Chapter 1580 – Hidden Benefit

Sure enough, they are all amazing! It ’s no wonder so many experts were so crazy about Bloodlines back then! Shi Feng felt slightly emotional when he saw the list of Bloodlines.

In the past, even superpowers had an extremely tough time getting their hands on Bloodlines.
Information on Bloodlines was also heavily restricted.
Even though Shi Feng had been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild, he had not possessed any detailed information on Bloodlines.
All he knew was that Bloodlines improved a player ’s Life Rating and that they were of great help when players got promoted to higher tiers.

Meanwhile, although the list of Bloodlines the Demon NPC gave him did not reveal a lot of information, what he could see was already more than enough to thrill him.

Even the most ordinary Bloodline would allow players to undergo a qualitative transformation.

Take the Frost Bloodline, for example.
It increased the owner ’s compatibility with ice-type Skills and Spells, improving their Skill and Spell Completion Rates and base power.
In addition, players with Bloodlines would gain some extra Basic Attribute Points every time they leveled up.
In the case of the Frost Bloodline, its primary focus was Intelligence, while Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Vitality were secondary.
Moreover, the bonus Basic Attributes gained through leveling up would further increase with each tier promotion.

Eventually, as players rose in levels, the gap in Basic Attributes between players with Bloodlines and players without Bloodlines would also grow increasingly wider, to the point where the disparity could instill despair.

However, looking at the cost of the various Bloodlines listed, Shi Feng could not help but frown.

Of the two Peak Bloodlines available, one needed 340,000 SPs, while the other needed 360,000 SPs.
In addition, both of them required three Exploits each.
These Peak Bloodlines were even more expensive than the top-tier Fragmented Legendary items.

As for the eight Advanced Bloodlines, they, too, were far beyond Shi Feng ’s reach as even the cheapest among them cost 200,000 SPs and two Exploits, while the most expensive one cost 260,000 SPs and two Exploits.

Even if he managed to kill the Mythic ranked Guardian Boss in the 40th Divine Shrine, accumulating 200,000 SPs was unlikely.

It seems I can exchange for only a Basic Bloodline.
Shi Feng could not help but sigh.
Revealing a bitter smile, he set his eyes on the 23 Basic Bloodlines.

Even the cheap Basic Bloodline, which was named Boulder Bloodline, cost 100,000 SPs and one Exploit.
The Boulder Bloodline improved a player ’s Defense, and the main Basic Attribute it increased was Endurance.
It was a Bloodline more suited for MTs rather than Swordsmen.

In the end, Shi Feng narrowed his choices to three Bloodlines.

[Hurricane Bloodline]
Increases compatibility with wind-type Skills and Spells.
Mainly improves Agility, followed by Endurance, Strength, Vitality, and Intelligence.

Requires 115,000 Shrine Points and one Exploit to exchange.

[Scorching Flame Bloodline]
Increases compatibility with fire-type Skills and Spells.
Mainly improves Endurance, followed by Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Intelligence.
Requires 122,000 Shrine Points and one Exploit to exchange.

[Earth Dragon Bloodline]
Increases Magic Resistance.
Mainly improves Strength, followed by Endurance, Agility, Vitality, and Intelligence.
Requires 125,000 Shrine Points and one Exploit to exchange.

These three Bloodlines were more suitable for a melee physical class like the Swordsman class.
Whether they were wind-type or fire-type Skills, the Swordsman class had a little of both.
Hence, the Hurricane and Scorching Flame Bloodlines would provide significant improvements to a Swordsman ’s DPS.
As for the Earth Dragon Bloodline, it was suitable for practically every class in the game.

As players reached higher levels, the maps available for them to grind in would have increasingly poor environments.
In the past, many players would even prepare multiple sets of equipment to cope with different environments.
Hence, Magic Resistance was very helpful to players.

All three Bloodlines were considerably good.
At the moment, Shi Feng did not know which Bloodline to choose.

”Sir, should I recommend you a few Bloodlines that are suited to yourself? ” the female Demon NPC asked, smiling as she looked at Shi Feng ’s hesitant expression.

”May I know what your recommendations are? ” Shi Feng could not help but ask curiously.

Recommendations from NPCs were generally very accurate.
However, it was not easy for players to get one from them.
Usually, a player had to be lucky or have sufficiently high Favorability with an NPC for such a situation to occur.

