Chapter 1542 – God ’s Domain ’s Changes

”What ’s going on? ”

As soon as Shi Feng logged back into the game, he was shocked by the scene that greeted him.

He had been standing in the middle of a dense forest when he logged out of the game.
Now, however, endless plains surrounded him.
Moreover, large craters pitted the plains.
Not only was the air filled with dust and yellow sand, but even the ambient Mana had become extremely thin.
He even felt his reactions becoming a little sluggish due to this low Mana environment.

If not for the Abyssal Blade gathering Mana around his body, his combat power definitely would ’ve decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, the other Zero Wing members that just logged into the game were similarly stupefied by the scene before them.

”Look at the sky! What ’s that? ” someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, pointing up at the sky.

When everyone looked up, they quickly spotted the faint silhouette of a pitch-black ship hovering in the dusky sky.
Due to the dark-gray clouds that served as a backdrop, if one did not look carefully, they would not notice the ship at all.

”A Magic Warship? ” Shi Feng could not help but be shocked.
”That emblem belongs to the royal family.
Why is something like that here? ”

A Magic Warship was an actual strategic weapon as well as one of the trump cards of Star-Moon Kingdom.
Normally, the kingdom would not mobilize its Magic Warship even during a war with other countries.

A Magic Warship was like a War Fortress, capable of casting Tier 5 Spells and destroying towns in a single hit.
Meanwhile, the Magic Warship controlled by the royal family was even more powerful as it could use Tier 5 Curses.
Only during the invasion of the Abyss would the royal family utilize this weapon of mass destruction.

Yet, now, the Magic Warship operated by the royal family was currently patrolling this location.
Shi Feng found this simply inconceivable.

Could the invasion of the Orc Empire have already gotten that grim? Shi Feng could not help entertaining such a thought.
Immediately, he had Aqua Rose send people to investigate this matter.

Whenever a new expansion pack took effect, the system would provide information relevant to the expansion pack in the affected regions.
Meanwhile, players could obtain this information by asking the NPCs in the affected towns and cities.

At this moment, Star-Moon Kingdom wasn ’t the only country in turmoil.
The several kingdoms and two empires neighboring the Orc Empire were similarly in turmoil.
These countries were all mobilizing their trump cards and organizing a frenzied assault on the Orcs.

Very quickly, Aqua Rose collected the information gathered by members of the Guild and summarized it in a report.

”Guild Leader, based on the information we ’ve found thus far, the Orcs seem to be frantically searching for something.
They keep sending out invasion squads to the neighboring kingdoms and empires.
Moreover, many powerful Mutated Orcs have appeared among these Orcs, posing a huge headache for these kingdoms and empires.
After suffering numerous defeats, these countries have finally mobilized their trump cards to push back the Orcs.

”In addition, the affected kingdoms and empires have come to an agreement to remove the border teleportation fees temporarily.
Teleportation between these kingdoms will be calculated similar to normal city teleportation fee rates[1].
At the same time, the allied countries have launched a unified crusade against the Orc Empire.
Now, many new items have been made available for exchange using the Guild Honor Points and Contribution Points earned in the war with the Orc Empire.

”In the exchange system for individual players, Level 40-plus Warrior Sets have appeared.
The sets are available in Bronze rank to Dark-Gold rank.
However, the sets are bound upon exchange and cannot be traded.

”Meanwhile, in the exchange system for Guilds, the Guild Magic Car Lease has appeared. ”

As Aqua Rose summarized the information she had received, she could not help her surprise at the changes brought about by the system update this time.
These changes would undoubtedly shake up the current status quo between Guilds.

Without the extra fees charged for teleporting between countries, players would be able to move between countries more easily.
The removal of this hurdle would also increase the intensity of competition between the Guilds of the various affected countries.

”Guild Magic Car Lease? ” Shi Feng ’s eyes glowed when he heard Aqua Rose mention this term.

The Guild Magic Car Lease was a great convenience for Guilds.
Meanwhile, the lease dropped only in specific super-large-scale Team Dungeons in each country.
One could also say that it served as proof of a Guild ’s strength.

