Chapter 1604 – Raising Levels

”Guild Leader, do you intend to include them in the Guild ’s war of attrition? ”

When Aqua Rose received the order to gather the experts the Guild still nurtured, she could only assume that Shi Feng wanted to use them in the war against Heaven ’s Burial.
Currently, Zero Wing severely lacked expert players.
Moreover, both the Guild ’s internal members and the disciples from the White Tiger Dojo had improved their standards considerably.
Some of the more powerful players had already reached the Trial Tower ’s sixth floor.
Even in a Super Guild, these players would be considered experts.

If they could send these players to the field, they could help make up for Zero Wing ’s lack of experts.

In any case, they need training to improve their techniques.
They ’ll grow much faster in live combat. ” Shi Feng nodded.

”Although that is true, their levels aren ’t high enough.
The highest-leveled among them is only Level 39, while most of them aren ’t even Level 35 yet.
With such a huge gap in equipment and levels, their techniques won ’t add to the Guild ’s combat power regardless of how good they are, ” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head.

The various large Guilds ’ elite members were, on average, Level 45.
There was easily a 10-level gap between these elite players and Zero Wing ’s internal members.
Meanwhile, every five levels was a minor turning point when it came to weapons and equipment in God ’s Domain.
Techniques couldn ’t make up for such a massive difference that easily.

”I know.
That ’s why I ’m taking them out to level, ” Shi Feng said, smiling.

He still wasn ’t satisfied with these internal members ’ standards, and since he had been busy with his own matters, he had set aside the issue of helping them level.

But now that their combat standards had reached a sufficient level, he had to help them level up, transforming them into usable combat power for the Guild.

Zero Wing had nearly 200 internal members, and the White Tiger Dojo had sent him 500 disciples.
Although the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples weren ’t Zero Wing members, they were under his command while they trained with the Guild.
It ’d be a waste not to put them to good use.

With this, he could add nearly 700 experts to the Guild ’s forces as they fought Heaven ’s Burial.

Thus far, Zero Wing had only accumulated a little over 2,000 experts who had reached the Trial Tower ’s fifth floor or beyond.
Another 700 experts would increase the Guild ’s overall combat power by a massive one-third.

”Taking them out to level? ” Aqua Rose ’s eyes lit up when she heard Shi Feng ’s plan.
She was very familiar with Shi Feng ’s leveling capabilities, knowing that his leveling speed was at least two or three times faster than other peak experts.
He was also more than capable of helping others level up as quickly as he did.
If he took command, it wouldn ’t be long before Zero Wing had another 700 experts, which would make it much easier to defend the four high-resource maps.
However, after giving the matter some more thought, Aqua Rose shook her head and said, ”Guild Leader, I ’m afraid helping them level up will be difficult right now.
Heaven ’s Burial is constantly watching our people.
If we send our internal members to the fields to level, Heaven ’s Burial will certainly ambush the group.
They might lose levels, rather than gain them. ”

That is only true if Heaven ’s Burial can follow us, ” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

When he had decided to take Zero Wing ’s internal members out to level, in truth, it had been a passing thought.
Obtaining Mana Ore was his true goal.

Although the Boneless Land was rich with ores, it was also a good leveling area.
Plenty of low HP and Defense Demonic Creatures roamed the map, and their respawn rate was fairly fast.
These Demonic Creatures ’ high Magic Resistance and combat standards were the only issues, making them difficult to deal with for magical class players.
To Shi Feng, however, these monsters were not a problem.

After all, he had the Bible of Darkness, and in that map, he ’d be in his element.

Following which, Aqua Rose notified Zero Wing ’s internal members and the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples to gather in White River City ’s Guild Residence.
While he waited, Shi Feng made a trip to the Candlelight Trading Firm to grab pickaxes before heading to the Residence himself.

When Shi Feng arrived, the gathered crowd stirred.
They had never expected their Guild Leader to take them out to level, and for a moment, they were all immensely excited.

