Chapter 1511 – Thunder God ’s Charm

”Speak with me privately? ” Shi Feng ’s confusion grew.

He had never expected Eternal Dead to seek a private conversation.

The Sacred Temple was a bona fide Super Guild.
It was in a completely different league than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion; not even the super-first-rate Guild, Miracle, could stand up against the Sacred Temple.

This was why Phoenix Rain had wanted to work with the Sacred Temple and Battle Wolves.

Had she gained the two Super Guilds ’ cooperation, she could ’ve easily suppressed Nine Dragons Emperor and Miracle.

”That ’s right.
My Guild Leader is very interested in Zero Wing. ” Quiet Melody nodded.

In truth, Quiet Melody was also confused as to why Eternal Dead wanted to speak with Shi Feng.
Not even Phoenix Rain had elicited such a reaction from her Guild Leader as he usually sent a Vice Temple Master for such discussions.
Only the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion ’s Great Pavilion Master qualified to speak with Eternal Dead personally.

When will he contact me? ” Shi Feng agreed.

He had assumed that the Sacred Temple would wait until after the contest to contact him, but the fact that Eternal Dead had reached out now was a good thing.
After all, it wasn ’t easy to wrestle control of Thunder Island.

Despite so many superpowers struggling to claim the island for themselves, they had been forced to share its management in the past.

The island had a total of 17 monster encampments.
A Guild could only dominate Thunder Island after they captured all 17.
Currently, the various superpowers would be fortunate to claim two or three encampments.
Attempting to monopolize the island right now was unrealistic.

As soon as Shi Feng asked his question, he received a friend request.
It was from none other than Eternal Dead.

How fast.
Shi Feng immediately clicked ’Agree. ’

In God ’s Domain, players couldn ’t call each other directly until after they added each other as friends.
At most, players could send messages.
However, the majority of the game ’s players generally blocked incoming messages from outsides, only accepting missives from friends.

”Guild Leader Eternal, to what do I owe this unexpected call? ” Shi Feng asked, smiling at the somewhat-stern, middle-aged man in the screen.

During Shi Feng ’s previous life, Eternal Dead had achieved many feats throughout his ten years in God ’s Domain.
One of his crowning achievements had been his decision to focus on developing the Sacred Temple ’s navy early in the game.
It had given the Sacred Temple a massive advantage over the other superpowers, becoming one of God ’s Domain ’s top-ranked navies.
Take the present Thunder Island contest, for example.
During this contest, the Sacred Temple had dispatched 710 players, forming the largest team in the contest.

From the very onset, the Sacred Temple had split its forces to fight on two fronts.
No one dared to provoke the Guild.
While the other superpowers were just beginning to raid their second monster encampment, the Sacred Temple was almost ready to move on to their third.

”Elder Ye Feng, I ’ve watched Zero Wing ’s battle, and I ’m impressed by the Guild.
Including the fact that Zero Wing possesses a sailboat, the Battle Wolves ’ Guild Leader and I have agreed that you qualify to negotiate a partnership with us.
We ’ve also decided to give Zero Wing 20% of Thunder Island ’s profits should you agree. ”

As Eternal Dead spoke, his face had remained expressionless.
He didn ’t reveal a hint of joy or sadness.
Even the man ’s voice was neutral as he praised Zero Wing, yet his words ingrained themselves into any listener ’s mind.

Even Shi Feng could not help but admire Eternal Dead ’s regal aura as the man spoke.
It was no wonder why the Sacred Temple ’s management was so unified, with none of the Guild ’s upper echelons dissatisfied with Eternal Dead ’s leadership.

”May I assume that Guild Leader Eternal Dead has agreed to Zero Wing and Phoenix Rain occupying 40% of Thunder Island ’s profits? ” Shi Feng said, still smiling.

”Thunder Island will play an important role in naval development in the future.
I ’m sure you are aware of this.
Although Phoenix Rain has potential, she hasn ’t shown enough to stand as a partner.
Meanwhile, if Zero Wing has 20% of the profits, I doubt it will be long before your Guilds becomes an overlord in God ’s Domain ’s seas, ” Eternal Dead responded softly as he shook his head.

