Chapter 1583 – Mana Cutter

When the Disintegration Field took effect, the three members of Skyhawk ’s party visibly slowed.

Meanwhile, when Ridiculous ’s one-handed axe was a few inches away from Shi Feng ’s face, it clanged against a blue longsword, unable to move an inch further.

This is…a Domain ’s suppression?! When Ridiculous felt his Basic Attributes decrease, he could not help but stare at the cloaked Swordsman before him in astonishment.

At this stage of the game, Domain Skills were as rare as a phoenix ’s feather.

Not only had Shi Feng used a Domain Skill, but it had also reduced his Basic Attributes by 40%.
Only a high-tiered Domain Skill was capable of accomplishing this.

Yet, since the start of the battle, he hadn ’t seen Shi Feng use any Magic Scrolls…

During Ridiculous ’s brief shock, Skyhawk approached Shi Feng ’s right side and swung the broken, pitch-black blade in his hands.

Indiscriminate Slash!

Immediately, over a dozen black energy blades flew towards Shi Feng ’s blind spots.

At the same time, Ink Hunter bombarded the Swordsman with Soul Cloud, launching magic blades from above.

”What exquisite coordination! ”

Skyhawk and Ink Hunter ’s performance shocked the spectating crowd.
The two players had timed their attacks perfectly, targeting every one of the Swordsman ’s blind spots.

Even an expert player would be forced to activate their strongest Lifesaving Skill in such a predicament.
There was no way to block every attack.

However, as the numerous attacks soared towards Shi Feng, the latter didn ’t move to defend himself.
Rather, Shi Feng slashed the Abyssal Blade towards Skyhawk, who followed his Indiscriminate Slash with a normal attack.

Is he trying to get himself killed? Skyhawk was confused as he watched Shi Feng ignore both his Indiscriminate Slash and Ink Hunter ’s Soul Cloud.

Others might not realize how powerful his Indiscriminate Slash was, but he was very familiar with the attack.
Even though his Attributes had decreased, if every one of the dozen or so energy blades struck an MT of the same level, they ’d either be near-dead or lose half of their HP.


Brilliant sparks scattered when the Abyssal Blade clashed with Skyhawk ’s broken sword.
Skyhawk ’s normal attack came to an abrupt halt.

As everyone expected the energy and magical blades to devour Shi Feng ’s HP, something astonishing occurred.

Both attacks vanished half a yard from Shi Feng.
It was as if these attacks had never existed…

”This… What is going on? Did he use an Invulnerability Skill? ”

”Is he an NPC? ”

Everyone ’s jaws dropped.

All of the watching players were experts in God ’s Domain.
They had seen countless Skills and Spells in their travels, and they had a certain understanding of Invulnerability Skills.
As far as they knew, Invulnerability Skills typically formed an eye-catching barrier of sorts to protect the player, yet despite the lack of any barrier around Shi Feng, both Skyhawk and Ink Hunter ’s attacks had been nullified.
This was simply inconceivable.

A Defensive Skill? Skyhawk remained relatively calm despite his failed attack.
Sneering at Shi Feng, he hissed, ”How long do you think this Skill of yours can last? Do you think it can protect you from this?! ”

Skyhawk immediately adjusted his footwork, and his broken blade began to gather a horrific, black energy around itself as it slashed towards Shi Feng.

The black energy quickly formed a black blade over Skyhawk ’s broken sword.
As this black blade moved, it tore apart space itself.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Knight attacked from the side.

Shield of Vengeance!

With Justice Roar already active, his Strength and Attack Speed had doubled.

Suddenly, Skyhawk ’s broken blade split into five copies, each resembling a conning, venomous snake as they attempted to strike Shi Feng ’s blind spots.

Advanced Combat Technique, Snake Bite!

”Is Skyhawk finally taking this seriously? ” Hidden Soul frowned slightly as she watched from a distance.