Every player who had played God ’s Domain for some time knew of the title ’Sword King. ’ Shi Feng ’s battle records were also listed on the God ’s Domain Experts List, and many Swordsman players had long since analyzed these records, using them as reference.

Shi Feng didn ’t bother to waste time with words.
Instead, he had everyone head to the Teleportation Hall and travel to one of Star-Moon Kingdom ’s border towns.
He then found a relatively deserted location and activated Spatial Gate.

To get to the Boneless Land, one had to cross more than ten high-level maps.
If players tried to do so on their Mounts, they ’d have to ride for several days and would encounter many Level 100-plus monsters during the trip.
Not even Shi Feng would dare to take on such a high-level monster right now, not to mention other players.

After ensuring that everyone had made it through the Spatial Gate, Shi Feng stepped through and closed it.

Shortly after Shi Feng ’s group had disappeared into the Spatial Gate, a few Assassins, who had hidden in the distance, revealed themselves.
All of these Assassins wore Heaven ’s Burial ’s Guild Emblem and were Level 47.
They were also fully equipped in Level 45 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment.

”Boss, what should we do? They left using a teleportation gate.
How are we supposed to track them? ”

”Forget it.
This is outside our abilities.
Let ’s just report this to the higher-ups. ”

After the several Assassins discussed the situation amongst themselves, they returned to Singular Burial and told him of the teleportation gate.

Teleportation gates did not reveal players ’ destinations, and players would only discover where the gate led to after they entered.
However, Shi Feng was the last person to step through, and once he had, the gate had disappeared.
They had no way of tracking the group from Zero Wing.

”It seems we ’ve backed Black Flame into a corner.
At such a crucial moment, a Guild Leader like him is taking a bunch of Level 30-plus players out to level. ” Singular Burial could not help but laugh when he read the report.
He then turned to Daybreak Fog and asked, ”Have Lei Jingyang and Blackwater ’s men gathered in their designated locations? ”

”Most of their forces have arrived.
They can take action at any time, ” Daybreak Fog replied.

”Good! Have them activate the War Barriers to lock down the maps! It ’s about time we give Zero Wing a taste of hell! ” Singular Burial said, laughing madly.

To crush Zero Wing swiftly, they had dispatched 8,000 experts to hunt down the enemy Guild ’s members in the four high-resource maps and utilized the War Barriers to trap them within.
In addition, they had dispatched 40,000 elite members to guard the maps ’ entrances.

”Understood! ” Daybreak Fog immediately commanded the Guild members to spread out across the four maps.

With Daybreak Fog ’s command, Heaven ’s Burial ’s members went into action, activating the War Barriers and preventing every player in the four maps from using Return Scrolls.
If players wished to leave the maps, they ’d have to do so through the maps ’ entrances.

Meanwhile, Heaven ’s Burial and Blackwater ’s experts scoured the maps for Zero Wing ’s members in 100-man teams.

”Boss Flow, there ’s a 6-man party from Zero Wing ahead, but they ’re all wearing cloaks, so we can ’t see their levels.
Should we attack? ” a Level 47 Assassin reported through his team chat as he watched the small party walk through the forest ahead.

”A 6-man party? Are there any important players among them? ” Broken Flow, who wore Level 45 Dark-Gold Set Equipment, asked quietly

They knew just how powerful Zero Wing ’s experts were.
This was especially true for Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Cola, Flying Shadow, and the Guild ’s other core members.
Singular Burial had already warned them to stay as far away from these individuals as possible.

Although Broken Flow wasn ’t pleased with the decision, he had no choice but to follow his Guild Leader ’s orders.

None of the six players are on the list, but they seem to have pretty good equipment.
They ’re likely an expert party from Zero Wing, ” the Assassin reported after taking a closer look.

”Good! It seems that we ’ve gotten lucky and come across one of Zero Wing ’s expert parties! Keep an eye on them! We ’ll head over right away! ” Broken Flow said as he licked his lips in anticipation.
Immediately, he led his team towards the Assassin ’s current position.

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