Chapter 1559 – Four Towers of Elements Arise

”Ancient Rock City has been captured?! How is that possible?! ”

Aqua Rose was dazed when she saw the system announcement.

Hundreds of thousands of Orcs defended the Orc Empire ’s cities.
Each city was also protected by a powerful, defensive magic array.
It would take a lot of time and manpower just to break through the array.

However, this wasn ’t what surprised her most.
After all, God ’s Domain had many powerful tools.

What shocked her most was the timing.

Less than two hours had passed since she had received the report about Heaven ’s Burial ’s assault on Ancient Rock City…

With how many Orcs Ancient Rock City housed, it was impossible for an army of 100,000 elite players to clear the city in just two hours.
There were also various large Guilds watching from the sidelines and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Immediately, Aqua Rose began to contact her subordinates and had them look into the situation in Ancient Rock City.

Capturing one of the Orc Empire ’s cities was no trivial matter.

Nowadays, many players from the neighboring kingdoms and empires gathered in the Orc Empire to grind and level.
Unlike the three towns in the Orc Empire that had been captured thus far, Ancient Rock City was located in the empire ’s inner region, rather than the outer area.
If players wanted to earn Contribution Points, it was much easier to do so in the inner region due to the stronger monsters.

Now that Ancient Rock City had been captured, a large number of players would swarm to the city, using it as a rest area.
The money and resources one could make with the city would be frightening.
With so much income and Heaven ’s Burial ’s background, the Guild would develop rapidly.

While Aqua Rose investigated the situation, Star-Moon Kingdom ’s forums were in an uproar.

Heaven ’s Burial trapped and killed over 200,000 Guild elite players!

The various large Guilds declare their intent to wipe Heaven ’s Burial from the face of God ’s Domain!

Heaven ’s Burial controlled an Evil Beast army to siege Ancient Rock City!

As these posts published on the forums, they quickly received a lot of attention and made it to the top of the list.

”What?! Even something like this is possible?! ”

”Crap! This is cheating! Heaven ’s Burial can actually control so many Evil Beasts?! Who could possibly be a match for the Guild now?! ”

”It is impressive.
But at the end of the day, Evil Beasts stand against the human race.
If NPCs discover these Evil Beasts, they will mobilize to wipe them out.
Moreover, the Evil Beast army Heaven ’s Burial controls has suffered significant damages.
Didn ’t you guys see that over 80% of the Evil Beast army was wiped out in this battle? ”

”However, Heaven ’s Burial now controls Ancient Rock City and a town in the Orc Empire.
Even without the threat of the Evil Beast army, which Guild could possibly be a match for Heaven ’s Burial? I ’m afraid that it won ’t be long before Heaven ’s Burial becomes the number one Guild in the several neighboring kingdoms.
I wonder if Heaven ’s Burial is recruiting? ”

For a time, various conversations about Heaven ’s Burial filled Star-Moon Kingdom ’s forums.

Nobody could ’ve imagined that Heaven ’s Burial, a Guild which Zero Wing constantly suppressed, would rise as a dark horse.

Now that the Orc Empire effectively belonged to Heaven ’s Burial, everyone believed that it wouldn ’t be long before the Guild stole the position of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s overlord.

As for the various large Guilds working together to take Heaven ’s Burial down, everyone thought it was nothing more than a joke.
Now that Heaven ’s Burial had captured Ancient Rock City, even without the Evil Beasts, the Guild could turn the city into an iron fortress during its protection period, establishing an unshakable foundation in the Orc Empire.

There were no teleportation arrays in the Orc Empire.
Players had to rely on their own two feet to get there.
If the various large Guilds engaged in a war of attrition against Heaven ’s Burial inside the empire, they ’d be at an overwhelming disadvantage.
After all, Heaven ’s Burial ’s members could resurrect in Ancient Rock City.
At the same time, they could teleport to the city with Guild Transfer Scrolls, providing swift reinforcements.
The various large Guilds could not afford to go to war with Heaven ’s Burial for some time.

Meanwhile, inside Ancient Rock City, Heaven ’s Burial ’s members had already begun to reconstruct the city.
They were prepared to turn the city into Heaven ’s Burial ’s main headquarters.

