, I found an NPC over here, ” Blackie excitedly said.

”I ’ll be there immediately, ” Shi Feng said, also becoming excited.

The NPC elder was called Faust, and he was a Level 100 NPC that was capable of easily suppressing Shi Feng and the others.

Respected elder, can we help you with anything? ” Shi Feng respectfully said.

The elder, Faust, seemed not to have heard Shi Feng speaking.
His eyelids 
remained shut as he quietly fished.

”He can ’t be deaf, right? ” Blackie said. ”He can ’t be a deaf person, right? I ’m guessing that his hearing is impaired.
After all, that NPC ’s setting is that of an old man, so his hearing should have deteriorated.
He should be able to hear us if we 
speak louder, ” Lonely Snow shook his head. ”This old man is the Great Faust.
You adventurers are truly ill-mannered, daring to actually speak about this old man in such a way.
This old man is going to give you two a punishment! ” Faust abruptly opened his eyes.
Floating in mid-air, he looked at both Blackie and Lonely Snow as he spoke in a furious tone. ”
Holy Crap! This NPC doesn ’t react to praises, but immediately reacts when we talk bad about him? Isn ’t his IQ too high? ” Blackie was shocked.Lonely Snow was also incomparably shocked.However, before the two of them could recover from their shock, Faust casually pointed a finger at them.
The two of them suddenly floated high up into the air, before plunging down to the ground, nearly dying from the fall.After teaching the two a lesson, Faust started fishing once again. ”You t
wo… ” Shi Feng laughed as he spoke in the party chat, ”The NPCs in God ’s Domain possess extremely high intelligence.
This is especially true for almost all high-level NPCs.
They are totally different from the average 
You guys should treat powerful NPCs with respect in the future.
This time, Fa
ust could be considered to have given you a light lesson.
If he were to become truly angry, there is the possibility that he might even kill you. ”

In Shi Feng ’s previous life, many players who paid little respect to NPCs.
In the end, they were killed off by said NPCs.
Shi Feng had even seen 
more severe cases where NPCs would kill off a player whenever they met. ”Brother Feng, why didn ’t you say so early? ” Blackie complained.

”I wanted to say it, but you guys spoke before I had a chance to say anything, ” Shi Feng shrugged, shoving away the blame.

Di! Di! Di!

Just as Shi Feng was about to reveal his strategy, the system ’s message notification constantly rang out.
after another, the message notifications created a symphony of beeps.

Shi Feng became speechless.
Just where did so many messages come from?

”Why is it South Wolf again?! ” Shi Feng did not think that this person called South Wolf would be so persistent.

The person had actually sent several hundred messages over.
He was truly insane.

”Do you dare accept a voice call? ”

”Do you know who I am?! ” ”Are you reading this?! ”

”I know you ’re reading this! ”

”There is a big opportunity awaiting you right now.
You best contact me immediately! ”

Looking at these messages, speaking from a certain perspective, this person called South Wolf was indeed a very awesome person.
Shi Feng was extremely curious about why this person was trying to look for him.
He also could not continue involving himself with this person, so he readjusted the system settings to allow calls from strangers again.

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