Chapter 1543 – Upgrading White River City

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

As soon as Shi Feng exited the Teleportation Hall, he noticed that the street outside the building teemed with merchant players originating from other kingdoms, selling and purchasing items.

Due to the system update this time, players from the neighboring kingdoms and empires would no longer have to transit through Star-Moon City and could teleport directly to White River City.

As a result, business in White River City was flourishing like never before.

Moreover, aside from merchant players, there were also plenty of foreign Guilds and adventurer teams that had come to White River City.
Evidently, the reduction in teleportation fees convinced the Guilds and adventurer teams that were previously hesitating to visit White River City to make the trip.

”Hm? So this is White River City? Business here is flourishing! There are at least twice as many merchants here as there are in our Northern Kingdom ’s capital city! ”

”How are the players here so high-leveled?! ”

”What?! This city has already activated the flying transportation system?! ”

The various foreign large Guilds and adventurer teams could not help but marvel at the prosperity of White River City.

Previously, they had heard talk about White River City.
Although rumor had it that players were labeling White River City as Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one NPC city, they had merely treated it as a joke before.

After all, how could a non-capital city possibly compete with a capital city?

If a situation like this really happened in a kingdom, then that could only mean one thing—said kingdom was extremely weak.
Moreover, the fact that Star-Moon Kingdom ’s number one Guild was actually a Guild recently established in God ’s Domain only served as further proof that Star-Moon Kingdom was a weak kingdom.

If not for the fact that the teleportation fees were much reduced and the fact that White River City possessed a teleportation house that led directly to the heart of the Twin Towers Kingdom, they would not have bothered paying a visit to White River City at all.

However, now that they got to see White River City in person, the city was worlds apart from what they had imagined it to be.

Every one of the merchant players hawking their wares on the street sold exquisite items.
There were even some that sold Level 40 Fine-Gold Weapons and Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment.
Normally, such items could only occasionally be found in the Auction Houses of capital cities.
Yet, now, players were selling them on the street.

Moreover, the temporary teams recruiting members for Dungeon raids were even more amazing.
There were actually players recruiting for Level 40, 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons raids.

Although many players in God ’s Domain had already reached Level 40, when raiding Level 40, 100-man Team Dungeons, Level 40 was merely the baseline limit.
Moreover, that was only in the case of Normal Mode.
For Hard Mode, a team would require at least ten expert players belonging to large Guilds to spearhead the raid.
Either that, or a well-established adventurer team.

Temporary teams should already be thanking their lucky stars if they could clear the Normal Mode of a 100-man Team Dungeon.
Trying to raid a 100-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon was simply a dream.

However, before the foreign Guild players could speak any contemptuous words about the various temporary teams, they were immediately silenced when their sights fell on the level and equipment of the recruiting teams.

The members of the recruiting teams were all Level 41 and above.
Meanwhile, even the most inferior piece of equipment they wore was Level 35 Secret-Silver rank, while some even wore Level 40 Secret-Silver Equipment.
As for the players serving as the leaders of these teams, they were mostly geared in Level 40 Fine-Gold Equipment and Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment.
Even the elite teams of large Guilds would be slightly inferior when compared to these teams.

”Hahaha! Another batch of dumbfounded newcomers has arrived! They sure have guts to think of White River City as an ordinary NPC city! If they ’re already reacting in such a way after just exiting the Teleportation Hall, once they reach the business district in the central area, their eyes will most likely fall out of their sockets! ”

”Weren ’t you the same as them before? ”

”That ’s because I knew absolutely nothing about White River City back then! Moreover, unlike them, I came here because I wanted to join Zero Wing.
Unfortunately, Zero Wing ’s recruitment standards are a little too high.
Had the standards been lowered by just a little bit, I definitely would ’ve gotten in on my last attempt. ”

”Alright, alright, that ’s enough.
The meeting time the team leader mentioned has already arrived.
Today, we ’ll definitely get through the first Boss of that 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon! ”

”That ’s for sure.
I heard that the team leader used the super-rare materials we obtained previously to exchange for three Advanced Mana Armor Kits from the Candlelight Trading Firm.
With those armor kits, we should have no problems getting through the first Boss. ”

Several players belonging to an adventurer team were currently chatting merrily while sitting inside an open-air bar.
When they saw the surprised looks on the newly arrived foreign players ’ faces, their hearts swelled with an indescribable sense of pride.