”Hahaha! Wonderful! This is just wonderful! It won ’t be long before we can open Ancient Rock City to the public! Guild Leader Singular, you and your Guild have done magnificently! With this city as our base, we won ’t have to worry about a lack of funds or resources when developing elsewhere! We might even attract a few more major corporations to work with us! ” Lei Jingyang said.
He could not help but laugh as he watched over Ancient Rock City from the city walls.

”Our success is all thanks to you, Young Master Lei.
If not for your Tier 4 Domain Scroll, we wouldn ’t have been able to defeat the Guardian Boss so smoothly.
Had we been any slower in the fight, the Evil Beast army might ’ve been annihilated. ” Singular Burial sighed ruefully.
Although he had been confident about capturing Ancient Rock City, now that the city was actually in his hands, he felt as if he were dreaming.

The Orcs defending Ancient Rock City weren ’t like those in the fields.
The city ’s magic array had buffed these defending Orcs, and although they had a large number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, they had only held back the Orcs temporarily, failing to annihilate them completely.

While most of the Orcs in the city had been distracted, they had used the eight Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons and mercenary NPCs to open a path towards the city ’s Guardian Boss.
Only after using a Tier 4 Domain Scroll had they managed to kill the Level 72 Orc General.

In the end, they had sacrificed six Evil Earth Dragons, over 80% of the Evil Beast and Evil Demon army, and over 40,000 elite players to capture Ancient Rock City.

Although the sacrifices had been great, they were insignificant compared to the potential profits they could gain through Ancient Rock City.

”Guild Leader Singular, now that we ’ve captured Ancient Rock City, we ’ll have to expand the Guild.
Are you really planning to go along with the original plan to deal with Star-Moon Kingdom ’s Zero Wing? ” Lei Jingyang asked curiously.

Now that Heaven ’s Burial could use Ancient Rock City as its foundation, truthfully, it was a huge waste of time to focus the Guild ’s development in Star-Moon Kingdom.

In Lei Jingyang ’s opinion, the correct decision would be to focus the Guild ’s development in the two neighboring empires.
After all, the empires had far more players and resources compared to Star-Moon Kingdom.

”Of course! It is about time we show Star-Moon Kingdom who its true overlord is! ” Singular Burial snapped, a cold glint flashing in his eyes when he heard the name ’Zero Wing. ’

Heaven ’s Burial had been forced to abandon its development in Star-Moon Kingdom precisely because of Zero Wing.
As a result, Heaven ’s Burial had become a laughingstock in the public eye and had been forced to shift its focus to neutral maps.

Now that Heaven ’s Burial had Ancient Rock City as assurance, it had to recover its previous glory.
Moreover, Singular Burial still held a grudge against Shi Feng for killing him with a single attack back in the Frozen Scar.
How could he possibly shift his Guild ’s development to other kingdoms and empires before getting his revenge?

Meanwhile, back in Star-Moon Kingdom ’s Zero Wing City…

”Guild Leader, this is bad. ” Aqua Rose frowned slightly when she read the latest situation report from her subordinates.
”Now that Heaven ’s Burial has secured a goldmine like Ancient Rock City, although they still lack the military prowess to do anything to us, they have begun to intervene in Star-Moon Kingdom ’s market.
Not only have they lowered prices of the items they sold in the kingdom by 20%, but they ’ve also placed a bounty on our entire Guild.
They ’ll pay 20 Silver for each normal member killed, 1 Gold for elite members, 10 Gold for core members, 1,000 Gold for the Guild ’s upper echelons, and 20,000 Gold for you, Guild Leader.
They ’re clearly trying to defeat us using money. ”

”Defeat us using money? ” Shi Feng could not help his smile when he heard Aqua Rose ’s report.
”This is interesting. ”

”Guild Leader, you ’re still in the mood to smile? So far, many players on the forums have expressed interest in the bounty and have begun to plot against us… ” Aqua Rose said, flabbergasted by Shi Feng ’s lighthearted response.

”How ’s the Four Towers of Elements ’ construction going? ” Shi Feng asked as he stopped messing with Aqua Rose.

”The base structures have been completed.
However, we can ’t do anything about the core sections, ” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head.

”That ’s fast! Only the cores are left? ” Shi Feng was a little surprised.
He had never expected to complete the towers ’ construction so quickly.
”Alright, then.
Let ’s head over to the towers. ”

He had waited for this moment for a long time now.
In the past, he had only ever visited Guild Cities that possessed the Four Towers of Elements.
He had never thought that he would get to construct the towers personally in this life.

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