Chapter 1606 – Might of a Battle Array

As Broken Flow questioned Infant Tiger ’s identity, he took a huge step backward.

Star-Moon Kingdom ’s general masses were no strangers to Zero Wing ’s top-tier experts, not to mention Heaven ’s Burial.
In fact, Heaven ’s Burial was very familiar with the standards of the internal experts Zero Wing nurtured.

However, Broken Flow had no recollection of Infant Tiger among Zero Wing ’s top-tier experts.

The only possibility was that Zero Wing ’s top-tier experts had used disguise tools, playing the pig to eat the tiger and wound Heaven ’s Burial ’s expert teams.

But before Broken Flow could listen to Infant Tiger ’s reply, the other four melee players from Zero Wing appeared beside him, launching their attacks.
Two Berserkers executed the Tier 1 Cross Slash and Flame Slash, the Guardian Knight used the Tier 1 Justice Roar and Holy Slash, and the Shield Warrior raised his shield and used the Tier 1 Crumbling Mountain.

When the four melee players attacked Broken Flow, they moved like a single entity.
Their various Skill flew towards Broken Flow ’s blind spots almost simultaneously.
Their attacks were as fast as lightning.

What?! Broken Flow was shocked yet again.
When he sensed the four melee players ’ combination attack, he felt the threat of death looming over him.
On instinct, he activated the Tier 1 Taboo Skill, Hurricane ’s Descent and created a powerful hurricane around himself using his greatsword.
The Taboo Skill incorporated both offense and defense in a perfect balance.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

A series of clangs echoed around the fight.
The four melee players that had attacked Broken Flow were forced to retreat two or three steps, but once they stabilized, they launched another uniform assault, not giving the Berserker a moment to catch his breath.

This time, the Guardian Knight and Shield Warrior rushed at Broken Flow from the front, whereas the two Zero Wing Berserkers approached from Broken Flow ’s sides.
For a time, Broken Flow had to retreat as he desperately defended himself.
While he did so, his HP continued to drain.

”What?! The commander is actually… ”

Heaven ’s Burial ’s members were utterly shocked as they watched Zero Wing ’s party suppress Broken Flow.
Their previously playful expressions had vanished.

None of these players were amateurs.
They knew just how powerful their commander was, and even if they formed a 6-man party to challenge him, they wouldn ’t come close to killing Broken Flow.
This wasn ’t due to the difference between their Basic Attributes, but the difference in their combat standards.
If they tried to fight Broken Flow, he ’d easily find and target their weak points.
By the time they realized that they were under attack, it ’d be too late to react.
Moreover, Broken Flow could easily dodge and block their attacks.

In the end, the Berserker commander would whittle down their HP and kill them.
At most, Broken Flow would lose some HP when he blocked attacks or received a few hits that he couldn ’t dodge, but that ’d be rare since he could use his positioning to prevent such situations.

Yet, now, regardless of how Broken Flow shifted his stance, he couldn ’t avoid the four melee players ’ pincer attacks as they continued to shave away his HP.

However, this wasn ’t the most frightening aspect of this fight.
What Heaven ’s Burial ’s members found truly shocking was the fact that Broken Flow couldn ’t force his way out of the encirclement.
No matter how he tried to counter the four melee players, the outcome was the same.
His targets would either deflect or block his attacks, refusing to budge an inch.
Broken Flow looked like some beast trapped in a steel cage.

The spectating Heaven ’s Burial members weren ’t the only ones shocked.
Broken Flow, who desperately fought for his life, was flabbergasted.

Of the four melee players assaulting him, one had combat standards to rival Infant Tiger.
This Zero Wing party actually had five Refinement Realm experts…

Even Super Guilds valued Refinement Realm experts, and they ’d be top-ranked fighters in first-rate Guilds.

Yet, this 6-man party had five of these experts.

If he weren ’t familiar with the combat styles of Cola, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, and Zero Wing ’s other top-tier melee experts, he ’d suspect that these four players were those experts in disguise.

As Broken Flow continued to fend off the four Refinement Realm experts, whose Basic Attributes were even higher than his, a bitter taste filled his mouth.

Although he had invited Zero Wing ’s party to attack him as one, he hadn ’t expected four Refinement Realm experts to gang up on him shamelessly.
Even Infant Tiger danced around him, looking for the opportunity to land a fatal blow…

What Broken Flow did not know, however, was that Infant Tiger and the others were just as shocked.
They had never thought that the Basic Strength Battle Array would be this powerful.
Not only did the battle array provide Basic Attributes akin to a miniature Berserk Skill, but their combat standards had also improved.

Meanwhile, Infant Tiger wasn ’t moving around Broken Flow to land a fatal blow.
Rather, he was helping his four companions by providing an additional view of the battle.
By doing so, he gave his companions an accurate view of the enemy Berserker ’s movements regardless of how Broken Flow retaliated.

When Broken Flow noticed that his HP had fallen by two-thirds, he dismissed his previous promise as he shouted, ”Everyone, attack! Do not let any of these people escape! ”

At the same time, Broken Flow activated his Berserk Skill to break away from the enemy encirclement.
If he didn ’t escape now, Infant Tiger and the other experts from Zero Wing would kill him before reinforcements arrived.

Unfortunately, Heaven ’s Burial ’s other members were still dazed even after Broken Flow issued the command.
Their minds only reacted a short moment later, commanding their bodies to move.

”As expected of Heaven ’s Burial! It ’s members ’ word is nothing more than a fart! ” Infant Tiger ridiculed Broken Flow.

Hearing the insult, Broken Flow ’s expression twisted into something dark.

Could Infant Tiger have any less shame?

Although he had challenged Zero Wing ’s entire party by himself, how could he have known that five of the six party members were Refinement Realm experts? Moreover, their coordination was so seamless that they moved as if they shared one body.
Against such coordinated attacks, this team could even defeat a Flowing Water Realm expert, much less Broken Flow.

However, Broken Flow ’s call for help prompted Infant Tiger and the others to activate Power of Darkness.
Once their Basic Attributes soared, they launched another ruthless assault against the Berserker.
This time, however, they held nothing back.

After Shi Feng had upgraded the Bible of Darkness, the Power of Darkness he granted his allies had grown stronger as well.
Although Broken Flow ’s Berserk Skill was powerful, it was subpar compared to the improved Power of Darkness.
In addition, Broken Flow ’s Basic Attributes were already lower than Infant Tiger and his companions ’.
When both sides had activated their Berserk Skills, the gap between them only widened.

Before the healers from Heaven ’s Burial could get within range, Zero Wing ’s Guardian Knight and Shield Warrior slammed their shields into Broken Flow, forcing the Berserker off balance.
Infant Tiger and the other two Berserkers then appeared behind their target, launching a joint assault.


Flame Slash!

Cross Slash!

Even under normal circumstances, Broken Flow would struggle to cope with these three, simultaneous attacks.
In the end, all three attacks landed squarely, draining his remaining HP.
As his body collapsed, he dropped three pieces of Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment…

”Commander? ”

”How is this possible? ”

Heaven ’s Burial ’s members were dazed when they watched their commander die.
They had never dreamed that a peak expert like Broken Flow could be killed so easily.
Moreover, Broken Flow had been slain by a bunch of Zero Wing members they had never even heard of…

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