Chapter 1613 – Mystery of the Boneless Land

Naturally, Shi Feng was curious about the mysterious town, and he immediately led his team towards it.

This NPC town hadn ’t existed during his previous life.
In fact, he had never even heard of an NPC town in the Boneless Land.
The various Guilds would never have spent so much effort to construct Guild Towns here in the past had this map had an NPC town.
After all, the Boneless Land was not a high-resource map.
It ’s only benefit was its high drop-rate of Mana Ore.

God ’s Domain had quite a few high-resource maps that spawned large quantities of Mana Ore; the Boneless Land wasn ’t unique in this aspect.
Furthermore, due to the Boneless Land ’s special environment, very few players had been willing to come here.

Among the Guilds that had set their sights on the Boneless Land, none had been a superpower.
The strongest Guild had only been a first-rate Guild.

These Guilds had only bothered to build a Guild Town to ensure that their members had somewhere to rest and recover their spent Stamina and Concentration.

A mysterious Fog shrouded the Boneless Land all year round, and any player that entered the map would have to endure several times the normal Stamina and Concentration consumption rates.
The consumption rates were so high that players ’ Stamina and Concentration would decrease even if they stood there and did nothing.
Players simply couldn ’t survive in the Boneless Land for long periods.

And players could only recover their Stamina and Concentration by resting in a hotel or Guild Hall.

Moreover, unlike in other locations where players would be immobilized if they ran out of Stamina or Concentration, players would die if they ran out in the Boneless Land!

Because of this, Shi Feng had only intended to visit the Boneless Land after he acquired the Guild Magic Car.

The Guild Magic Car was like a mobile hotel.
With it, players could stay and mine Mana Ore in the Boneless Land as long as they needed to.

If not for Zero Wing ’s urgent need for Mana Ore and its increasing prices, Shi Feng wouldn ’t have bothered to visit this area.

As Shi Feng ’s group inched closer to the fog-shrouded town, the pressure they felt increased.
Their movements became stiff and sluggish, and they could feel a horrific power radiating from the town, their instincts screaming at them to avoid it.

What an amazing town! Shi Feng was astonished when he finally got a clear view of the town.

He was a Level 63, Tier 2 player, and very few things in the Boneless Land could threaten his life.

The Boneless Land was, after all, a Level 60 to Level 80 map.
It might be a dangerous map for other players at this stage of the game, but its difficulty was perfect for him.

Moreover, the Boneless Land was a barren wasteland, without forests or canyons.
Despite the dense fog, visibility in the map was considerably good.
One could easily spot roaming monsters from a long distance away.

”Guild Leader, there are a lot of monsters moving outside the town ahead.
It looks like there are several thousands of them, ” a Level 32 Ranger, who used Eagle Eyes to scout the town ’s surroundings, reported.

The other team members couldn ’t help but tense when they heard the Ranger.

Although they had the combat standards of an expert, they were all still below Level 40, yet the monsters here were all Level 60 and above.
With such a huge level difference, a handful of monsters would be more than enough to annihilate their team of several hundred.
If not for Shi Feng ’s presence, they would ’ve likely turned tail and run by now.

Why wouldn ’t they be worried after learning that thousands of Level 60-plus monsters awaited them ahead?

Although their levels were low, they ’d still need a considerable amount of time to recover the lost EXP if they died.

Several thousand monsters? Shi Feng was slightly surprised.
Why are there so many?

Monsters in the Boneless Land generally moved in groups of dozens; very rarely would more than 100 gather in a single location.
Meanwhile, any group of over 100 Demonic Creatures would certainly be led by a Great Lord.
Even Tier 2 expert players would try to avoid such a high-ranked monster.

As a Demonic Creature dwelling, all sorts of Demonic Creatures lived in the Boneless land.
Unlike ordinary field monsters, Demonic Creatures had much higher combat standards.
Even the weakest among them would be able to reach the late stage of the Trial Tower ’s second floor.
Ordinary players could only reach the Trial Tower ’s second and third floor with their combat standards.
Meanwhile, Demonic Creatures also had much higher Basic Attributes than players of the same level.

In other words, a Tier 2 ordinary player would be no match for a Tier 2 Lord ranked Demonic Creature of the same level.

Only Tier 2 expert players had any hope, yet even these experts would flee from a Tier 3 Great Lord ranked Demonic Creature.
Tier 2 experts would have to form a party to take one down.

And now, thousands of Demonic Creatures had gathered around the town ahead of them…

”Guild Leader, are we still going to the town? ” You Ziping, who had already reached Level 37, asked worriedly.

When You Ziping saw the screenshot the Ranger had shared, littered with HP bars, even he, who had reached the Trial Tower ’s sixth floor, could not help but break out in a cold sweat.
He couldn ’t fathom why Shi Feng had brought them here.

If these Demonic Creatures accidentally discovered them, Shi Feng might be able to get away, but the rest of them would be slaughtered…

”Let ’s head over and take a look, ” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some more thought.

He had found an NPC town he had never heard of in the Boneless Land.
It ’d be a waste not to investigate.
If they could use the town as a resting point, it would save him a lot of trouble.

Following which, Shi Feng ’s team members had no choice but to grit their teeth as they followed him to the town.

When the team reached a small slope not far from the town and caught sight of the large number of Demonic Creatures around it, they were dumbfounded.

Although they had experienced their fair share of life-or-death battles, their hearts began to pound with fear when they saw the Demonic Creatures ahead of them.
This was especially true when they saw the gigantic, demonic snake, which was over a thousand meters long, guarding the town ’s main entrance.

The snake ’s head alone was the size of a five-story-tall building.
With a single breath, this serpent could create a powerful hurricane.
Even from so far away, these players could feel the snake ’s breath bush their skin.

”How does God ’s Domain have such a creature?! ”

”Is that really a monster? ”

As these players stared at the massive snake, fear and despair welled within them.
They felt powerless, paralyzed by their fear.

As they watched the demonic snake, they felt how insignificant humans truly were for the first time in their lives.

Even running from the demonic snake would require a certain amount of courage, much less fighting it…

[Two-headed Bird Monster] (Demonic Creature, Chieftain)

Level 62

HP 7,000,000/7,000,000

[Demonic Flame Hound] (Demonic Creature, Lord)

Level 64

HP 15,500,000/15,500,000

[Three-headed Hellhound] (Demonic Creature, Great Lord)

Level 65

HP 34,000,000/34,000,000

[Purgatory Serpent] (Archaic Species, Demonic Creature, Grand Lord)

Level 70

HP 160,000,000/160,000,000

However, unlike his teammates, who were shocked by the Purgatory Serpent and its Demonic Creature companions, Shi Feng was surprised by the town beyond the Grand Lord.

The town wasn ’t an NPC town at all; it was mining site, operated by Demons…

A large number of Demons patrolled the town ’s walls, and inside the town, even more Demonkin descended into and emerged from a massive hole in the town ’s center.
This massive hole seemed like a bottomless abyss, and Shi Feng could feel a heart-wrenching aura radiating from it.
Meanwhile, among the various ores the Demonkin lifted out of the hole, Shi Feng spotted the precious Mana Ore.

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