Chapter 1615 – Primordial Divine Ruin

”Our Guild Leader is so awesome! ”

The players from Zero Wing gazed at the monster corpses before them and the abundant EXP they had received with glowing, excited eyes.
At this point, they had completely forgotten about their prior fear and worry.

When they had first noticed the approaching patrol squad, they had thought that they were dead for sure.
Not only were the squad ’s Demonic Creatures above Level 60, but the weakest among them was a Chieftain.
However, as they watched Shi Feng Summon a Level 73, Tier 3 Tomahawk Demon and take control of the Level 65 Great Lord ranked Three-headed Hellhound, they were dumbfounded.

They had never heard of any player being capable of such a feat.

Great Lord ranked monsters generally served as Final Bosses in Team Dungeons.
They were extremely difficult to defeat, not to mention control.

With two Great Lord ranked monsters to assist Shi Feng in battle, eliminating all of the Level 60-plus Chieftains and Lords became child ’s play.
Furthermore, any of the Demonic Creatures that came close to Shi Feng suffered a decrease to their Basic Attributes.
From time to time, Shi Feng had even used powerful AOEs to assist the two Great Lords.

Shi Feng likely wiped this patrol squad out faster than the Guild ’s main force could.

However, their leveling speed was even more astonishing.
They had never dreamed that it was possible to level up so quickly.
They had leveled fast enough when the Guild ’s main force had taken them out to power-level, but compared to traveling with Shi Feng, the difference was like heaven and earth.
In a single hour, they had gained a full level.
If other players heard about this, they ’d laugh it off as a joke.

As expected of the Bible of Darkness.
It really is amazing against Demonic Creatures.
Shi Feng was somewhat astounded as he glanced at the monster corpses littering the ground before him.

The Three-headed Hellhound and Tomahawk Demon were only one tier higher than the Lords and Chieftains, but after the Basic Attribute buff and debuff, the remaining patrol squad was powerless to retaliate.

Following which, Shi Feng began to collect the Demonic Creatures ’ loot.

Although the drop-rate for weapons and equipment decreased significantly after monsters reached Level 50, the Demonic Creatures in the patrol squad had all been Chieftain rank or higher.
Hence, their loot was relatively generous.
Overall, they had dropped over 20 Level 55 and Level 60 weapons and pieces of equipment.
Most of the items were Bronze rank, while a few were Mysterious-Iron rank.

The monsters had also dropped plenty of materials and potions.

As Shi Feng picked up an aqua-blue potion bottle, his eyes began to glow.

Death Potion! The monsters here actually drop this? Shi Feng was elated as he examined the potion.

After players reached Level 50, they needed a tremendous amount of EXP to level up, and combat against monsters in the fields became increasingly difficult, making it easier to lose one ’s life.
The various large Guilds in the past had struggled to cope with the increased difficulty, and dealing with it gave them all massive headaches.

The Death Potion had been a solution to their problem.
When consumed, it halved the death penalty players would suffer.
However, the potion was a one-time-use item.
Once it was consumed, the potion would remain effective until the player died or logged out of the game.

Hence, the various large Guilds had fiercely contested over the Death Potion in the past.

Unfortunately, the potion had sold for a whopping 5 Gold due to its rarity and the fact that it only dropped in certain locations.
Even so, it had become a must-have potion when hunting down powerful Field Bosses.
The potion ’s only downside was that only Level 50 and above players could use it.

Shi Feng had never thought that these Demonic Creatures would drop such a valuable consumable.
Moreover, he had obtained six Death Potions after killing one patrol squad with less than 100 monsters.
This drop-rate was even higher than in the prime farming map he knew about…

Excited, Shi Feng controlled the Three-headed Hellhound and his Tomahawk Demon to take out another patrol squad.

The Bible of Darkness ’s Demon Ruler allowed him to control up to a maximum of three Demonic Creatures.
Hence, Shi Feng continued to use the Skill and take control of more Three-headed Hellhounds.

By the time Shi Feng finished with the third patrol squad, he had three Three-headed Hellhounds under his control, and the moment Demon Summoning ’s Cooldown ended, he summoned another Tier 3 Demon.

With five Great Lord ranked monsters under his control, Shi Feng could slay the Demonic Creatures far faster.
Every one of his teammates was stupefied.

After grinding for half a day, he had cleared out most of the Demonic Creatures around the town.

