Chapter 1533 – Supreme Attribute

When World Projection took effect, the injured Orcs were weakened once more.

The Great Lord and Grand Lord ranked Orcs promptly lost 20% of their Basic Attributes, while the Orc Warlord lost 10%.
Although it was only a 10% decrease, the Orc Warlord had a maximum HP of 400,000,000.
A loss of 40,000,000 HP alleviated a significant portion of the pressure the team faced.

Moreover, the Orcs did not merely lose HP.
Their Strength and Agility had decreased as well.

With the Orcs ’ injuries, Solitary Nine and Dark Madness, who were still Tier 1 players, could easily take on an Orc Captain by themselves.
Although the team ’s other MTs had lower attributes and weaker techniques than Solitary Nine and Dark Madness, they could still deal with the surviving Orc Warriors.
When they blocked attacks, they only lost around 4,000 HP.
To the MTs, who had over 45,000 HP on average, this amount of damage wasn ’t a threat.

As everyone thought that victory was within their reach, a blinding light illuminated the area.

Cola, who had been charging towards the Orc Warlord, flew backward over 20 yards, crashing into the ground.
His HP fell rapidly, only stopping when it was close to the 50% threshold.
At the same time, a damage of over -30,000 appeared above his head, stupefying his companions.

”Isn ’t this Mythic Orc a little too strong?! ” Blackie exclaimed.

Despite its injuries and World Projection ’s suppression, the Orc Warlord could still destroy half of Cola ’s HP in a single attack.
If the Orc Warlord were at its peak, wouldn ’t it kill the expert MT in one hit?

Before anyone could react, the Orc Warlord appeared before Cola and swung down its massive saber, giving the Guardian Knight no time to catch his breath.

”Don ’t think I ’m that easy to get rid of! ” Cola, who had just stood back up, shifted his shield before him and activated Protection Blessing.


Cola was struck once again.
This time, however, he was only forced back several steps and managed to stabilize his stance.
His HP only fell by a little over 17,000

Seeing the MT still standing, the Orc Warlord swung its saber a second time.
Just before the weapon struck Cola, however, a pale, golden glow enveloped the Guardian Knight.
This was none other than Violet Cloud ’s Tier 2 Healing Spell, Advanced Heal.
Instantly, Cola received over 24,000 HP, providing enough to endure another blow.

”Guild Leader, we can ’t continue the raid like this! The Orc Warlord ’s damage and speed are too high.
Even if Cola activates his Lifesaving Skill, he won ’t be able to hold on for very long, ” Aqua Rose expressed her concern as she watched Cola, whose life hung on by a thread.

The Orc Warlord could already deal over -17,000 damage with a normal attack.
When it used a Skill, it would devour nearly 40,000 of Cola ’s HP.
If not for Protection Blessing, Cola would ’ve died.

Even Lifeless Thorn and the other Asura members, who had raided a Mythic Boss before, paled when they saw the Orc Warlord ’s frightening damage.

They had been excited to take on another Mythic Boss, but after meeting this one, they were reminded of how powerful such monsters were.
Their victory over the Titan Warrior had been a miracle.

Moreover, the Orc Warlord was different from the Titan Warrior.
The Titan Warrior had been a Mechanical Lifeform, so its reactions had been slower.
In return, though, its Defense and Magic Resistance had been extraordinary.
On the other hand, the Orc Warlord was a creature of flesh and blood.
Although it did not have a specific strength like the Titan Warrior, it didn ’t have any apparent weaknesses.

A Mythic Boss with no weaknesses was not a foe for current players.
It might be possible to defeat one with an army of tens of thousands, but it was beyond a 1,000-man team.

The Titan Guard ’s effects are really impressive.
In contrast, Shi Feng nodded in satisfaction as he watched Cola ’s HP rise and fall.
Immediately, he took out the Bible of Darkness and summoned a Tier 3 Demon.

He wouldn ’t have dared to provoke a Mythic Boss on Thunder Island, but he had plenty of tools he could use here.

He was fully aware of how terrifying the Orc Warlord was.
He had simply sent Cola to intercept the Boss alone to see how far the Guardian Knight could go with the Titan Guard.
The results had exceeded his expectations.
If any other Tier 2 MT stood in Cola ’s place, one of the Orc Warlord ’s normal attacks would likely kill them instantly.
Even if they survived, they wouldn ’t have much HP left.