Skyhawk ’s technique standards weren ’t his only monstrous weapon.
The broken, black blade he wielded was also extraordinary.
The weapon itself lacked a quality rank, and it ’s only Attribute bonus was Attack Power.
It didn ’t provide any additional Basic Attributes.

In exchange, however, the broken blade had two, incomparably powerful Skills.

The first Skill was Mana Rebound.

The second was Mana Nullification.
With this effect, the weapon could even slice through Invulnerability Skills.

One could say that the weapon was a magic killer.
In fact, this ability suited the broken blade ’s name perfectly.

Mana Cutter!

All Defensive Spells and Skills were useless in the face of Skyhawk ’s attacks.
Moreover, if melee players weren ’t careful with the Skills they used to attack Skyhawk, Mana Rebound might turn their own attacks against them rather than damage Skyhawk.

Because of this weapon, Skyhawk was the most formidable of the Flower of Seven Sins ’ seven commanders.

If one wanted to defeat Skyhawk, they had to rely on techniques or Basic Attributes.
Unfortunately, Skyhawk was a monster in both regards.

If Hidden Soul had to face such an offensive, even she ’d have no choice but to activate Vanish, receiving Ridiculous ’ attack, before putting as much distance between herself and Skyhawk as possible.
If she tried to fight the Berserker and Guardian Knight simultaneously, she ’d have no hope of victory.

The Mana Cutter? Shi Feng felt a little jealous as he watched the broken, pitch-black blade, which had transformed into five black snakes.

In the past, every player had known about the Flower of Seven Sins ’ commanders.
They were just as popular as Super Guilds ’ Guild Leaders.
Their weapons and equipment had been just as famous.

Among them, countless Berserkers and Swordsmen dreamed of wielding Skyhawk ’s Mana Cutter.

Realizing that Skyhawk and Ridiculous ’ attacks were about to hit their target, Shi Feng disregarded the idea of intercepting them forcibly.
Instead, he used Divine Steps and split into eleven copies, spreading out to circle his two opponents.

Shi Feng still suffered a Weakened state, and although the duration was much shorter than earlier, it still reduced his Basic Attributes by 80%.
Overall, his Basic Attributes were only slightly higher than Skyhawk and Ridiculous ’s, who were still suppressed by Disintegration Field.
He didn ’t have the ability to deflect the incoming attacks, which targeted his blind spots and weak points.


The instant Mana Cutter slid through Shi Feng ’s body, Skyhawk followed up with a Whirlwind Slash, giving Shi Feng no chances to escape his grasp by swapping positions with his doppelgangers.

Reacting in a similar manner, Ridiculous followed up his attack with Devotion, an AOE Skill that only attacked his enemies.

Based on his experience with Skills that summoned doppelgangers, he immediately determined that Shi Feng ’s doppelgangers were likely invulnerable to attacks and couldn ’t be differentiated from the true body.
In that case, he simply needed to attack all eleven clones with an AOE to find Shi Feng.

”This… ” However, Ridiculous was dumbfounded after he used Devotion.
All eleven doppelgangers remained unharmed…

They ’re all fakes? Skyhawk looked at each clone carefully.
He had prepared to launch an attack as soon as his companion revealed Shi Feng ’s real body, but since none of the copies had taken damage, he was at a loss.

Using his opponent ’s shock as an opportunity, Shi Feng appeared before Ridiculous and activated the Aura of Time ’s Forbidden Domain.
His two blades then transformed into streaks of light as the bit into the Guardian Knight before him.

Tier 2 Skill, Instant Strike!

Although Ridiculous noticed Shi Feng ’s attack, due to his weakened physique and the Swordsman ’s Attack Speed, which had been increased by 500%, he couldn ’t react in time.
He didn ’t even have time to activate his Lifesaving Skill before Shi Feng ’s attack struck.

In the end, he could only watch as the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray slashed down at him in succession.

Before Skyhawk could react, the Guardian Knight ’s 30,000 HP had fallen to zero…

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