Chapter 1577 – Threefold Suppression

When Shi Feng activated Forbidden Domain, a layer of black mist enveloped the entire cavern, the mist freezing the flow of all the Mana inside the cavern.

Meanwhile, due to the stoppage in the flow of Mana, the Space-time Teleportation Magic Array, which was still in the process of activating, failed.
The Mana the teleportation array had gathered then began to leak out and scatter into the surroundings, which also caused the spatial tear above the stone altar to close.

Good! Shi Feng inwardly grew ecstatic when he saw the teleportation array disappearing.

The Space-time Teleportation Magic Array, which was activated using the stone altar, was frighteningly powerful.
Although Forbidden Domain could suppress Mana, if a source of Mana had an insuppressible amount of power, then Forbidden Domain naturally would be of no avail.

Fortunately, the enhanced Space-time Teleportation Magic Array had yet to reach a realm where Forbidden Domain was ineffective.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of the teleportation array had riled up every Lizardman inside the entire cavern.
Immediately, they all turned to look in Shi Feng ’s direction.

”Intruder! You dare interrupt this sacred ritual! Pay for your crime with your life! ”

The Lizardman Chief bellowed at Shi Feng, a wrathful expression on his face as he thumped his tail furiously on the ground.
Every Lizardman present inside the cavern promptly charged at Shi Feng.
As for the Lizardman Chief, he gathered Mana in his staff to destroy Shi Feng ’s Forbidden Domain.

Among the 300-plus Lizardmen charging at Shi Feng were nine Lords and one High Lord.
In the face of such a force, even an ordinary Tier 2 expert would shudder in fear.

However, rather than feeling fearful, Shi Feng smiled as he switched the Aura of Time to the Aura of Fire.
He then unfurled a crimson Tier 3 Magic Scroll in his hands.
Meanwhile, contained within this Magic Scroll was none other than the Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell Flame Prison!

Suddenly, fiery pillars shot up from the ground, trapping all the oncoming Lizardmen in a prison of flames.

Any Lizardman that came into contact with the scorching flames received devastating amounts of damage, losing over 1,000,000 HP every second.
The Spell ’s activation instantly killed the Elite ranked Lizardmen.

Meanwhile, before Flame Prison ’s duration was anywhere close to ending, Shi Feng took out an aqua-blue Tier 3 Magic Scroll.

Ice Torrent!

A torrent of water crashed down from the cavern ’s ceiling and impacted the ground heavily.
Any living creature that came into contact with the water turned into an ice sculpture on the spot.
The Chieftain ranked Lizardmen, who had received critical damage from the initial wave of attacks from Flame Prison, had their remaining HPs thoroughly consumed, their frozen bodies shattering into tiny frost particles.
Loot then scattered all over the cavern ’s submerged floor.

After just a brief moment, only the nine Lords and one High Lord remained of the Lizardman army.

How tough! Seeing that the Lord ranked Lizardmen were already at critical HP, Shi Feng followed up with Flame Domain.

Although Flame Domain was not as powerful as a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell, it was more than enough to deal with the Lord ranked Lizardmen.

After the three large-scale-destruction Spells descended, only the High Lord ranked Lizardman Captain remained of the 300-plus Lizardmen that charged at Shi Feng.
At this moment, though, the High Lord had less than half of his HP left.

Even so, Shi Feng had no intentions of showing mercy, immediately advancing towards the Lizardman Captain.

If it were during normal times, Shi Feng would pay no attention whatsoever to a High Lord ranked monster.
However, he currently had to deal with the Grand Lord ranked Lizardman Chief.
If he left the Lizardman Captain alone now, he might very well come to regret it later on.

Currently, the Lizardman Chief was much more powerful than the Grand Lord ranked Purgatory Puppets Shi Feng had fought during the entrance test.
The Realm Lord also possessed much greater HP.
Moreover, Shi Feng was alone right now, and the system disallowed the use of Summoning Scrolls.
Hence, it would be extremely difficult for him to kill the Lizardman Chief, and he definitely could not afford even the slightest bit of carelessness.