In the next moment, a Level 75, Tier 3 Red Demon emerged from the gates before Shi Feng.
Due to Demon Ruler ’s buff, the Red Demon ’s maximum HP rose to 27,000,000.

”Cola, coordinate with the Red Demon to distract the Orc Warlord! Everyone else, clear out the other Orcs! ” Shi Feng commanded.

With the Red Demon splitting the Orc Warlord ’s damage, the pressure Cola faced decreased significantly.
The healers also had an easier time keeping Cola ’s MT above a safe threshold.
The rest of the team, in response to Shi Feng ’s command, kept their guard up as they bombarded the rest of the Orcs.

Although the Orc Warriors were Great Lords, their injuries and the suppression dropped their overall combat power to below a Grand Lord ’s of the same level.
Even a team of Zero Wing ’s elite members could deal with them now.

In less than ten minutes, all surviving Orc Warriors died, and the four Orc Captains were little more than flickering candlelight in the wind.
It was only a matter of time before they fell as well.

However, when the Orc Captains were nearly dead, the sound of a warhorn echoed throughout the forest.

”What?! There are reinforcements?! ” Blackie ’s expression darkened when he noticed a small Orc army emerge from the nearby forest.

Although there weren ’t as many incoming Orcs as there were in the army sieging Bewildering Forest Town, there were several thousand.
A Level 65 Orc General lead the small force…

[Orc General] (Humanoid Creature, Mythic)
Level 65
HP 330,000,000/330,000,000

”Is this a joke…? ”

”We ’re doomed… How is there another Mythic Boss? ”

Everyone was speechless when they saw the approaching Orc General.
The Orc Warlord was enough of a problem, yet now they had to deal with a Mythic ranked Orc General.
They had lost any hope of victory now.

”Guild Leader, let ’s retreat.
If the Orc reinforcements reach us, I ’m afraid that we won ’t be able to escape, ” Aqua Rose urgently suggested.

Their timing is perfect.
Magic array team, on my mark! ” Shi Feng stated as he shook his head.
He had expected these reinforcements.
Rather, it ’d be strange if the Orcs didn ’t send reinforcements after realizing that the base camp was under attack.
Only, he hadn ’t expected the reinforcements to arrive so quickly.
”Everyone, gather around the Orc Warlord! ”

Although Zero Wing ’s members didn ’t know what Shi Feng planned, they followed his command.

As the Orc reinforcements approached, the team grew nervous.
They couldn ’t understand what Shi Feng intended.
Their Guild Leader couldn ’t possibly have another Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scroll, right?

When the Orc General was less than 50 yards away and raised its greatsword for an attack…

”Activate the magic array! ” Shi Feng shouted.

Immediately, nine magical class players at the edge of the base camp unfurled the Magic Array Scrolls in their hands.
These Magic Array Scrolls, which he had produced before returning to Bewildering Forest Town, would activate the Nine-star Polar Domain.
However, unlike the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Arrays he normally created, he had crafted this one with one of the four Elemental Sources he had obtained from the two Elemental Treasure Boxes from Sunset Forest.

Of the four Elemental Sources, he had used the only one that included one of the Three Supreme Attributes.

The Source of Illusion!

In God ’s Domain, the Three Supreme Attributes were superior to every other Attribute available.
Elemental Weapons that had been crafted with an Elemental Source containing one of these Attributes would offer incredibly powerful Skills.
On the market, such Elemental Weapons generally sold for twice the amount of a normal Elemental Weapon.

Hence, this Nine-star Polar Domain was stronger than the last one, which he had crafted with the Source of True Frost.

It would ’ve been rather wasteful to use this Nine-star Polar Domain on a single Orc Warlord.
Now that the Orc General had joined the fray, he could use this enhanced array to take out the Orc General as well.

As the nine magical class players activated the Nine-star Polar Domain, space within the base camp twisted and turned.
Multiple, stacked magic arrays appeared above them.
As these magic arrays appeared, a tremendous amount of Mana began to gather in the base camp.
The Mana was so dense that it began to condense into liquid droplets.

As if space and time had frozen, no one in the camp could move.
Even the peerless Mythic Orcs were petrified.

When the magic arrays completed, an illusory barrier spread out from the camp ’s center and encased the area.

Amazing! Truly amazing! So, this is what happens when you strengthen a magic array with one of the Three Supreme Elements.

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