Chapter 1526 – Strengthening Players

It ’s no wonder these things can help a Guild improve quickly.
They actually possess such effects.

Shi Feng was astonished as he inspected the Advanced Restaurant Design and City Conscription Order in his bag.

The City Popularity the system awarded was already quite beneficial to the city ’s development, as it would lure many more NPCs to the city.
However, when compared to the two items in his bag, the amount of City Popularity he had gotten paled into insignificance.

Similar to the Advanced Auction House, the Advanced Restaurant was an extremely rare Advanced Construction in God ’s Domain.
The Guilds that managed to obtain it in his previous life numbered extremely few.
There had been one instance where a top adventurer team had put up an Advanced Restaurant Design for auction.
In the end, the design had sold at a price that could cause even first-rate Guilds to despair—two Fragmented Legendary items.

Even after ten years had passed in God ’s Domain, Fragmented Legendary items were still extremely hard to come by in God ’s Domain.
Back then, most first-rate Guilds would have only two or three Fragmented Legendary items in the entire Guild, and none of them were willing to exchange any.
After all, everyone back then was already fully aware of just how valuable a Fragmented Legendary item was.

Yet, in the end, a superpower had still bought the design for two Fragmented Legendary items.

Back then, many people had felt that the transaction was not worthwhile, and Shi Feng was no exception.
After all, a restaurant would, at most, function as an attraction to lure players to a city.
Meanwhile, the clientele would be spending only Coins or Magic Crystals at the restaurant.
To the wealthy superpowers, Fragmented Legendary items held far greater importance compared to Coins and Magic Crystals.
Nevertheless, the various superpowers back then had still gladly competed over the Advanced Restaurant Design.

Now that Shi Feng saw what functions the Advanced Restaurant possessed, however, he immediately realized why the various superpowers had been eager to buy the design back then.

Not only was the Advanced Restaurant much more spectacular than a Basic Restaurant in terms of size and appearance, but it also had various modes of transactions available.
In addition, players could even hire Master and Grandmaster Chef NPCs for the restaurant.

In God ’s Domain, no matter which subclass a Lifestyle player possessed, they would have great difficulty reaching even the Master rank, not to mention the Grandmaster rank.

Meanwhile, any Lifestyle player that managed to reach the Master or Grandmaster rank in their subclass would be capable of taking on a role that exceeded one ’s imaginations.
This was especially true for those that managed to become Grandmaster Lifestyle players; they would become existences that could single-handedly affect an entire Guild ’s strength.

Take a Grandmaster Chef for example.
Aside from being able to cook up unimaginably delicious food and beverages, a Grandmaster Chef was also capable of producing special cuisines that could permanently improve a player ’s Attributes or even physique.
There was a limit to how many times a player could improve through consuming such cuisines, but, even so, the capability was already plenty amazing.
After all, aside from upgrading to better weapons and equipment, players had almost no other method to improve their Attributes and physique significantly.

However, a Grandmaster Chef was capable of continuously strengthening players by producing various special cuisines.
Although there was a limit to how much one could improve through consuming special cuisines, according to the rumors, when a player reached that limit, the additional Attributes and physique they obtained could rival even that of a Fragmented Legendary item.

Of course, the requirements to construct the Advanced Restaurant were also very high.
At the very minimum, the Advanced Restaurant had to be built in a Basic City.
Aside from that, the architects building the Advanced Restaurant needed to be of sufficiently high standards, as they had to inscribe various kinds of runes.
Finally, the Advanced Restaurant called for many different types of rare materials in its construction, including 1,000 pieces of Mana Ore.
By Shi Feng ’s estimates, the total construction cost would be around 10,000 Gold.

As for the City Conscription Order, it was also a very valuable item.
When used, it allowed a city to recruit a powerful NPC soldier with high Growth Potential.
Meanwhile, the better-developed a city was, the greater the City Conscription Order ’s effects would become.

In the past, there was one Guild that actually managed to recruit a Tier 4 Great Wizard through a City Conscription Order, when it was normally extremely rare for a city to manage to get even a Tier 2 NPC soldier.
As for Tier 3 NPCs and above, it was practically impossible to recruit one without external aid such as the Hero ’s Chapter and the City Conscription Order.
Not to mention, a Tier 4 Great Wizard was much more powerful than other classes when it came to defending a city.

