Chapter 1609 – Heaven ’s Burial Retreats in Defeat

Singular Burial ’s expression when he finished watching the battle videos a subordinate had sent was indescribably grim.

It wouldn ’t be a major issue if Zero Wing had simply acquired a few more Refinement Realm experts.

With Zero Wing ’s capabilities, it wasn ’t entirely impossible, but based on the latest reports, Zero Wing had collected 100 new Refinement Realm experts…

For a moment, Singular Burial wondered if he were in a dream.
He couldn ’t find it in himself to believe this was true, yet with the battle videos and the large number of casualties Heaven ’s Burial had suffered thus far, he had all the proof he needed.

If Zero Wing had unexpectedly acquired ten additional Refinement Realm experts, while it would give Singular Burial a headache, he could mitigate the problem by warning his subordinates to be careful during their hunt.
However, 100 new Refinement Realm experts was a nightmare, not just a headache.

Even now, veteran first-rate Guilds only had a handful of Refinement Realm experts.
Even Heaven ’s Burial only had 20 Refinement Realm experts right now.
Moreover, this was after recruiting a large number of well-known Workshops and expert players and allying with Lei Jingyang ’s Workshop.

It was also the reason he dared to hunt down Zero Wing ’s members.

Yet, now…

One hundred Refinement Realm experts, whom he had never heard of before, had suddenly emerged in Zero Wing.
Why wouldn ’t he be terrified?

”Guild Leader, what…should we do now? ” Daybreak Fog asked, pale after watching the battle videos.

They had previously considered the possibility that some superpower would dispatch experts to aid Zero Wing.

However, they had never expected Zero Wing to obtain 100 Refinement Realm experts on its own.

One hundred Refinement Realm experts!

Only Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds could dispatch such a force.
She truly couldn ’t figure out how Zero Wing managed to recruit so many Refinement Realm experts.
Or did some hidden superpower they didn ’t know about back Zero Wing?

Regardless of the cause, there was no changing the fact that Heaven ’s Burial ’s situation was dire.

If the 8,000-plus experts from Heaven ’s Burial and Blackwater clashed with Zer Wing ’s 100 Refinement Realm experts, there was no doubt that the former would emerge victorious, but this war focused on guerilla tactics.
The Refinement Realm experts definitely had the advantage.

”Issue a retreat order immediately! ” After some hesitation, Singular Burial decided to withdraw his forces.
”And send someone to investigate which superpower is supporting Zero Wing from the shadows! ”

He refused to believe that Zero Wing had nurtured 100 Refinement Realm experts on its own.
The only possibility was that Zero Wing had the secret support of some superpower.

”Understood! ” Daybreak Fog went into action and began to notify the teams in the hunting operation to withdraw.

Shortly after she issued the command, Heaven ’s Burial and Blackwater ’s members in the four high-resource maps began to pull out.

Meanwhile, news of Heaven ’s Burial ’s retreat quickly spread throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.

”What ’s going on with Heaven ’s Burial? Why are they retreating so soon after starting the war? ”

I have some insider information.
From what I ’ve heard, it seems that Heaven ’s Burial has suffered severe casualties and had no choice but to order a retreat. ”

”How is that possible?! Heaven ’s Burial has over 8,000 experts! Zero Wing would even struggle to cope with such a force, much less defeat it! ”

Heaven ’s Burial ’s sudden retreat baffled everyone.

In fact, the public wasn ’t alone in its confusion.
Star-Moon Kingdom ’s various powers were just as confused.
They had planned to take advantage of the situation to strike at Zero Wing as well, yet Heaven ’s Burial had been defeated.

”Look into this matter immediately! I want to know exactly what happened! ”

The various major powers simply could not fathom what had transpired between Heaven ’s Burial and Zero Wing.
Heaven ’s Burial had dispatched over 8,000 experts and several tens of thousands of elites.
It was even enough of a force to threaten a superpower, yet this force had lost.
Moreover, it had been a decisive defeat…

Meanwhile, far from Star-Moon Kingdom, in a Guild Town surrounded by mountains…

”Uncle Yuan, your guess was wrong.
We ’ve just received news that Heaven ’s Burial ’s hunt has failed.
Moreover, it seems that Heaven ’s Burial has suffered significant losses; nearly 1,000 of its experts were killed, ” Purple Jade said, smiling as she entered the room.

”Heaven ’s Burial has been defeated? How is this possible? ” Yuan Tiexin, who dealt with all sorts of documents on his desk, was astonished when he heard Purple Jade ’s announcements.
”Did Phoenix Rain send help? ”

He was very familiar with the force Heaven ’s Burial had dispatched to deal with Zero Wing.
The force had as many as 18 Refinement Realms, and Lei Jingyang led his legion of battle maniacs personally.
Heaven ’s Burial shouldn ’t have any fewer top-tier experts than Zero Wing.
Furthermore, the Guild surpassed Zero Wing by leaps and bounds in the number of its ordinary experts.
Even if Black Flame and Zero Wing ’s peak experts joined the fray, they shouldn ’t be able to affect the outcome overmuch.

In the end, Heaven ’s Burial would wear down Zero Wing until it crumbled.

Phoenix Rain hasn ’t sent them any reinforcements, ” Purple Jade said, shaking her head.
”Based on what we ’ve learned from Heaven ’s Burial ’s internal department, the Guild has retreated due to Zero Wing ’s sudden dispatch of an additional 100 Refinement Realm experts.
Not only do these Refinement Realm experts have incredible Basic Attributes, but their coordination is seamless.
These Zero Wing experts have claimed the lives of many of Heaven ’s Burial ’s own Refinement Realm experts. ”

”One hundred Refinement Realm experts?! ” Yuan Tiexin abruptly stood.
For a moment, he even thought he had heard wrong.
”Are you sure Zero Wing has obtained 100 Refinement Realm experts? ”

”Mhm, very sure.
I even have a few battle videos to prove it. ” Purple Jade then sent the battle videos she had received to Yuan Tiexin.
”I ’ve already watched all of them.
These Zero Wing Refinement Realm experts are quite powerful.
When they work together, they don ’t even have an issue defeating Flowing Water Realm experts. ”

”Have you found out which Super Guild or super-first-rate Guild has helped Zero Wing? ” Yuan Tiexin asked after looking through the battle videos.
He could tell that these experts were extraordinary.
They had no blind spots whatsoever.
They could even block ranged attacks, which was difficult for ordinary Refinement Realm experts.
When they cooperated, they moved as if they shared a single body.
Ordinary Refinement Realm experts couldn ’t compare to these players.

”I did.
We haven ’t found any news of a Super Guild or super-first-rate Guild mobilizing so many Refinement Realm experts.
It ’s almost as if these experts had just joined God ’s Domain, ” Purple Jade reported seriously.
”I ’ve also had some of our people compare these Refinement Realm experts ’ appearances to the images we have of Zero Wing ’s members. ”

”And? ” Yuan Tiexin asked hurriedly.

One hundred Refinement Realm experts were no trivial matter.
Even superpowers like the Secret Pavilion would have to take such a force seriously.

”There ’s no doubt; these Refinement Realm experts were already Zero Wing members… ” Purple Jade said, her voice softening as even she struggled to believe it.

”They ’re all Zero Wing ’s members?! How is that possible?! ” Yuan Tiexin stared at Purple Jade incredulously.
”Have we made some mistake? ”

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