Chapter 1566 – Epic Party Test

After reaching the altar at the World Summit ’s foot, Shi Feng discovered that there were easily over 100 players.
The majority of these players wore Black Cloaks, but there were some that didn ’t hide their identities and levels.

There sure are a lot of experts.
Shi Feng looked at everyone.
Has the development of Demon Players reached such an extent already?

Even the weakest player present was Level 48, while some had already reached Level 49.
These players could easily rank at the top of an empire ’s Ranking List.
These players also had the capability to transform into Demons, which would further enhance their strength.

The players that hid their names and levels were likely also powerful.

There were many non-human races in God ’s Domain.
The Demon race ranked near the top in terms of strength.
However, these races generally developed slowly during the early stages of the game.

On their way here, Shi Feng had learned from Brute Spear that every Demon Player capable of entering this place was a Demon Noble.

This was a benefit available only to Demon Players who had become Demon Nobles.
However, it was not easy to come to the World Summit, either.
They not only had to pay 1,000 magic crystals, but they also had to complete many quests from a Demon King.
They would only gain one chance to enter the World Summit after they had accumulated sufficient Contribution Points.
There was only one opportunity to enter the World Summit every three days.

In God ’s Domain, it was extremely difficult for Demon Players to obtain a noble rank.
There were over a hundred Demon Nobles here now.
One could already imagine how many ordinary Demon Players there were in God ’s Domain.

Meanwhile, even at the lowest Demon Noble rank, Tier 1 Demon Players would have their physique and Basic Attributes improved enough to rival ordinary Tier 2 players when they transformed into Demons.

The 100-plus Demon Players present could already be considered Tier 2 players.

A party of five was just finishing their battle at the altar when Shi Feng ’s group approached it.
As the five players sat on the floor panting, expressions of excitement surfaced on their faces.

”What a powerful party! Although just barely, they actually cleared the Dark-Gold test! They ’ll have a good time inside the World Summit! Not only would they gain the key to open Dark-Gold Shrines, but they can also visit a few Fine-Gold Shrines! ”

”It ’s a pity that they ’re a five-man party.
If they were a three-man party instead, they ’d have enough time to visit two Dark-Gold Shrines even if their test just barely made the mark for Dark-Gold rank.
If they hurry, they might even get to enter three Dark-Gold Shrines. ”

”Even so, it ’s already a good result.
After all, the previous few parties have cleared the Fine-Gold test. ”

Envy and admiration filled the players below the altar as they looked at the party on it.
There were also some that pitied the party.
Based on everyone ’s reactions, it was clear that they were all familiar with the World Summit ’s entrance test.
Even without the system ’s notifications, these players could guess the rank of the test the party of five undertook.

No wonder they said that parties get more time.
So, this is the case.
Realization dawned on Shi Feng as he watched the battles on the altar.

After watching several parties of Demon Players challenge the entrance test, he more or less understood how the party test worked.

Compared to the individual test, the party test presented players with a considerable advantage.
For the individual test, players were required to go up against 10 monsters simultaneously.
For the party test, regardless of its size, players would have to go up against only 20 monsters simultaneously.

Of course, there were also downsides for challenging the party test.
First, the monsters ’ minimum standard one could challenge in the party test was different.
For the individual test, the weakest monster available for players to choose from was a Common monster, whereas the weakest monster available for the party test was a Special Elite.

Second, it was far more difficult for parties to achieve the Dark-Gold rank in their tests.
For example, when Shi Feng challenged the test, he was able to achieve the Dark-Gold rank just by challenging one Lord and nine Chieftains.
Parties needed to challenge a minimum of one Great Lord, five High Lords, and 14 Chieftains.

The difficulty for parties was considerably higher.

Players were able to exhibit greater strength in a group than monsters though.
If a party of five had a good class configuration, such as having one MT, one healer, and three DPS, the party would have a good chance at clearing the Dark-Gold party test.
Moreover, the entrance test allowed external items.
Only Summoning Scrolls and Personal Guards were barred.
Hence, it wasn ’t impossible to clear a Dark-Gold party test.

Among the several parties Shi Feng had watched clear the Dark-Gold party test thus far, most of them had relied on Magic Scrolls and special tools.

A party of three approached Shi Feng ’s group while they were waiting for their turn.
However, these three players didn ’t pay any attention whatsoever to Shi Feng.
Instead, their gazes focused on Hidden Soul.

”Soul, I didn ’t expect you to come here.
I suggest that you give up on the quest this time.
The Sin of Wrath will obtain that item.
Or do you really think that you can clear the Epic test even with a hanger-on in your party? ” a two-meter-tall, cloaked man carrying a massive, pitch-black broken blade said, laughing as he looked at Hidden Soul.
”You are courageous to waste two slots by coming here.
If not for your elder brother strongly recommending you, you ’d never have obtained the position you have today.
I believe that things would get interesting if your brother found out about this. ”

Upon hearing the robust man ’s words, Hidden Soul ’s complexion darkened.

Entering the World Summit wasn ’t an easy task.
There were only a limited number of quests assigned by Demon Kings.
As a result, it would be very difficult for players to enter the World Summit.
Demon Players would normally only use up their chance to enter the World Summit after gathering a party of three or five.

The matter this time was relatively urgent.
If she didn ’t obtain that item, she wouldn ’t be able to achieve her following goals.
Hence, she had no choice but to enter the World Summit with only one of her subordinates.