It should be appropriate to use this thing once Zero Wing City is set up properly and the total population stays at 1.5 million long-term.
Shi Feng grew a little excited as he looked at the City Conscription Order.
If he really managed to recruit a Tier 4 NPC to protect the city, it would truly be perfect.

Meanwhile, over at Stone Forest Town, Aqua Rose was rapidly gathering elite members and architects.
When Aqua Rose announced that she would be bringing some players to garrison the Guild ’s new city, the entire Guild had gone into an uproar.

”Vice Guild Leader, I want to apply! ”

”Crap! It ’s actually true! Our Guild really does possess a city! ”

”Fortunately, I joined Zero Wing early on.
Had I waited to do so only after the Guild obtained a city, the requirements to join the Guild would definitely have been much higher. ”

”I know, right? Previously, a friend of mine was debating on whether he should join Zero Wing or King ’s Return.
In the end, he chose to develop himself in King ’s Return.
If he finds out that Zero Wing already has a city, something not even Super Guilds like King ’s Return possess, he will definitely die from regret. ”

When Zero Wing ’s members heard Aqua Rose ’s announcement, they immediately started applying to join the new city ’s daily maintenance workforce in a frenzy.
In reality, though, they were trying to use this opportunity to take a look at the new city as well as find out where it was located.

In less than ten minutes, Aqua Rose managed to gather 3,000 elite members and 200 architects.

”I ’ve already provided you all with the permission to transfer to the new city.
After you arrive there, start the daily maintenance work and manage the NPCs that are coming into the city.
If you can ’t manage some of the incoming NPCs, notify the nearest NPC guard.
If none of you have any problems, you may transfer over right away, ” Aqua Rose said after talking about the tasks everyone would be doing once they arrived at the new city.

Whether one constructed a new town or city, the first thing they needed to do was deal with the influx of NPCs.
After all, players were not allowed to stop NPCs from entering Guild towns and cities.
Only in the event where players had managed to catch an NPC in the commission of a crime or could identify them to be wanted criminals could they expel said NPC from their town or city.
Meanwhile, there would also be plenty of NPCs belonging to the dark forces mixed among the ordinary NPCs entering the city.

If the Guild could properly manage the security of the city, the city ’s Popularity would rise at a faster rate.
Conversely, if it failed to maintain the security of the city, the city ’s Popularity would decrease.
Hence, maintaining the security of the city during the city ’s early stages required a large number of players.
Only after stabilizing the city ’s security could the Guild open the city to players.

After Aqua Rose was done speaking, the players she gathered inside the Guild Hall began purchasing the Guild Transfer Scroll for Zero Wing City before promptly disappearing from the hall.
This scene inspired strong envy in the other Guild members present inside the Guild Hall.
Although it was said to be city maintenance work, it was similarly a quest.
If players could capture a Dark NPC inside the city, they would receive plenty of EXP and GCPs.
Doing this quest was much more profitable than grinding monsters out in the fields.

Elsewhere, when the upper echelons of the various major powers of Star-Moon Kingdom learned of the movements of Zero Wing ’s members, their expressions turned indescribably grim.

”Immediately have people look for Zero Wing ’s City! Find out where it ’s located no matter what! ”

To the various major powers of Star-Moon Kingdom, the whereabouts of Zero Wing ’s new city was critical.
If its location was somewhere close to them, they would have no choice but to shift their focus of development.
At the same time, there were also some Guilds that began having designs on Zero Wing ’s new city.

For a time, the various major powers all began dispatching a large number of people to locate Zero Wing ’s new city.

Meanwhile, inside the Guild Residence in Zero Wing City, numerous flashes appeared inside the Guild Hall as a large group of players teleported into the city.

”Zero Wing City? ”

”This place is our Guild ’s city? ”

When everyone exited the Guild Hall, they were momentarily dumbfounded by what they saw.

Although they knew that the new city would definitely be much better than Stone Forest Town, they never thought the city would be such a spectacular sight.
The difference between Zero Wing City and Stone Forest Town was like the difference between heaven and earth.

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