Chapter 1589 – Frightening Bloodline Power

As Shi Feng consumed the Dark Iron Bloodline, the mana on and around the platform began to gather around his body.

Suddenly, two threefold magic arrays appeared above and below him.
It looked as if the magic arrays had formed a barrier, enveloping Shi Feng.
The surrounding Mana then poured into the threefold array above Shi Feng, and golden, divine runes began to surround his body.

As more divine runes appeared around Shi Feng, his aura intensified.

When the divine runes covered Shi Feng entirely, a pillar of golden light emerged from Shi Feng ’s body and shot into the sky.
The golden pillar radiated an aura that was even stronger than the Shrine Knight ’s.

A few seconds later, the light pillar began to dissipate and calm returned to the platform.

Once the platform returned to its original state, Shi Feng slowly opened his eyes.

His previously pitch-black pupils now contained a trace of silver.
Meanwhile, his aura, which he usually suppressed, overflowed.
If an ordinary player saw him now, they ’d assume that Shi Feng was an NPC, not a player.
Not only did he radiate a domineering aura, but his gaze also carried an indescribable cold.
It felt as if Shi Feng could remain calm and rational, regardless of his situation.

So, this is the power of the Dark Iron Bloodline?

Shi Feng was shocked as he tried to process the changes to his body.

There was no doubt that he was extremely excited, but before this feeling could reach its peak, a wave of serenity assaulted his mind, giving him instant peace.

Even his perception of his environment had changed.

He had previously needed to allocate the majority of his mental power to monitor his surroundings if he wanted to grasp movement around him accurately.
However, despite investing only a small fraction of his attention, he could now gain an acute understanding of his environment…

This improvement had exceeded Shi Feng ’s expectations.

Every expert capable of reaching the Void Realm in God ’s Domain was capable of holding a high rank in a Super Guild.
Experts that had just reached the Void Realm still had to focus on observing their environment.
Even veteran Void Realm experts had to allocate a considerable amount of their mental fortitude to do so.

Yet, now, Shi Feng did not even need to allocate half of his attention to achieve the same result.
The boost from the Dark Iron Bloodline was truly terrifying.

There was a limit to a person ’s mental power in both the real world and in God ’s Domain.
Not everyone could multitask.
Experts, however, had this skill.

Of course, they were limited to simple tasks when dividing their attention.
If an expert encountered a complex problem, they would struggle to multitask.
Needless to say, observing every movement in one ’s surroundings was a complex task.
If a Void Realm expert only needed half of their focus to observe their surroundings and could allocate the other half to physical movement, their combat power would soar.

Aside from the boost to his mental capacity, consuming the Dark Iron Bloodline had improved Shi Feng ’s Basic Attributes.
His Strength had risen by 10%, Agility by 7%, Endurance, Vitality, and Intelligence by 5%.
Although these were minor improvements, his total Basic Attributes would increase exponentially as he reached higher levels and tiers.

Following which, Shi Feng executed a few slashes at the empty air.

As he did, his swords drew soundless, beautiful arcs of light before him.

Sure enough, not only had the Bloodline improved my Basic Attributes, but it ’s also improved my reaction speed! Before this, my reaction time had peaked at 0.1 seconds.
Now, I should peak at 0.08 seconds.
Bloodlines truly are amazing.
It ’s no wonder why the various superpowers were so desperate for Bloodlines in the past.
Shi Feng could not help his rueful sigh as he watched the lingering afterimages of his blade.

Although it was only a 0.02-second improvement to his reaction time, to most expert players, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.
Normally, only incredibly talented experts could cross the 0.1-second limit.

He had only been able to react, at most, ten times in one second in the past, but he could now react 12 times.
Assuming that his physical limit wasn ’t a factor and his opponents only had a peak reaction time of 0.1 seconds, the two extra reactions would allow him to outmaneuver his opponents, utterly overwhelming them.

Had he obtained a Basic Bloodline in his previous life, he could have easily succeeded with his Tier 4 promotion, even if his early development had been lacking.
Unfortunately, Bloodlines were even rarer than Fragmented Legendary items in God ’s Domain.

Following which, Shi Feng spent the next ten minutes or so getting used to the new changes.

By the time he was satisfied, he was more than eager to resume his battle with the Shrine Knight.

As soon as Shi Feng reentered the platform ’s central ring, the Shrine Knight awakened and charged at him with his greatsword raised.

”Come! Let me test the Dark Iron Bloodline ’s strength! ” Shi Feng could not help but grin as the Shrine Knight ran towards him.
He immediately advanced to meet the NPC in battle.

This time, however, Shi Feng did not execute Sword ’s Orbit to deflect the Shrine Knight ’s frenzied assault.
Instead, he defended himself with normal swings of his blades.

As the swords clashed, sparks and clangs filled the platform once more.

Although Shi Feng couldn ’t execute his attacks instinctively as the Shrine Knight did, he could make up for the missing attacks by relying on his superior reaction speed.

As Shi Feng exchanged blows with the Shrine Knight, he gradually became comfortable with his defense.
After three minutes of battle, he had gone from a passive position to fighting the Shrine Knight on equal footing.

Moreover, he had a lot more energy to spare than he had during the previous encounter as he executed Void Steps to dodge a portion of the Shrine Knight ’s attacks.
The Shrine Knight, who had worn an indifferent expression thus far, now revealed his astonishment.

It seems that this is my current limit.
Although I still have energy to spare, I haven ’t mastered enough combat techniques.
I still can ’t exhibit the Bloodline ’s full power.
I ’ll have to find an opportunity to learn more techniques later.
After fighting the Shrine Knight for some time, Shi Feng fully understood what he still needed.

Now that he had reviewed his strengths and weaknesses, he adjusted his swings and began to execute Sword ’s Orbit.

Every attack with Sword ’s Orbit was nearly instinctive.
As a result, the speed of Shi Feng ’s slashes had reached its limit.

Suddenly, a cut split the skin on the Shrine Knight ’s shoulder.
The NPC ’s HP fell by roughly 3,000.

After the first cut, it didn ’t take long for the second, third, and fourth to appear as well.

As more cuts split the Shrine Knight ’s skin, his HP plummeted.
Before ten minutes had passed, the NPC ’s 1,000,000 HP had fallen to zero.
The NPC then collapsed, turned to stone, and shattered.
In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng was alone on the platform.

Once the Shrine Knight was gone, Shi Feng moved forward to collect his reward.
Fortunately, the damaged item turned out to be a God Crystal.

However, when Shi Feng plucked the God Crystal from its crystalline prison, he noticed that the God Crystal radiated far more Divine Might than any he had obtained before.

”An Advanced God Crystal? ” When Shi Feng inspected the item, he realized why the trial had been so challenging.

The Power of God in an Advanced God Crystal was far denser than in ordinary God Crystals.
One Advanced God Crystal was the equivalent of two ordinary God Crystals, and naturally, it wasn ’t any less valuable than a piece of ordinary Epic Equipment.

Now, he only needed one more God Crystal to remove the mysterious power suppressing the Disintegration Armor.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the Shrine ’s trial.
You now have two options.
One: exit the Shrine.
Two: challenge another trial at the cost of 1,000 minutes.

Shi Feng chose option two without hesitation when he saw the system notification.
After all, he needed another God Crystal.

This time, however, the trial was much less difficult.
This Shrine Knight had only reached the Flowing Water Realm, and as a result, he defeated the NPC very easily.

After Shi Feng secured his third God Crystal from the Epic Shrine, he received a notification that he had reached his challenge limit for Epic Shrines and was teleported out of the shrine without having any say in the matter…

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