”As you are the heaven ’s blessed that has progressed the furthest up the Divine Staircase, you get to enjoy a 10% discount on all exchanges.
Hence, I recommend either the Thunderblade Advanced Bloodline or the Dark Iron Basic Bloodline, ” the female Demon replied as she called out two displays showing the details of the Bloodlines she mentioned.

”You ’re saying the number one ranking player in the Divine Staircase gets a 10% discount? ” Shi Feng was slightly surprised to hear this.

He never thought that the Divine Staircase ’s Ranking List also provided such a hidden benefit.

The Thunderblade Bloodline the female Demon mentioned was an Advanced Bloodline.
It improved not only a player ’s compatibility with lightning-type Skills and Spells but also their Attack Speed.
As for Basic Attributes, the Advanced Bloodline mainly improved Strength and Agility, followed by Intelligence, Endurance, and Vitality.
However, since it was a powerful Bloodline, its cost was also frighteningly high; it needed a whopping 230,000 Shrine Points and two Exploits.

Even with the 10% discount, he couldn ’t afford this Bloodline.

As for the Dark Iron Bloodline, it increased a player ’s compatibility with melee Skills.
As for Basic Attributes, the Bloodline mainly increased Strength, followed by Agility, Endurance, Vitality, and Intelligence.
The Bloodline ’s price was, likewise, very high, requiring 150,000 SPs and one Exploit.

Currently, he had 146,360 SPs.
If he included the 10% discount, he would have more than enough to exchange for the Dark Iron Bloodline.

”I ’ll exchange for this Dark Iron Bloodline, ” Shi Feng said, inwardly ecstatic as he looked at the Dark Iron Bloodline.

Among the many Basic Bloodlines available, the Dark Iron Bloodline was the most suited to melee classes.
Since he could afford it, he naturally wouldn ’t go choosing other Basic Bloodlines.

You have to pay a total of 135,000 Shrine Points and one Exploit, ” the female Demon said, nodding.

Immediately, a payment window appeared before Shi Feng.
Without hesitation, he chose to complete the transaction.

A moment later, the female Demon retrieved a pitch-black crystal bottle from a magic array beside her.
She then carefully handed the bottle over to Shi Feng.

So, this is a Bloodline? As Shi Feng looked at the pitch-black liquid inside the magic crystal bottle, he could sense vitality radiating from the liquid.
Moreover, the liquid also contained terrifying power.

”This is the Dark Iron Bloodline you ’ve purchased.
Please store it away properly.
May I know if you have anything else you wish to exchange for? ”

”I wish to exchange for the cheapest God Crystal available. ”

When Shi Feng took a look at the Shrine Points he had remaining, he saw he still had 11,360 points left.
Meanwhile, the cheapest God Crystal up for exchange cost 12,000 SPs before discount, which was significantly less expensive than an Epic item.
Not to mention, compared to an Epic item, a God Crystal was much more useful to him.

Following which, the female Demon inserted her hand into the magic array beside her again and retrieved a God Crystal.

Every God Crystal carried the remnant Divine Might of a God.
Hence, the mere appearance of a God Crystal caused the players inside the Divine Hall to feel an enormous pressure bearing down on them.

”What is this pressure?! It ’s so strong! What kind of item can give off such a powerful pressure?! ”

”Who is that person? Just now, he seemed to have exchanged for a Bloodline already.
Now, he ’s even exchanging for such an item.
Just how many points does he have? ”

The crowd inside the Divine Hall stared at Shi Feng in shock.
The players that previously doubted him now looked at him with eyes brimming with envy and admiration.

A Bloodline!

That was something that could allow even an ordinary player to become an expert.
If Demon experts like themselves could obtain a Bloodline, they would definitely become one of the apex existences in God ’s Domain in the future.
Hence, how could they not envy Shi Feng?

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng obtained the Dark Iron Bloodline and God Crystal, he no longer had any reason to remain in the Divine Hall.
He immediately turned around and headed towards the exit.

However, before Shi Feng could leave the Divine Hall, a man suddenly stood in his way.
Smiling, the man said, ”Fellow friend, your performance at the Divine Staircase is amazing! May I know if you can hand over that Bloodline you have to the Flower of Seven Sins? Rest assured, the Flower of Seven Sins definitely will not mistreat you and will reward you amply. ”

With a look, Shi Feng identified the man before him as none other than Skyhawk of the Flower of Seven Sins.

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