However, just when Shi Feng arrived before the Lizardman Captain and was about to use Flame Burst to finish off the High Lord…

Numerous flame spears suddenly shot at him.
Upon seeing this, Shi Feng retreated in surprise.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

When the flame spears impacted the ground, large craters immediately formed.

What power! So, this is a Tier 3 Spell cast by a Realm Lord? Shi Feng was inwardly astonished as he looked at the flaming craters.

It was self-evident that the Lizardman Chief had removed the effects of Forbidden Domain.

Although the Lizardman Chief had cast only a Tier 3 Spell, its power was already at the Tier 4 standard.
If Shi Feng tried blocking such a Spell, he might very well lose his life in an instant.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng dodged the flame spears, flames started raining down from midair.
At the same time, chains made of flames emerged from the ground and shot at him, giving him no chance to catch a breather.

Whether it was the Rain of Flames or the Flaming Chains, both were Spells capable of killing Shi Feng upon contact right now.

Damn it! Gritting his teeth, Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon ’s Power.

He then executed the Tier 2 Instant Strike at the Lizardman Captain.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng ’s body disappeared from the trajectories of the Lizardman Chief ’s attacks and appeared before the heavily injured Lizardman Captain.

Phantom Kill!

Nine Dragons Slash!

Shi Feng held nothing back as he launched one powerful attack after another at the Lizardman Captain, who only had around 4,000,000 HP remaining.

Due to Heavenly Dragon ’s Power ’s effect, Shi Feng ’s Strength Attribute increased by 150%.
His Strength was now superior to even a Grand Lord ’s of the same level.
There was also Instant Strike ’s effects, which increased his Attack Speed by 500% and damage dealt by 400%.

In the next moment, damages exceeding -100,000 appeared above the Lizardman Captain ’s head one after another.
Sometimes, a critical hit dealing over -300,000 damage would also occur.
As Shi Feng and his doppelganger hacked and slashed at the Lizardman Captain, they also activated Defensive Blade to block the Spell attacks coming from the Lizardman Chief.

The fight with the Lizardman Captain lasted only a matter of seconds.
During this period, the High Lord had very little chance to counterattack.

By the time the Lizardman Captain was dead, Shi Feng and his doppelganger had mostly exhausted the block counts of their Defensive Blade.

Although only the Lizardman Chief remained now, Shi Feng did not dare to be careless.
As a precaution, he stabbed the Abyssal Blade into the ground and activated Abyssal Curse.

Suddenly, pitch-black shackles emerged from the ground beneath the Lizardman Chief ’s feet, binding the Realm Lord completely.
The Realm Lord ’s Basic Attributes then began decreasing rapidly.

However, the Lizardman Chief was not an easy opponent to defeat.
With a shout, he shattered the restraints on his body and stopped his Basic Attributes from decreasing any further.
In the end, the Realm Lord still retained 80% of his Basic Attributes—remaining a nightmarish existence to current players.

However, Shi Feng had long since expected such an outcome.
He then activated Disintegration Field, causing the Lizardman Chief ’s Basic Attributes to plummet once more.

Eventually, the Lizardman Chief ’s Basic Attributes fell to only 60% of their original values.
However, Shi Feng was still not satisfied with this result.
He took out the Ring of Gospel and spent 5,000 Magic Crystals, activating World Projection.

Threefold suppression.
If players in the outside world were to see this scene, their eyes would most likely fall out of their sockets.

Shi Feng had actually suppressed a Realm Lord-grade Grand Lord to the point where the Boss possessed only 45% of his original Basic Attributes.
Now, the Lizardman Chief was no different from a Great Lord of the same level.

However, the Lizardman Chief was thoroughly enraged under Shi Feng ’s threefold suppression.
Waving his staff, he cast the most powerful Spell in his arsenal, Hell Pythons.
Suddenly, the Lizardman Chief ’s staff transformed into a bundle of flames, which then expanded and became nine massive, flaming pythons that were fully under the Lizardman Chief ’s control.

He still had such a trump card to play? Shi Feng ’s complexion darkened when he saw the flaming pythons striking at him.

Although he had yet to clash with these flaming pythons, he could already tell that they were not something a Tier 2 player like himself could hope to stop.

Just when the nine flaming pythons were about to come into contact with Shi Feng, the latter suddenly split into ten identical copies of himself.

