Chapter 1585 – Slaying Skyhawk

Everyone was stupefied yet again when Ink Hunter had died.
They were confused about how Shi Feng had two main bodies on the battlefield and could actually attack Skyhawk and Ink Hunter simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Skyhawk ’s complexion darkened considerably after he recovered from his momentary shock.

Not only was he still stuck in the Silencing AOE, but he had also lost his healer.
If Shi Feng used a Berserk Skill now, killing him would be very easy.

However, what Skyhawk did not know was that Shi Feng had recently used Twofold Berserk and was still in a Weakened state, which prevented him from using Berserk Skills.
Otherwise, he wouldn ’t have needed to expose trump cards like Forbidden Domain and Phantom Kill.

Shi Feng didn ’t give Skyhawk much time to think about his situation as he sent another quick slash at the Berserker.

Flame Burst!

Although he had already killed Ink Hunter, Skyhawk wasn ’t an opponent he could take lightly.
If he allowed Skyhawk to escape Forbidden Domain and activate a Berserk Skill, he would definitely be placed in a very passive state.

Suddenly, the two swords in Shi Feng ’s hands released a burning glow as they approached their target.
Shi Feng didn ’t bother with complex techniques, relying on bold, simple movements instead.

Experts like Skyhawk had practically no weak points.
Skyhawk was more than capable of countering any technique he could use against the Berserker.
Hence, rather than wasting Stamina and Concentration executing powerful combat techniques, it was far more efficient to force Skyhawk to defend himself with simple movements, turning this battle into a contest of Stamina and Concentration.

”Don ’t even think of killing me that easily! ” Skyhawk shouted.
Reacting, he brandished Mana Cutter to deflect Shi Feng ’s attacks.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Every time the swords clashed, the resulting impacts radiated powerful shockwaves.
Even Hidden Soul and the other spectators, who stood a safe distance away, could clearly feel these shockwaves.
Meanwhile, the ground under Skyhawk and Shi Feng ’s feet cracked and shattered.
To the watching crowd, it felt as if they were watching two, gigantic, humanoid beasts clash, rather than players.
Even the terrain changed in the wake of their might.

In terms of Basic Attributes, Shi Feng was just slightly superior to Skyhawk.
Hence, even if Skyhawk received the full force of Shi Feng ’s attacks, he wouldn ’t take much damage.
Furthermore, the Berserker deflected his opponent ’ attacks rather than block them.
However, Shi Feng ’s slashes were far more powerful than Skyhawk ’s with Flame Burst ’s explosive power.

Although Mana Cutter could slice through projectile Skills and Spells, it wasn ’t effective against Skills that enhanced their user ’s power.

As a result, every time Skyhawk deflected an attack, he was forced back several steps.
His HP fell by over 700 as well.
After deflecting 15 consecutive attacks, Skyhawk ’s HP had fallen to 50%.

”That guy is amazing.
He ’s actually suppressed Skyhawk despite only having a slight advantage in Basic Attributes.
Not even the other commanders are capable of something like this. ” Brute Spear could not help but sigh with admiration as he watched Shi Feng back Skyhawk into a corner.
”It ’s no wonder why the Boss always warns us to be careful in the fields.
If we accidentally provoke such a hidden expert while adventuring, we ’ll definitely be in for a painful lesson. ”

Skyhawk ’s combat standard was extremely high, and Mana Cutter only bolstered his strength.
He had never been suppressed in a melee duel against the Seven Sins ’ other commanders.
Normally, he was the only one to suppress the others.

Hidden Soul nodded in agreement, but as she watched Shi Feng ’s figure, something about the man felt familiar.

Could he be…Maple Leaf? The thought drifted through Hidden Soul ’s mind as she watched the battle.

She thought it was unlikely that two unknown, monster-level experts had visited the World Summit at the same time.
Moreover, the doppelganger Skill Shi Feng had used against Skyhawk was the same Skill he had used against the Purgatory Puppets.

She also found the situation somewhat hard to believe.

Every expert had strengths and weaknesses.
For example, some experts focused on fighting monsters, and against monsters, they could display extraordinary strength.
Meanwhile, some experts preferred to fight other players, and they could display much greater strength against players than they could against monsters.

Shi Feng had previously displayed incredible combat standards against the Purgatory Puppets, proving that he put quite a bit of effort into fighting monsters.
Even Hidden Soul had to admit that she wasn ’t as skilled as Shi Feng in monster battles.

