Chapter 1544 – First Ghost

Before Shi Feng could snap out of his daze, he suddenly felt killing intent directed towards him.

Meanwhile, this killing intent came from the Level 46-plus players.
At this moment, these experts were on high alert against him and wore a look that stated they would unsheath their weapons and were poised to attack.

This situation threw Shi Feng into confusion.

Currently, he had both his level and appearance hidden using a Black Cloak, yet the other party had tensed up just at his approach.

”Alright, enough.
He should be here to meet with Seliora, ” the man beside Youlan said as he made a waving motion with his hand.

Only after hearing this man ’s words did the experts relax.

”Fellow friend, sorry about that.
My brothers here are just a little too nervous.
They have no ill intent, ” the young man standing in the lead apologized.

”It ’s fine. ” Shi Feng simply gave a quiet response.

In God ’s Domain, players would normally become alert when they came across a cloaked player that hid all information about themselves.
However, very few players would react as the experts in Youlan ’s group had while inside an NPC city.
After all, there were many NPC soldiers patrolling the city streets, making an assassination very difficult unless the targeted player was caught entirely unaware.

Of course, players who suffered frequent ambushes out in the fields would also form a habit of instinctively going into high alert when encountering cloaked players.

Following which, Shi Feng stopped paying attention to Youlan ’s group and walked straight towards the smithy ’s door.
Although he was curious as to why Youlan had suddenly reappeared in White River City, his priority right now was to deal with the Disintegration Armor.
If he left the armor as it was, he would definitely have difficulty moving around.

Just as Shi Feng was about to knock on the door, however, a playful voice suddenly came from behind him.

”You guys really made me work up a sweat finding you! With things as they are right now, do you all still think you have a chance? ”

Turning around, Shi Feng suddenly noticed that a group of over a hundred cloaked players had appeared behind him.
Every one of these cloaked players wore a sneer on their faces.
A moment later, a middle-aged man wearing pitch-black leather armor gradually emerged from the shadows of this group of cloaked players.

The instant this middle-aged man appeared, a gray fog started permeating the air around him.
He gave off an indescribably chilling and creepy feeling.

”First Ghost? They actually sent an expert like you after us as well? ” The youth standing beside Youlan revealed a bitter smile when he saw the middle-aged man.

At this moment, aside from the youth, the several other experts standing around Youlan also wore horrified expressions when they looked at the middle-aged man before them.

After all, the middle-aged man was once known as the number one Assassin of Underworld.
He was so strong that even if their entire group attacked him together, they would only end up getting unilaterally slaughtered.
Furthermore, escaping his grasp was impossible, as the Assassin class was known to possess the highest speed among the twelve main classes.

They wouldn ’t particularly mind if they simply lost their lives right now.
However, First Ghost and his group had consumed the Haunted potion.
Anyone he and his allies killed would drop multiple pieces of equipment.

”Dark Eye, I believe that the higher-ups have already stated that either you all submit or die.
Since you all refuse to submit, I have no choice but to send you on your way! ” First Ghost said as he unsheathed the snowy-white dagger hanging from his waist.
”Taking into account the fact that we were colleagues in the past, I ’ll give you a word of advice.
Delete your accounts as soon as possible.
The higher-ups won ’t let you all keep those items.
Or do you really believe you can escape our pursuit? ”

”Youlan, bring everyone and escape quickly.
The few of us here will hold them back.
Once you reach the main street, they won ’t be able to take action easily, ” the youth named Dark Eye said quietly to Youlan.

Hearing this, Youlan gritted her teeth and nodded.

Although she wished to break out of this encirclement together with Dark Eye and the others, doing so was clearly an impossible feat.
Setting aside the fact that they were greatly outnumbered right now, First Ghost alone was more than capable of defeating her entire group.

”You guys think you can escape? As long as I am here, none of you should even think of leaving this place alive. ” First Ghost obviously saw through Dark Eye ’s plans.
Sneering, he ordered, ”Go! Leave none of them alive! ”

Immediately, the 100-plus players behind First Ghost went into action.
The melee players charged forward, the healers in the rear cast shield buffs on the melee players, and the ranged players locked on to the movements of Youlan ’s group.
There were also over a dozen stealthed Assassins stationed at the sidelines on the off chance that someone from Youlan ’s group actually managed to get through the encirclement.

At the same time, First Ghost took out a dark-gray scroll and unfurled it.
As he activated it, the surrounding space suddenly turned blurry.

This scroll contained the Basic Magic Array Perception Blur.
It was a special scroll that could be bought only in towns and cities operated by the dark forces.