After a Guild acquired the Guild Magic Car Lease, its members would be able to rent Guild Magic Cars at the Guild ’s Residences.
The Magic Car was a very useful tool for teams.
Unlike advanced carriages, which could travel only on the official roads built between towns and cities, the Magic Car could go to any location.
It also doubled as a tent and allowed players to recover their Concentration and Stamina inside it.
Overall, the Magic Car was like a mobile camp and was particularly useful to teams that preferred exploring distant and high-level locations.

”Guild Leader, is there a problem? ” Aqua Rose asked curiously when she saw the astonished expression on Shi Feng ’s face.

”How many GHPs does that Guild Magic Car Lease require? ” Shi Feng asked immediately.

If Zero Wing could obtain the Guild Magic Car Lease now, it would definitely help in traveling to the neutral map Boneless Land.

Erecting Advanced Constructions like the Advanced Restaurant or the Magic Workshop required Mana Ore.
Yet, Mana Ore was not easy to obtain.
It was a byproduct that would appear at a very low chance when mining rare ores.

Although Mana Ore still turned up on the market quite frequently, the various large Guilds and players were all trying to obtain Mana Ore to create the Mana Charm, due to the Orc Empire ’s appearance.
As a result, the Mana Ore put up for sale had been wiped clean off the shelves.
In fact, even the Mana Ore of other kingdoms and empires around God ’s Domain had been bought out by the various large Guilds.
Right now, it was practically impossible to obtain Mana Ore in large quantities.

However, Shi Feng still knew of a way to obtain a large amount of Mana Ore—through the distant neutral map Boneless Land.
There were quite a few rare ore veins in the Boneless Land.
In the past, the neutral map was famous as a producer of Mana Ore.

Only, the Boneless Land was not a place current players could travel to.
Even if players went there via the safest route, they would have to traverse over a dozen high-level maps ranging between Level 100 to Level 130.

Moreover, as the Boneless Land was a neutral map, there were no nearby towns or cities for players to recuperate in.
Normally, the various large Guilds would construct a town or city in a neutral map before starting their development there, which was clearly an impossible task right now.

However, it was a different story if players had the Guild Magic Car.
Resting inside a Magic Car was equivalent to resting inside a hotel.
Although a Magic Car had a maximum capacity of 20 players, its effects were the same as a hotel ’s.
It could provide players with the best recovery effects for their Concentration and Stamina.

Meanwhile, the Boneless Land itself was not particularly high-leveled, merely a Level 60 to Level 80 neutral map.

Using the Spatial Gate, he could transport a large number of players there.
After including a temporary resting place like the Guild Magic Car, it would be relatively simple for them to mine for Mana Ore.
The only expenses would be the high rental fees and Magic Crystals to operate the Magic Cars.
Overall, however, it would still be much cheaper and simpler than directly purchasing Mana Ore from the market.

”The Guild Magic Car Lease requires 200,000 GHPs and one 3-star Achievement in exchange, ” Aqua Rose replied.

Sure enough, the system won ’t let players obtain it easily.
Shi Feng could not help but smile bitterly upon hearing the cost.

Even Super Guilds would need a very long time to accumulate 200,000 GHPs.
As for the 3-star Achievement, that was even harder to obtain.
A 3-star Achievement was like a kingdom quest.
A kingdom would only award a Guild such an Achievement when said Guild had achieved significant victories in wars against other countries.
Meanwhile, not only was this Achievement a symbol of honor, but it was also proof of the influence a Guild had in a kingdom.
Despite a 3-star Achievement being the lowest ranking Achievement available, obtaining one was significantly more difficult than even an Epic Main Storyline Quest.

One could say that the difficulty of obtaining a 3-star Achievement was no less than that of raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon.
Hence, by introducing the Guild Magic Car Lease now, the system was merely allowing the various large Guilds to come into contact with Guild Magic Cars a little earlier.
Whether the various large Guilds were actually able to take advantage of this opportunity was not a certainty.

Forget it.
For now, I should find Seliora first and deal with the Disintegration Armor.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng had Aqua Rose make the necessary arrangements to shift the Guild ’s development direction towards the Orc Empire.
As for himself, he used a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City.

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