”Skyhawk, don ’t go thinking that you Wraths are amazing! We ’ll show you who ’s the truly strong one later on! ” Brute Spear said as he stood forward and looked at the man carrying the broken blade.

”Isn ’t it obvious who ’s the stronger party here? Brute Spear, I advise you to join the Sin of Wrath.
You ’ll have a much better future here.
Do you think you can achieve anything by following a new commander? ” the man named Skyhawk said, glancing at Brute Spear.
”It just so happens that it ’s our turn to take the test now.
We ’ll let you take a close look at the difference in strength between us. ”

Skyhawk and his two companions walked up to the altar and began their test.

As a three-man party, it would be difficult for them to clear the Dark-Gold test.
The trio had chosen to challenge the Epic test instead anyway.

One Grand Lord, four Great Lords, and 15 Chieftains appeared above the altar.
The instant these monsters appeared, a commotion erupted below the altar.

”Who are these three? ”

”Crap! That ’s a Grand Lord! Could those three be challenging the Epic test?! ”

Everyone was dumbfounded by the difficulty of the test Skyhawk ’s party had challenged.
Only a few of the parties that challenged the entrance test managed to clear the Dark-Gold test.
Most of these parties had only just barely managed to clear the test after using all sorts of tools.
This was the first time they were seeing anyone challenging the Epic test.

The moment the battle began, the trio took a Tier 3 Magic Scrolls from each of their bags: a Defensive Scroll, a large-scale destruction Magic Scroll, and a Domain Scroll.

The monsters that appeared above the altar had much lower HP than ordinary monsters.
They also possessed monotonous Skills, making them relatively easy to kill.

Before using the three Magic Scrolls, the trio simultaneously used their Berserk Skills.
Then, they each took out and drank a potion.
The Mana surrounding them went berserk.

The Burning Mana Potion? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he saw the potion the trio consumed.

The Burning Mana Potion was a Master ranked potion.
When consumed, the potion ignited one ’s Mana and tripled the effectiveness of their Skills and Spells.
The potion only had a short duration of six seconds; it was a very rare and powerful Berserk Potion.

While Skyhawk ’s group prepared, the 20 combat puppets didn ’t idle around, either.
However, before the combat puppets could even get close to the three, they were stopped by a magic barrier.
Not even the Grand Lord combat puppet could shake the magic barrier.
A Domain Skill descended on the combat puppets, reducing the monsters ’ Basic Attributes by 40%.

Immediately after, an arc of golden lightning descended from the sky and bombarded the combat puppets, instantly killing all 15 Chieftains.
In the blink of an eye, only one Grand Lord and four Great Lords remained on the altar.
Although the five remaining combat puppets only lost a small portion of their HPs, the large-scale destruction Spell injured them badly, their combat power decreasing even further after the Domain Skill weakened them.

The Guardian Knight standing on Skyhawk ’s right moved forward and used an AOE Taunt, instantly securing the aggro of the six combat puppets.
The Cleric standing on Skyhawk ’s left continuously cast Healing Spells on the Guardian Knight.
Skyhawk controlled the five thorny vines summoned by his Domain Skill and continuously bombarded the combat puppets with attacks, each attack dealing tens of thousands of damage.
Meanwhile, even the Grand Lord ranked combat puppet only had a maximum HP of 16,200,000 after being weakened.

After a few short minutes, the remaining six combat puppets collapsed to the ground.

Skyhawk ’s party smoothly cleared the Epic test.

”They ’re too strong! ”

”Who are these people?! ”

Everyone below the stage was dumbfounded.
When the previous parties had challenged the entrance test, they had ended up dead tired by the time they had completed it, yet despite challenging an Epic test, Skyhawk ’s party cleared it without breaking a sweat.

Standing on the altar, Skyhawk sent Hidden Soul a provocative glance before laughing and stepping down from the stage to rest.
It was as if he had said, ”Can you do that? ”

”Damn it! When did they gather such a set of Tier 3 Magic Scrolls? ” Brute Spear growled in frustration as he looked at Skyhawk ’s party.
Envy flashed in his eyes.

Although Hidden Soul didn ’t comment, she didn ’t look pleased.

”It ’ll be our turn in a moment.
I ’ve already stated our goal: we aim for Epic rank.
If you wish to withdraw, you can do so now.
I won ’t try to force the matter.
You ’ve already seen the difficulty of the Epic test.
If you wish to continue, I only have one request although I don ’t know how powerful you are exactly, and that is to figure out a way to distract one Great Lord, ” Hidden Soul said as she turned to Shi Feng.

Truthfully, the Epic test was far more difficult than she had expected.
Although she had prepared, she wasn ’t confident of clearing the test.

Players only had one opportunity to challenge the entrance test during each visit to the World Summit.
If they failed, they would have to wait until they returned.

”There are no problems on my side. ” Shi Feng nodded.
Epic Rank had been his goal all along.

”Commander, you see? I knew I picked the right person! ” Brute Spear said and laughed when he saw Shi Feng ’s unwavering attitude.

Hidden Soul simply smiled and didn ’t say anything else.

After another party finished their test, Shi Feng ’s group ’s turn to challenge it finally arrived.

”Alright, let ’s go! ”

Hidden Soul started walking towards the altar.

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