So long as this scroll was activated, it would transform the surrounding space, making it difficult for NPCs within towns and cities to perceive the movements inside the affected area.
Unless the affected area lay in an NPC soldier ’s direct line of sight, it would be some time before the NPC soldiers would realize that a fight was going on inside the city.

”Damn it! They came prepared! ” Dark Eye immediately fell into despair when he saw the dark-gray magic array rising into the air.

Although the magic array First Ghost used was only a Basic one, players would still need to spend some time breaking through it.
During this period, First Ghost ’s group was more than capable of killing them several times over.

”I ’ve already said that none of you should think of leaving this place alive, ” First Ghost said as he strolled up to Dark Eye and Youlan.
He showed nary a hint of nervousness even though he was assaulting another player inside an NPC city.
In fact, he did not even bother using the Assassin class ’s Stealth Skill and was boldly waltzing towards his opponents.

This approach was one of the reasons why the members of Underworld deeply feared the man known as First Ghost.

He could not only overwhelm his opponents through martial might but also constant grind away at his opponents ’ mental state.

Unable to cope with the mental pressure, a Level 46 Berserker abruptly used Charge at the confident Assassin.
Upon arriving before First Ghost, he immediately brandished his greatsword with all his might.

Cross Slash!

The Berserker smoothly entered the stance to execute Cross Slash and swung his greatsword down on First Ghost.


Following which, the clash of metal rang out.

Surprisingly, First Ghost ’s flimsy dagger actually stopped the Berserker ’s greatsword.
Immediately after, the dagger had even proceeded to push aside the greatsword.
First Ghost had repelled the attack so easily that he looked as if he was just swatting away a small pebble.

How is this possible?! The Berserker ’s face was filled with astonishment when he saw his greatsword getting shoved aside so readily.
He simply could not understand how an Assassin could possess such immense Strength.

Meanwhile, by the time the Berserker snapped out of his daze, First Ghost ’s other dagger had already appeared before his eyes.

In the end, the Berserker could only watch helplessly as the dagger slashed across his throat.

Immediately after slashing the Berserker ’s throat, First Ghost suddenly transformed into a streak of shadow and pierced through the Berserker ’s body.

Tier 1 Skill, Absolute Strike!

When First Ghost ’s body reformed, the Berserker ’s HP began decreasing rapidly.
A second later, the Berserker collapsed to the ground.

In such a way, a Level 46 Berserker on Youlan ’s side died as soon as the battle began.

”Next up will be you, ” First Ghost said as he sent a glance at Dark Eye.
He then started pacing casually towards the youth.

After seeing the brief battle, Dark Eye and the several experts around him could not help but shudder as if they were looking at a literal ghost right now.

”Come! I want to see just what Underworld ’s number one Assassin is capable of! ” Dark Eye knew that there was no way he was leaving this place alive.
The only thing he could do now was fight to the death.
He dashed at First Ghost, then activated the Berserker class ’s Tier 1 Taboo Skill, Wind Slash.

Countless wind blades flew towards First Ghost simultaneously.
Meanwhile, Dark Eye was in control of the movements of every one of these wind blades, which completely sealed First Ghost ’s movements.
As for Dark Eye himself, after activating Wind Slash, he promptly sent a downward slash at First Ghost ’s defensive blind spot.

In the next moment, Dark Eye ’s greatsword could be seen passing through First Ghost ’s body.
However, just as Dark Eye ’s companions were about to cheer in joy, Dark Eye ’s expression turned inexplicably grim—because his attack had not struck First Ghost at all.
All he had done was slash at the Assassin ’s afterimage.

Instinctively, he swung his sword horizontally.

Whirlwind Slash!


Sparks flew and scattered into the surroundings.
In the next moment, Dark Eye ’s silvery-gray greatsword could be seen stopped roughly four inches away from First Ghost ’s body.
Despite Dark Eye putting all his strength into his arms, the pitch-black dagger blocking his greatsword refused to budge by even a centimeter farther.
Meanwhile, the silver dagger in First Ghost ’s other hand smoothly stabbed towards Dark Eye ’s side abdomen.

Is it over? Dark Eye could not help but shut his eyes at this scene.

The difference in strength between him and First Ghost was simply too massive.
Not only was he inferior to the Assassin in terms of technical standards, but even his Basic Attributes were greatly inferior to the Assassin ’s.

”Die! ” First Ghost promptly added even more power to his attack.

Just as the silver dagger was about to stab into Dark Eye ’s abdomen, however, a red flash suddenly entered First Ghost ’s sight.

Shocked, First Ghost hurriedly activated Wind Steps to block the attack.
He then beat an abrupt retreat and turned to look towards the source of the red flash.

”Who interrupted me?! ”

”I did. ”

At this time, Shi Feng stepped out of the group of players standing before Seliora ’s smithy.

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