Meanwhile, when the foreign players, both the members of large Guilds and well-known adventurer teams belonging to other kingdoms, passing by heard the words of these local players, they could not help but be shocked.

At this stage of the game, very few adventurer teams, aside from those at the top, were capable of raiding Level 40, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons.
Even the first Boss of such Dungeons was already an insurmountable hurdle.
Yet, the players sitting inside the bar spoke as if being able to raid such a Boss was no big deal.

This situation filled the foreign Guilds and adventurer teams that had just arrived at White River City with shock and awe.

Just what kind of city was White River City?

At the same time, these foreign players also began sending messages to their friends, telling them about White River City.

For a time, White River City ’s fame spread rapidly throughout the neighboring kingdoms and empires.
More and more players also began considering moving their base of operations to White River City.

It seems the new expansion pack I activated this time has brought quite a lot of benefits to Zero Wing ’s development.
Shi Feng could not help but smile when he overheard the conversations of players on the street.
With this, even without linking a teleportation array to Zero Wing City, White River City still has a chance to become a main city.

In God ’s Domain, NPC cities were not static.
They could similarly be upgraded.
Only, many conditions needed to be met before it would happen.
Chief among these conditions related to player population and trade volume.

If Shi Feng wished to upgrade White River City once more, he would first need to get the city ’s population to 10,000,000.
Originally, this should ’ve been a very difficult task to accomplish.
Now, however, due to the lowering of the barrier known as teleportation fees, increasing the player population of White River City would no longer pose any challenge.

Meanwhile, as long as White River City was upgraded again, it would activate the corresponding city functions.
At that time, not only would the city undergo even greater changes, but more destinations would also be added to the flying transportation system, allowing players to travel to those distant neutral maps that did not boast any teleportation arrays.

It seems there ’s a need to have Candlelight introduce some new products.
At this time, Shi Feng suddenly recalled the Mana Enhancing Potion Recipe he obtained recently.

Berserk-type potions like the Mana Enhancing Potion were amazingly effective in Dungeon raids.
It was a potion that the various adventurer teams and small Guilds urgently required at the moment.

If he sold this potion in White River City, it would definitely cause a huge commotion and attract even more players to the city.

Following which, Shi Feng contacted Melancholic Smile and had her select the Advanced Alchemist with the highest success rate in the Candlelight Trading Firm to produce the Mana Enhancing Potion.

”An Advanced Alchemy Recipe? ” Melancholic Smile ’s eyes glowed upon hearing this.
”I ’ll get it done right away. ”

Shortly after Shi Feng contacted Melancholic Smile, the advanced carriage he was riding arrived before Seliora ’s smithy.

Unlike other Grandmaster Forgers, Seliora had not moved to a better city.
She remained inside her inconspicuous smithy, hammering away at materials in the hopes of creating a Fragmented Legendary item.

This place has been discovered already?

When Shi Feng arrived before the smithy, he noticed over a dozen forging players in front of the smithy.
Every one of them was currently standing before the entrance of the house silently, none of them daring to make a sound in fear of disturbing Seliora, who was still working inside right now.

Surprisingly, though, while around half of the dozen or so players lined up outside the building consisted of Level 33 Lifestyle players, the other half were actually expert players who were Level 46 and above.

Meanwhile, standing at the head of this group of experts was a man and a woman.
Although both currently had their levels hidden using a Black Cloak, they did not bother concealing their facial appearances.

Why is she here? Shi Feng grew a little confused when he saw these two players.
While he had no idea who the man was, the woman was someone he was considerably familiar with.

After all, this woman was none other than Youlan, part of the upper echelon of the organization Underworld.
From what Shi Feng remembered, Youlan should ’ve long since been assigned to continue her development in another kingdom.
Yet, for some reason, she had actually appeared in Star-Moon Kingdom again.

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