Chapter 1535 – Kingdom Alarmed

”Success! ”

”We won! ”

The surviving team members cheered joyously as the Orc Warlord and Orc General froze and collapsed.

It had an intense battle.

Although the Mythic Orcs hadn ’t had much HP remaining, they would ’ve likely fallen to the Bosses ’ attacks if Shi Feng hadn ’t used another Tier 4 Magic Scroll near the end of the battle.
The melee players hadn ’t even been able to approach the Orcs to attack near the end of the battle, and the Orcs rapid attacks blocked most, if not all, of the ranged players ’ attacks.

They ’re finally dead.
Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Although he had activated Void Shield to cover his lack of defense in the end, the Mythic Orcs ’ attacks were too powerful.
They had only needed a few short seconds to deplete the Void Shield ’s energy by more than half.
Had he not activated Void Shield, the two Mythic Orcs would ’ve diced him into mincemeat before he had a chance to strike.

Meanwhile, the surviving players ’ experience barse rose rapidly after the Orc Warlord and Ord General fell.
Even Shi Feng, who was a Level 60 player, watched his experience bar increase.


In the blink of an eye, he rose from Level 60 to Level 61.
Eventually, his experience bar settled at 7% of Level 61.
The rest of the survivors watched their experience bars increase by a larger margin.
On average, every survivor leveled up at least twice.
The players below Level 50 rose leveled up three times.
The insane amount of EXP the two Mythic Bosses ’ deaths had awarded stupefied Zero Wing ’s players.

The two Orcs had also dropped a large pile of loot.
At a glance, they had easily dropped over 100 items.
Although it was not a jackpot, it was a bountiful harvest for killing two Level 50-plus Mythic monsters.

As everyone shifted their attention towards the loot, the sound of a system notification reached their ears.

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for killing the Orc Warlord and stopping the Orc army ’s invasion on Bewildering Forest Town! Rewarding 30,000 Guild Popularity, 100 Guild Influence in Star-Moon Kingdom, and 50,000 Guild Honor Points.

The system announcement repeated three times, echoing in every player ’s ears in Star-Moon Kingdom.

”What?! ”

”Didn ’t they say that the Orc army in Bewildering Forest Town was unstoppable? How did Zero Wing defeat it? ”

”This is impossible! I just came back from Bewildering Forest Town.
There were millions of Orcs assaulting the town.
The army even had siege weapons and Mythic Bosses.
Zero Wing must have cheated somehow! ”

A commotion erupted over the system announcement; no one could believe it was true.

They had all witnessed the hellish scene in Bewildering Forest Town.
Even if they gathered every elite player in Star-Moon Kingdom, they might fail to defend the town, let along Zero Wing ’s small team.
The Orc army wasn ’t a force current players had hope of stopping, yet Zero Wing had succeeded.
The system announcement had to be a joke.

”What ’s going on? What has Zero Wing been doing? ” Galaxy Past, who rested in Star-Moon City, was dazed when he saw the announcement.

Nobody had a clearer understanding of the situation in Bewildering Forest Town than him.
By the time he had left, Bewildering Forest Town had held on by a thread.
The walls and magic array protecting the town had been about to collapse, yet shortly after the Star Alliance had withdrawn, Zero Wing had defeated the Orc army.

That was an army of several million Orcs they were talking about!

Even slaughtering several million defenseless pigs would take more time than it took for Zero Wing defeat the army.
Furthermore, the Orc army had been led by three Mythic ranked Orc Generals.
Even if these three Mythic Orcs stood still and did nothing, Zero Wing ’s 1,000-man team would need a very long time to kill them.

”I ’ve already sent some people to investigate the matter, Guild Leader, but based on our reports, it doesn ’t seem that anyone saw what happened in Bewildering Forest Town.
We only know that Zero Wing ’s team remained in the town.
Meanwhile, we still can ’t reach any of our spies.
By the looks of it, they must have died.
We ’ll need to wait for them to resurrect before we can learn more about the situation, ” Flourishing Willow reported, a confused look on her face.

She could not figure out what Zero Wing ’s 1,000 players had done.
Not only had they held off an assault of several million Orcs, but they had also slain the Orc Warlord commanding the army.