Meanwhile, his team members ’ levels skyrocketed despite having nearly 700 players on the team.
Now, even the lowest-level member had reached Level 40, while the higher-level players had reached Level 42.
Everyone had now caught up with mainstream players ’ levels.
They only lacked weapons and equipment.

Since Shi Feng was the main DPS and his companions ’ levels were much lower, he received the majority of the EXP from the monsters he had killed.
However, Shi Feng did not rush to level up.
Instead, he used the EXP to upgrade the Seven Luminaries Ring ’s Auras.

Ever since evolving the Seven Luminaries Ring to Fragmented Legendary rank, the upgrading each Aura required an astonishing amount of EXP.
Even he didn ’t dare to upgrade the carelessly.
However, now that his level had exceeded frontline players ’ by a large margin, he wouldn ’t fall behind if he spent some of his EXP to upgrade the Seven Luminaries Ring.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng upgraded the Auras of Fire, Time, and Space by one level.

Now, instead of dealing 1,500% flame damage in a 60-yard radius, the Aura of Fire ’s Flame Domain inflicted 1,800% damage in a 70-yard radius.
The Skill ’s Cooldown hadn ’t changed, remaining at five minutes.

As for the Aura of Time ’s Forbidden Domain, its AOE had increased from a 500-yard radius to a 600-yard radius.
Its duration was still 30 seconds.

The Aura of Time ’s Space Movement had increased from a teleportation distance of 600,000 yards to 700,000 yards, and Spatial Gate ’s teleportation distance had increased from 300,000 yards to 350,000 yards.
Both Skill ’s Cooldowns hadn ’t changed, though Spatial Gate ’s duration had increased from 1 minute to 1 minute, 20 seconds.

Although the Skills hadn ’t undergone qualitative transformations, they had improved various aspects for Shi Feng.

While he had killed the Demonic Creatures surrounding the town, Shi Feng had also acquired over 600 pieces of equipment.
Unfortunately, the majority was Bronze Equipment, with only 50-plus pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment.
In addition, he had obtained three pieces of Level 55 Secret-Silver Equipment and one piece of Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment after he had lost control of the Three-headed Hellhounds and killed them.

Although Shi Feng had secured a lot of equipment, he didn ’t pay the items much mind.
Rather, he was most interested in the 124 bottles of Death Potion he had obtained.
He could either use them for the Guild or sell them, and either way, he ’d benefit.

After spending most of the day killing Demonic Creatures, Shi Feng opened a Spatial Gate and teleported his team to another map to rest.
Despite the fact that his team members had simply followed him around the entire time, their Stamina and Concentration were nearly gone.
If they did not leave the Boneless Land now, they ’d all die here.

As Shi Feng moved everyone to another map, Aqua Rose contacted, excitement and anxiety written across her face.

”Guild Leader, something new has happened in the Orc Empire.
I don ’t know who triggered it, but a massive tower has suddenly risen in the empire ’s outer region! And Elves are guarding it! Based on what we ’ve learned thus far, it seems the tower is a Primordial Divine Ruin.
Apparently, it contains plenty of treasure and Level 50-plus, top-tier equipment.
Some players have even spotted Epic Treasure Chests.
Moreover, we ’ve learned from the NPCs there that if we clear the tower, we ’ll receive a ticket to travel to the Primordial Battlefield.
Players can learn Advanced Combat Techniques there.
Star-Moon Kingdom ’s various large Guilds and those from other countries are frantically gathering at the divine ruin.

”Should we send some of our people over? ”

As Aqua Rose spoke about the Primordial Divine Ruin, her eyes sparkled.

Just the fact that players could earn a ticket to the Primordial Battlefield was enough to tempt any Guild or player, not to mention the various treasure and top-tier equipment one could earn in the Primordial Divine Ruin.
After all, combat techniques were extremely rare, and players created most of them.
Even if a Guild had a combat technique, it wouldn ’t teach its members the technique lightly.
Furthermore, the Primordial Battlefield offered Advanced Combat Techniques.
Even if players failed to grasp an Advanced Combat Technique in its entirety, the knowledge they gained during the attempt to learn it would still help them strengthen their combat standards.

If Zero Wing missed this opportunity, it would fall behind the other Guilds in its development.

Furthermore, thanks to Zero Wing ’s new addition of 100 Refinement Realm experts, the various large Guilds had learned how valuable top-tier experts were.

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