”So, Guild Leader Eternal, are you suggesting that only our three Guilds will cooperate? ” Shi Feng asked, frowning.

”If Zero Wing wishes to split its 20% with Phoenix Rain, the Sacred Temple and Battle Wolves will not refuse her participation in the alliance, ” Eternal Dead said, chuckling.

”I see. ” Realization dawned on Shi Feng.
After all that talk, the Sacred Temple and Battle Wolves still had no intention of parting with additional profit.
Shi Feng chuckled and said, ”Since that is the case, please allow us to consider your offer properly and reply at a later date.
Is that acceptable? ”

In any case, there is still a month before the next contest.
It would be wise to take your time in considering our offer. ” Confusion bubbled in Eternal Dead ’s mind as he watched Shi Feng, who appeared quite calm.
He had never expected this man to refuse such a profitable offer.

After Eternal Dead disconnected the call, a playful smile appearing on his face.

”Guild Leader, did he agree? ” Quiet Melody could not help but ask.

He rejected it.
It seems Phoenix Rain has a good eye for allies, ” Eternal Dead said, smiling.
”However, he is foolish to pass up an opportunity to cooperate with our Guilds for the sake of a partner. ”

The struggle for Thunder Island was more complex than he had anticipated.
With the various superpowers in once place, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was insignificant, much less the Phoenix Pavilion.

If it had been that simple, he wouldn ’t have allied with Battle Wolves.

Now that Zero Wing had rejected his offer, it might not even secure 5% of the island ’s total profits.

Quiet Melody was stunned.
She was surprised to learn that Shi Feng was so daring and straightforward.
If it were up to her, she might have agreed without hesitation, yet Shi Feng had calmly rejected it.

Although she was happy for and envied Phoenix Rain as the woman ’s good friend, neither Phoenix Rain nor Zero Wing would obtain any profits on their own.

Following which, Quiet Melody related this news to Phoenix Rain.

”Big Sis Rain, Eternal Dead is really despicable.
He actually tried to poach our ally midway through the contest.
Fortunately, Big Brother Ye Feng refused the offer. ” Blue Phoenix couldn ’t help but curse Eternal Dead when she heard about the deal.

”Although Eternal Dead ’s offer was underhanded, he wasn ’t wrong about us lacking naval strength. ” Phoenix Rain smiled bitterly.
At the same time, she also felt lucky and touched.
If not for Zero Wing, she would ’ve been eliminated from this contest.

Meanwhile, in the Orc encampment, Shi Feng didn ’t react to the previous conversation with Eternal Dead, continuing to appraise the Orc Chief ’s loot.

It ’s no wonder why the various superpowers had been so eager to obtain the Guardian Bosses ’ loot in the past.
They drop quite an abundance of good items.
Shi Feng excitedly gazed at the items in his bag.

The Orc Chief had dropped 32 items, twenty of which were various rare materials.
Seven of the remaining twelve were Level 55 and 60 weapons and pieces of equipment, and the weakest of which was Fine-Gold rank.

The Orc Chief had also dropped the Tier 2 Skill Book, Holy Prayer, a Skill for healers.
Holy Prayer was one of the rare Tier 2 AOE Healing Spells.
It could easily go for several thousand Gold on the market.

The loot also included a Bronze Speedboat and two Dark-Gold ranked tooks: the Magic Rain Gun and Thunder Beast Skin.

The Magic Rain Gun could replace a speedboat ’s weapon and would display the power of a peak Tier 2 attack.
The gun ’s Attack Speed was very high, and its attacks would inflict the Poisoned debuff, causing targets to lose HP over time and reducing Movement Speed.

As for the Thunder Beast Skin, it was similar to the Magic Whale Skin.
When used on a ship, the Thunder Beast Skin increased the ship ’s Magic Resistance by 10%, Movement Speed by 4%, and durability by 10 points.

These items were all worth a fortune.
However, even added together, they weren ’t worth as much as the simple necklace the Guardian Boss had dropped.

The Thunder God ’s Charm!

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