This move was none other than Divine Steps.
Even if he left the nine pythons alone, the latter would be able to attack only nine targets at most at any time.
With the flaming pythons distracted, Shi Feng immediately made his way towards the Lizardman Chief.

Thundering Flash!

Flame Burst!

Shadow Blade!

Both Shi Feng ’s main body and doppelganger attacked the Lizardman Chief in a frenzy.
Although the Lizardman Chief was a Realm Lord, his Basic Attributes were now suppressed to the point where they only rivaled a Great Lord ’s of the same level.
Moreover, the Lizardman Chief did not excel in melee battles.
As a result, the Lizardman Chief became no different from a punching bag to Shi Feng, whose Basic Attributes were currently superior to a Grand Lord ’s of the same level.


When Divine Steps ended, Shi Feng took out a Tier 3 Defensive Scroll, Sacred Shield of Water, and used it.
The Defensive Spell was capable of blocking Tier 4 attacks even for a short moment, let alone the Tier 3 attacks of the flaming pythons.

By the time Hell Pythons ’ 20-second duration was over, the Sacred Shield of Water still had over a quarter of its energy remaining.

Without the annoyance of the Hell Pythons, Shi Feng had a much easier time dealing with the Lizardman Chief and was able to whittle down the Realm Lord ’s HP.

When the duration of Heavenly Dragon ’s Power ended, Shi Feng promptly followed it up by activating Power of Darkness, maintaining his Strength at the level of a Grand Lord.
Meanwhile, every one of his normal attacks dealt over -30,000 damage to the Lizardman Chief and -80,000 for a critical hit.
His Skill attacks dealt over -100,000 damage each and -300,000 for a critical hit.

However, Shi Feng would occasionally be forced to block one of the Lizardman Chief ’s Spell attacks with his weapons, losing 10,000 to 20,000 HP in the process.
Fortunately, Shi Feng had Life Domain and Void Shield to help him recover and block a portion of those attacks.
Hence, he had no problems keeping his HP above a safe margin.
The only real challenge he faced was that the high-intensity combat was depleting both his Stamina and Concentration at a severe rate.

As the minutes passed by, the Lizardman Chief ’s HP steadily decreased.

50%… 30%… 10%…

”Despicable intruder! I will not let you win! ” The Lizardman Chief suddenly exploded in violent fury and tossed aside his staff.
He then started gathering a stupendous amount of Mana inside his body.
Following which, not only did his body turn pitch-black, but it also doubled in size.

Mana Madness?

At this moment, when Shi Feng looked at the Lizardman Chief, he could feel the threat of death from the Realm Lord.
Actually, even if his mind did not warn him about the Lizardman Chief, his eyes could see very clearly just how dangerous the Realm Lord was right now.

Despite the Lizardman Chief just standing still right now, the ground beneath the Realm Lord buckled and shattered from the intense aura his body radiated.
The air surrounding the Lizardman Chief had also become extremely heavy as well as scorching hot.

”Roar! ”

The Lizardman Chief bellowed and dashed forward, appearing in front of Shi Feng in the blink of an eye.
The Realm Lord then raised his massive arms and smashed down at Shi Feng.

”Come! ”

Shi Feng had no intention of dodging the Realm Lord ’s attack.
Instead, he activated the Tier 2 Blade Liberation, increasing his Basic Attributes once more.

Shadow Blade!

Suddenly, several streaks of shadow merged with the slash Shi Feng executed using Killing Ray, the combined attack landing squarely on the Lizardman Chief ’s fists.


Shi Feng was forced to retreat by only half a step from the resulting impact.
In contrast, the Lizardman Chief ’s arms got flung away, leaving his scaly chest wide open to attack.
Moreover, the counter had also forced the Realm Lord to retreat by two steps.

A chance!

Shi Feng used this opportunity to activate Divine Providence and stabbed the Abyssal Blade at the Lizardman Chief.

Flame Burst!

After launching a series of devastating attacks, Shi Feng eventually reaped the final 10% HP the Lizardman Chief had remaining.
Meanwhile, like a bursting balloon, the Realm Lord ’s body instantly turned into ashes and disappeared…

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