Yet, despite facing Skyhawk ’s 3-man party, Shi Feng had displayed the same extraordinary tactics and combat standards.
His performance wasn ’t inferior to his fight with the Purgatory Puppets in the least.
This proved that he was just as familiar with PvP…

As Hidden Soul pondered over Shi Feng ’s identity, the battle between the Swordsman and the Berserker grew more intense.
They began to exchange blows so fast that even many of the watching Demon experts could no longer keep up with the battle.

Damn it! Not being able to use my Skills is too much of a problem! Skyhawk was frustrated as he desperately repelled Shi Feng ’s frenzied attacks.

The standard of his techniques was considerably higher than Shi Feng ’s.
In a fight where neither combatant could use Skills or Spells, he ’d have no fear of Shi Feng.

Yet, Shi Feng had used a Skill that boosted his attacks ’ destructive power before launching swift and straightforward attacks, forcing him to receive the attacks one way or another.
Had Shi Feng relied on projectiles, he could have easily found an opportunity to use Mana Cutter to turn the tables on the Swordsman, but as if Shi Feng had known about the weapon ’s abilities, he refused to give Skyhawk such an opportunity.

This forced him into a passive situation, having to focus on his own defense.
As a result, he could only watch as his HP continued to decrease.
Moreover, Shi Feng had yet to use a Berserk Skill or his Demon state.

That ’s not right! Considering the events up to this point, Skyhawk suddenly realized a possibility as to why Shi Feng would bother to fight him for so long.
With a sneer, he hissed, ”I understand now! The reason you haven ’t used a Berserk Skill yet isn ’t that you don ’t want to, but because something is preventing you from doing so! You ’re trying to desperately to deplete my HP so you can kill me before I leave your Silencing AOE, aren ’t you?! ”

Shi Feng didn ’t bother to reply to Skyhawk ’s accusation.
Instead, he activated Illusory Shadow.

Although Illusory Shadow ’s attacks were quite weak, only dealing 40% of a normal attack ’s damage, the attacks couldn ’t be blocked.

”Your silence only confirms my guess! Since you can ’t use your Berserk Skill, I don ’t have to be careful around you anymore! ” Skyhawk smiled.
Immediately, he executed a deceptive footwork technique, retreating at a much faster pace.

He hadn ’t put much focus into escaping the Silencing Skill since he couldn ’t find any hope of victory.
Even if he could use a Berserk Skill or transform into his Demon state, so could Shi Feng.
But now, things had changed.

Once he was out of range of the Silencing AOE, he could use his Berserk Skill.
Killing Shi Feng would be a piece of cake.

To put it simply, this battle ’s outcome depended on whether or not he could escape the Silencing AOE safely.

As Skyhawk inched towards the edge of the Silencing AOE, his focus sharpened.
As a result, the drain on his HP began to slow.

”In ten seconds, I ’ll escape your Silencing Skill.
It ’s impossible to deplete my remaining HP in so little time.
I have to admit, though, you are the first person to force me into such a position since I ’ve joined God ’s Domain.
You should be proud of this fact.
Do you have any last words? ” Skyhawk asked, smiling arrogantly at Shi Feng.

”Is that so? ” Shi Feng grinned suddenly.

In the next moment, a black figure descended from the skies and landed behind Skyhawk.
This figure was none other than Shi Feng ’s doppelganger.
The doppelganger had already activated Flame Burst and brandished its swords at the Berserker.

Seeing this, Skyhawk ’s expression darkened.
Hurriedly, he spun and used Mana Cutter to deflect the incoming attacks.

As for Shi Feng, he activated Dragon ’s Authority and executed Sword ’s Orbit.

Dragon ’s Authority immediately inflicted the Fear debuff on Skyhawk.
Not only did the debuff decrease the Berserker ’s Attack Power by 40%, but it also reduced his Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 40%.

With Skyhawk ’s Attack Speed decreased significantly, he couldn ’t keep up with both Shi Feng and his doppelganger.
As a result, he had to watch, helpless, as one sword light after another sliced through his body and stole a significant portion of his already-low HP.

He had only needed ten more seconds to reach the edge of the Silencing AOE, yet it now seemed endlessly far away.

In the end, Skyhawk ’s HP plummeted, and like a puppet with cut strings, the Berserker ’s body collapsed to the ground.

”You should be proud of the fact that you forced me to attack in sync with my doppelganger, ” Shi Feng said softly as he looked at the fallen Berserker.

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