They felt as if the system were playing a trick on them.

Meanwhile, inside Heaven ’s Burial ’s Residence, Singular Burial, who had been preparing to set out for the Orc Empire, fell silent when he heard the system announcement.

”Could the town have hidden a secret weapon? ” A complex expression surfaced on Singular Burial ’s face as he read the system announcement.
”We should ’ve waited longer if that were the case. ”

Regret and envy overwhelmed Singular Burial.

Just the 50,000 Guild Honor Points could make him drool, not to mention the Guild Influence.

Despite mingling in the Orc Empire for so long, Heaven ’s Burial had only accumulated a little over 30,000 Guild Popularity, 10,000 of which had been obtained after capturing an Orc town.
As for Guild Honor Points, which were required to hire NPC mercenaries, the Guild had only earned a little over 20,000.

Guild Honor Points weren ’t like the Contribution Points players could earn by killing Orcs and completing quests related to the Orc Empire.
Generally, a Guild could only earn these points when members completed quests the kingdom commissioned.
Moreover, each quest usually only rewarded one to three points.
To make matters worse, there was a limited number of such quests each day, and they needed to factor in the competition from other large Guilds.
If not for Heaven ’s Burial ’s success with capturing an Orc town, it wouldn ’t have accumulated over 20,000 Guild Honor Points.

Yet, by defending Bewildering Forest Town, Zero Wing had earned 50,000 GHPs…

With so many GHPs, he could take down Ancient Rock City even without Beast Emperor ’s help.
Now, however, Zero Wing had stolen the opportunity.

”Zero Wing sure is lucky.
They ’ve even encountered such an opportunity, ” Lei Jingyang said, sneering.
”But one cannot become an overlord in God ’s Domain by relying on luck.
Guild Leader Singular, let ’s hurry and take action.
Once we capture Ancient Rock City, Heaven ’s Burial will dominate the several neighboring kingdoms. ”

Although Lei Jingyang envied Zero Wing ’s fortune, he was confident that Zero Wing couldn ’t make up for the difference between their sides ’ strengths with luck.

We ’ll stop waiting for Beast Emperor ’s reply and capture Ancient Rock City. ” Singular Burial nodded as he also felt a sense of urgency after the sudden development.

If Zero Wing wanted to, it could hire 15,000 NPC mercenaries with its 50,000 GHPs to help raid an Orc city.
Although Zero Wing didn ’t have Evil Beasts or Demons, it had far more powerful siege weapons than Heaven ’s Burial.
Zero Wing definitely had a chance of capturing an Orc city.

Before Zero Wing set its sights on the Orc Empire, they needed to secure Ancient Rock City.
Even if Zero Wing targeted an Orc city, it ’d have a difficult time capturing it.

Among the numerous cities in the Orc empire, Ancient Rock City was the easiest to raid.
The other cities couldn ’t be taken down with just ten or twenty thousand NPC mercenaries and a few siege weapons.

While Star-Moon Kingdom ’s large Guilds discussed the matter, Shi Feng stood in the middle of the Orc base camp outside of Bewildering forest Town, shifting through the Mythic Bosses ’ loot.
Meanwhile, the surviving healers resurrected the players that had died during the battle.

Due to the Orc Warlord ’s death, chaos descended upon the Orc army, and the Orcs fled in all directions.
The Orc reinforcements were nowhere to be seen.
As a result, Zero Wing ’s members had a chance to catch their breath and rest.

While the dead resurrected, Shi Feng, who organized the pile of loot, picked up a tattered, pitch-black piece of armor.

The instant his hand touched the piece of armor, a stinging pain shot through his fingers.
Even with his incredibly high Magic Resistance, his HP had fallen by 10,000 instantly.

What is this thing?

Shi Feng pulled his hand away from the broken armor and looked at it curiously.
An ominous, crimson aura began to devour his hand.

Although his HP had stopped falling once he stopped touching the armor, he had gained a debuff that weakened him for one minute.
This was inconceivable…

He had touched the armor for a mere moment, yet he was in such a state.
Had he held the armor for too long, he might have lost his life.

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