Chapter 1591 – Producing the Conqueror ’s Armor

After Shi Feng disconnected the call, Aqua Rose stared at the dark screen before her in stunned silence.

Increasing their bounty on Heaven ’s Burial ’s members was easier said than done.
The additional expenditure would easily reach tens of thousands of Gold.

The Guild did rake in quite a bit of money from Zero Wing City.
Currently, it earned more than 5,000 Gold through the entrance fees alone.

However, due to the war of attrition with Heaven ’s Burial, Zero Wing struggled to make ends meet.
Unless the Guild gained an additional 100,000 Gold, it couldn ’t feasibly afford to double the bounty on Heaven ’s Burial.

Where, exactly, were they supposed to get another 100,000 Gold?

”Big Sis Aqua, are we really going to double the bounty? ” Yaya asked carefully from beside Aqua Rose.

Zero Wing only had a little over 20,000 Gold set aside for emergencies.
If they used these funds, the Guild would be in an even more precarious situation should something unexpected occur.

”Make the announcement, ” Aqua Rose said, releasing a deep, powerless sigh.
”Even if we don ’t raise the bounty, our remaining stock of top-tier equipment in the Guild Warehouse won ’t last long.
If we don ’t increase the bounty, we ’ll only burn through our stock.
If we ’re doomed either way, we might as well duke it out with Heaven ’s Burial and Blackwater! ”

Following which, Yaya posted the increased bounty on Star-Moon Kingdom ’s official forums.

As the news spread, it attracted the attention of every player in Star-Moon Kingdom.
Yaya ’s post quickly garnered over a million views.

”Is Zero Wing is really trying to fight it out with Heaven ’s burial? It actually followed Heaven ’s Burial ’s lead and doubled its bounty. ”

”It seems that Zero Wing is finally getting serious! ”

”Heaven ’s Burial has Blackwater ’s support, so it ’s expected that the Guild has a massive amount of funding.
But how has Zero Wing secured so much money? ”

”Maybe Zero Wing ’s putting up a final struggle, trying to scare Heaven ’s Burial into backing off? Based on what I ’ve heard, Blackwater mobilized a bunch of experts to help Heaven ’s Burial and offered the guild an additional 200,000 Gold.
With the income from Ancient Rock City, how can Zero Wing possibly beat Heaven ’s Burial in wealth? ”

I ’ve heard that Ancient Rock City ’s player population has already exceeded 6,000,000.
Although Heaven ’s Burial isn ’t charging entrance fees, it ’s still making a ton of money through repair and accommodation fees. ”

”Let them raise their bounties on each other! The higher, the better! That way, I can earn enough money to buy my Mount! ”

In the public eye, Zero Wing was at an overwhelming disadvantage in its war with Heaven ’s Burial.
And yet, everyone celebrated the war.
It wasn ’t every day that players had such a golden opportunity to make money.

Orc Empire, Heaven ’s Burial ’s Residence in Ancient Rock City:

”Guild Leader Singular, it seems that Zero Wing has quite the budget as well.
Are you sure that you won ’t have any issues? ” Lei Jingyang could not help his frown as he read the latest forum post from Zero Wing.

To whittle down Zero Wing ’s strength as quickly as possible, Heaven ’s Burial had doubled its bounty on the other Guild ’s members.
This increased the number of bounties they had to pay by several times.
Each day, they had to shell out roughly 60,000 Gold in bounties.
That was the equivalent of several days of Ancient Rock City ’s income.
Despite what the public thought, Heaven ’s Burial wasn ’t as secure as it seemed.

”Young Master Lei, rest assured; I am very familiar with what Zero Wing is capable of.
Based on the reports from my spies in the Guild, Zero Wing doesn ’t have much money left.
It ’s already struggling to maintain its current expenditures.
This is merely Zero Wing ’s final act of defiance, ” Singular Burial said, not particularly surprised to hear that Zero Wing had doubled its bounty.
”I ’ve also reached an agreement with Blackwater.
Not only have they invested 200,000 Gold in Heaven ’s Burial, but they also intend to send another 300,000 Gold later.
Five hundred thousand Gold Coins is more than enough to crush Zero Wing.
Besides, we ’ve also located a new mine in the Orc Empire.
That mine has a Magic Iron vein and a certain chance of producing Magic Crystals.
As long as we capture the mine, Zero Wing has no hope of outlasting us, even if it gains the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion ’s full support. ”

Magic Iron veins were one of the few ore veins that produced Magic Crystals, and the vein Heaven ’s burial had discovered was only a dozen or so hours ’ walk away from Ancient Rock City.
Although other superpowers had discovered the vein as well, their Guild Towns were much farther away.
As a result, these superpowers couldn ’t compete with Heaven ’s Burial.

