Chapter 1547 – Shi Feng ’s Invitation

”They ’re leaving? ”

Dark Eye was dazed as he watched Underworld ’s members flee from the battlefield.

With just a few words, Shi Feng had sent over a hundred of Underworld ’s experts packing with their tails between their legs.
They hadn ’t even bothered to retrieve the equipment First Ghost had dropped.

Dark Eye felt as if he were dreaming.

”Thank you, ” Youlan said as she walked up to Shi Feng.
Unlike Dark Eye, her enemies ’ response hadn ’t particularly surprised her.

”This is White River City.
Naturally, I had to put a stop to this incident since I discovered it.
Otherwise, no player would be willing to visit the city, ” Shi Feng said, surprised by Youlan ’s gratitude.

Although they had only met each other a few times, he could tell that Youlan was a relatively strong-willed woman.
Despite the fact that Underworld hunted her, she refused to submit and delete her account.

”Guild Leader Black Flame must be joking.
Not every Guild in God ’s Domain has the courage to stand against Underworld and the Blackwater Corporation, ” Youlan said, shaking her head.

She was honestly very thankful for Shi Feng ’s intervention.

Had Shi Feng ignored the situation, she and her team would ’ve been dead by now.
They would ’ve also lost a significant portion of their equipment.
They would ’ve had an even more difficult time dealing with Underworld ’s pursuit.

”May I know what you and your group intends to do now, Miss Youlan? ” Shi Feng asked.

He had witnessed Youlan ’s abilities personally in the past.
Not only did she wield great combat power, but her management capabilities were also top-notch.
That had been obvious when she had managed Overwhelming Smile ’s trading firm, Overwhelming Trading Firm, growing it until the firm nearly rivaled the Candlelight Trading Firm.

By the time he had rejoined God ’s Domain, he had accumulated ten years of experience in the game.
If not for his Candlelight Trading Firm, Youlan ’s firm might have dominated Star-Moon Kingdom.

If he could convince Youlan to join the Candlelight Trading Firm, it would undoubtedly strengthen the trading firm.
After all, Melancholic Smile was more suited to forging and not a particularly skilled manager.
Moreover, to manage the Candlelight Trading Firm, Melancholic Smile had been forced to sacrifice her precious practice time.

”Us? ” Hearing Shi Feng ’s words, Youlan could not help but turn to glance at Dark Eye and the others.
”I had planned to complete a Hidden Quest I received and develop in a kingdom that lacks Underworld ’s influence, but I didn ’t expect the organization to discover us so quickly.
They ’ve even sent First Ghost after us.
Since they clearly know where we are, we can ’t stay in White River City. ”

”How about joining Zero Wing? ” Shi Feng asked, considering this an excellent opportunity.
”No matter how far you run, with Underworld and Blackwater ’s information network, they ’ll have no trouble tracking you down.
It is impossible to hide forever under Black Cloaks.
God ’s Domain has too many high-rank Identification Skills that can see through the Black Cloak ’s concealment effects. ”

”Join Zero Wing? ”

Youlan was stunned.
She could not help but stare at Shi Feng, confused about the man ’s intentions.

The Blackwater Corporation had already labeled her and her team as threats that needed to be removed.
Any Guild that discovered this would do its best to distance itself from them.
Accepting them into its ranks would be the equivalent of declaring war on the Blackwater Corporation.

First Ghost ’s death at Shi Feng ’s hands could be understood as his way of protecting his Guild ’s reputation.
Blackwater might let the matter slide, but it would be a different story entirely if Shi Feng offered them shelter.
However, it would be an entirely different story if Shi Feng were to shelter them.

This would be no different than slapping the Blackwater Corporation in the face!

The corporation would undoubtedly mobilize its forces against Zero Wing.

At this point, the Blackwater Corporation was much stronger than when Abandoned Wave had annexed Ouroboros.
Not only had its experts caught up with mainstream players ’ levels, but the corporation had also secretly purchased several Guilds and Workshops.
It had even partnered with a few superpowers.
Now, even Super Guilds avoided any confrontation with the Blackwater Corporation.