”I guess you ’re right.
But as a precaution, we should move up our timetable.
The other superpowers have already shown interest in the Magic Iron vein, and although we have the terrain advantage, securing the vein won ’t be easy. ” Lei Jingyang nodded his agreement.
He was starting to think that he may have overestimated Zero Wing a little.

Although Zero Wing was powerful, the Guild lacked the support of a major corporation.
It relied on its own power.

Meanwhile, in White River City ’s Candlelight Trading Firm…

As Shi Feng entered one of the Special Forging Rooms on the building ’s top floor, he noticed Melancholic Smile and nearly 100 other Advanced Forgers waiting for him.

”Guild Leader, I ’ve withdrawn all of the materials you ’ve requested from the warehouse.
The Candlelight Trading Firm is also purchasing the materials in bulk, ” Melancholic Smile reported as she approached Shi Feng, gesturing to the various materials piled around the Special Forging Room.

The materials Melancholic had gathered in the Special Forging Room were none other than the required materials for crafting the Conqueror ’s Armor.

The Conqueror ’s Armor ’s production process was intensely complex.
Among the various processes, the most time-consuming were the smelting and material refinement.
Fortunately, these tasks could be completed by forgers who hadn ’t learned the Conqueror ’s Armor Forging Design, which was precisely why Shi Feng had called upon these forgers to assist.
With this, he could focus on forging the Conqueror ’s Armor, saving plenty of time.
However, when Shi Feng considered the materials ’ purity, he decided that it ’d be best if he left the smelting and refinement to Advanced Forgers.

”Good! Put whatever tasks you ’re currently working on on hold for now.
I need all of you to smelt these materials, ” Shi Feng addressed the Advanced Forgers.
He then turned to Melancholic Smile and asked, ”How is the market for Lunar Potions right now? ”

”Lunar Potions? ” Shaking her head, Melancholic Smile said, ”Although the Lunar Potion is common, demand has skyrocketed due to the increase in players exploring ruins, yet the Moonlight Flower, the Lunar Potion ’s main material, is quite rare.
As a result, the Moonlight Flower ’s market price has increased drastically.
Now, each flower sells for 6 Silver.
As for the Lunar Potion, it ’s sold for 12 silver.
Although we ’ve tried to purchase the flowers to produce Lunar Potions, we ’ve only crafted a little over 2,000 bottles thus far. ”

The various large Guilds urgently needed Lunar Potions, but due to the Moonlight Flower ’s rarity, it was impossible to acquire in large quantities.
The fact that the Candlelight Trading Firm had accumulated a stock of over 2,000 Lunar Potions was impressive.

So, it ’s finally begun.
Shi Feng smiled.
The Moonlight Flower ’s price was already higher than he had expected.
Following which, he retrieved the Moonlight Flowers he had stored in his Epic Spatial Bag and Space-time Herb Garden.
”Use these to brew Lunar Potions and sell them for now.
Send all of the money to Aqua to cope with our current predicament. ”

Shi Feng had used the Space-time Herb Garden to grow Moonlight Flowers ever since he obtained it.
With the Herb Garden ’s increased survival rates, the Moonlight Flowers he planted had a 25% survival rate.
As a result, each harvest netted around 15,000 Moonlight Flowers.
He had already collected over 350,000 in total.
Since each stack consisted of 100 flowers, he had 3,521 stacks of Moonlight Flowers.

When Melancholic Smile saw the stacks of Moonlight Flowers Shi Feng had revealed, her jaw dropped.

It was difficult enough to purchase a few dozen Moonlight Flowers from the market, yet Shi Feng had pulled over 3,000 stacks from his bag, almost filling hers…

If they used all of these Moonlight Flowers to brew Lunar Potions, they ’d definitely make a fortune!

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