Shi Feng ’s proposal both surprised and excited Dark Eye and Youlan ’s other team members.

To them, joining Zero Wing would be the best way to escape pursuit.
Moreover, Zero Wing was famous for its collection of experts.
The Guild also had astounding growth potential.
Zero Wing might even become a super-first-rate Guild in the future.

”That ’s right.
If you join Zero Wing, I can at least guarantee your safety.
Your previous efforts won ’t have to go to waste, ” Shi Feng said, nodding earnestly.

”You know the consequences for sheltering us, right? ” Youlan had to ask.
”We ’re talking about Blackwater ’s vengeance.
This is also a crucial time for Zero Wing.
If things go awry, Zero Wing might lose its chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild. ”

There are plenty of superpowers that want to destroy Zero Wing, but isn ’t the Guilds still alive and kicking? ” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
”Moreover, if you join Zero Wing, the Guild will develop far more quickly. ”

Currently, Zero Wing developed on three fronts: Star-Moon Kingdom, the Black Dragon Empire, and Apocalypse Empire.
Hence, it was in urgent need of manpower.
Now that it had Zero Wing City to deal with, Shi Feng couldn ’t manage everything on his own.

Hence, Youlan ’s addition to Zero Wing would undoubtedly help both the Guild and the trading firm ’s management.

As for Dark Eye, Youlan ’s ally, the youth had great potential.
Based on his fight with First Ghost, Shi Feng knew that the Berserker was considerably talented.
He only lacked combat experience.
If trained properly, he could become one of Zero Wing ’s core combatants.

”I understand, ” Youlan said, smiling bitterly when she noticed her team member ’s anticipatory looks.
”In that case, we ’ll have to trouble you from now on, Guild Leader Black Flame. ”

She had never thought that she would, one day, join Zero Wing, the Guild which had been her enemy.

However, she had to admit that she was relieved to join the Guild.

She only prayed that the Blackwater Corporation ’s fear of Zero Wing ’s potential would prevent it from declaring an all-out war on Zero Wing over her.

Since you have now joined Zero Wing, the Guild wouldn ’t let others bully you, ” Shi Feng chuckled at Youlan ’s formality.
”Wait for me here for a moment.
Once I ’ve finished with my matters here, I ’ll bring you back to Zero Wing ’s Residence to register.
Of course, if you still have any matters to deal with, you can take care of them first.
Once you ’re done, you can meet me at Zero Wing ’s Residence. ”

”We don ’t have anything in particular to deal with right now.
We ’re just waiting to turn in our quest.
Unfortunately, Lady Seliora is still busy, so we have to wait until she finishes her task before we can hand it in, ” Youlan said, sighing helplessly as she turned to the smithy behind her.

She was utterly helpless against Seliora.

A Grandmaster Forger would be highly respected no matter where they went.
Even Star-Moon Kingdom ’s King had to treat the woman respectfully.

Meanwhile, players could not afford to endure Seliora ’s wrath, so she had no choice but to wait until the woman stopped working before she could meet with the Grandmaster Forger.

”So, you ’re here to turn in a quest? ” Realization dawned on Shi Feng.
It was no wonder why Youlan and the others had been standing outside Seliora ’s house like a bunch of idiots.
He then said, ”Follow me, then. ”

Saying so, Shi Feng approached the smithy, which emitted constant hammering sounds.

Youlan and her companions didn ’t understand what Shi Feng intended to do.

When Shi Feng knocked on the wooden door, they paled.
They all knew about Seliora ’s temper.
When they had interrupted the NPC earlier, she had used magic to reduce their Attributes drastically for an entire day.
Moreover, the debuff ’s duration only decreased if they were logged in.

Under Shi Feng ’s incessant knocking, the hammering sounds eventually stopped.
Shortly after, Seliora slammed open the door, an enraged expression on her tanned face.

”We ’re doomed! ”

Youlan ’s team began to regret their alliance with Shi Feng.

Just as Youlan thought that Seliora would dole out their punishment, something unbelievable occurred.

However, the moment Seliora ’s gaze found Shi Feng, her wrathful expression softened.
A joyful grin took its place.

”Why are you here? ”

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