Chapter 1616 – Skyrocketing Levels

A Primordial Divine Ruin in the Orc Empire? Shi Feng revealed a confused expression when he heard Aqua Rose ’s words.
How is that possible?

Shi Feng was very familiar with Primordial Divine Ruins.

Unlike ordinary ruins and Team Dungeons, Primordial Divine Ruins tested players ’ survivability rather than their Basic Attributes and combat standards.
They were similar to Regional Dungeons, only far more dangerous.

But danger and opportunity stood hand-in-hand.
Primordial Divine Ruins offered far more treasures than elsewhere, and even the loot in super-large-scale Team Dungeons paled in comparison.
Combat techniques, in particular, didn ’t drop in Team Dungeons.

Among the many players that had grasped combat techniques in the past, a large majority had learned their techniques from the Primordial Battlefield.
In fact, 80% of the Advanced Combat Techniques players had learned had originated from the Primordial Battlefield.

Whenever a Primordial Divine Ruin had appeared in God ’s Domain, bloodbaths had followed.

Primordial Divine Ruins were similar to Team Dungeons as only a limited number of players could enter the ruins at a time.
The number of players allowed to enter the ruins depended on the ruin ’s size, which could range from several thousand to several tens of thousands.
On top of that, Primordial Divine Ruins only opened once a day.

Thus, to send as many of their members into the ruin as possible, the various large Guilds would try to prevent others from going in.

The simplest method was to wipe out any non-allied players in the designated area.
If players weren ’t within the designated area when the Primordial Divine Ruin opened, they wouldn ’t be allowed in.
Of course, if the number of players present in the designated area exceeded the limit, nobody would be allowed into the ruin.
It would only open once the player population in the area decreased to the ruin ’s maximum limit.

And the profits one could gain from raiding the Primordial Divine Ruin were extraordinary.

The various large Guilds had done everything in their power to monopolize the Primordial Divine Ruins in the past.
Many had waged war against other Guilds over the ruins, and one of these wars had even involved several Super Guilds.

The Primordial Divine Ruins had only begun to spawn after the various large Guilds had cleared Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons in Shi Feng ’s previous life.
He had never expected to find one so soon.

”Guild Leader, based on our current information, Heaven ’s Burial has turned its focus to this Primordial Divine Ruin.
Singular Burial has even led Heaven ’s Burial ’s main force and a large number of experts to the ruin personally.
By the looks of it, he seems adamant that he will secure the ruin.
If we let Heaven ’s Burial ’s take advantage of this opportunity to learn combat techniques, they ’ll become a much larger problem for us, ” Aqua Rose said worriedly.

Currently, Zero Wing had an advantage over Heaven ’s Burial in field combat due to the Conqueror ’s Armor.
Although the Guild exhausted a lot of its resources each day, Heaven ’s Burial didn ’t fare much better.

However, if Heaven ’s Burial obtained a large number of combat techniques and successfully nurtured Refinement Realm expert, the situation between their Guilds would change very quickly.

Moreover, one could obtain plenty of Level 50-plus top-tier equipment from the Primordial Divine Ruin, with no lack of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment.
Usually, these items only dropped in 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons, yet they were common in the Primordial Divine Ruins.
In fact, the ruin would even drop Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment.

Although many superpowers ’ members had already reached Level 50, most of them wore a combination of Level 45 and Level 50 equipment.
Zero Wing was no exception.
If a Guild could gear its Level 50 members in sets of Level 50 top-tier equipment, it could increase its overall combat strength.

Ignore the Primordial Divine Ruin for now.
Instead, start raiding Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons and improve everyone ’s equipment.
Also, have our members challenge their Tier 2 Promotion Quests if they can, ” Shi Feng said, shaking his head and rejecting Aqua Rose ’s suggestion.

”We ’re not going to take part in the competition? ” Aqua Rose frowned, confused about Shi Feng ’s decision.

The Primordial Divine Ruin was a shortcut that allowed players to obtain Level 50 top-tier equipment quickly, yet Shi Feng had decided to forego this opportunity, focusing on raiding Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons for the equipment instead.
If they did this, Heaven ’s Burial ’s members would definitely have better equipment than theirs.

Relax; we ’re talking about a Primordial Divine Ruin.
How could it possibly be that easy to raid? Even if we get inside, we ’ll have to fight off the other Guilds.
It ’s more practical to grind for weapons and equipment in Team Dungeons.
Moreover, securing Level 50 equipment is our priority right now.
Without proper weapons and equipment, You Ziping and the others will be useless to the Guild even after they reach Level 50, ” Shi Feng explained, chuckling.

Raiding a Primordial Divine Ruin was no less difficult than raiding a super-large-scale Team Dungeon of the same level.
These sites focused on adventures for Tier 2 players specifically, and right now, the various large Guilds only had a small number of Level 50 players.
Trying to raid a Primordial Divine Ruin with that level of power was a joke.

”When they reach Level 50? ” Aqua Rose was somewhat astonished.
”But they ’re only a little over Level 30 right now.
Isn ’t it too early to prepare for this? ”

As far as she knew, You Ziping and Zero Wing ’s other internal members had yet to reach Level 40.
They ’d still need a considerable amount of time before they reached Level 50.
Meanwhile, even if Heaven ’s Burial failed to clear the Primordial Divine Ruin, it would still reap an impressive harvest.

Although they can ’t compare to our elite members yet, they ’re all past Level 40 now.
By the time you finish preparing the necessary Level 50 equipment, their levels should be high enough, ” Shi Feng said.
He then sent Aqua Rose the latest information on You Ziping and the other trainees.

”Level 40?! No, this is… They ’ve reached Level 42?! ” Aqua Rose ’s jaw dropped when she saw the latest statistics on Zero Wing ’s internal members and the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples.
She simply could not believe it.
”Guild Leader, what did you feed them? How have their levels increased so quickly? ”

She was very aware of Shi Feng ’s capabilities.
No other Guild member could compare to his leveling Speed.
Even so, it ’d be an impressive feat if Shi Feng could help You Ziping and his companions gain two levels in a day, yet, now…

She remembered that these players had been far from Level 40 the last time she had seen them.
In fact, the lowest-level players among them had only been Level 31 and 32, yet every one of these 600-plus players had reached Level 40 and beyond after following Shi Feng…

”It ’s nothing.
I just found a good grinding spot.
I doubt that it ’ll be long before they ’re Level 50.
At that time, I ’ll leave the equipment issue to you, ” Shi Feng said, smiling.

”Alright, leave it to me! I ’ll make sure that they all have proper sets of Level 50 Equipment as soon as they ’re the right level! ” Aqua Rose said, nodding enthusiastically after recovering from her stupor.

You Ziping and the others were bona fide experts.
A few of them were even a step away from the Refinement Realm.
They only lacked levels and equipment.
Once those issues were dealt with, they ’d definitely elevate Zero Wing ’s strength to a whole new level.

Aqua Rose was excited just thinking about it.

She immediately disconnected the call and contacted the Guild ’s main force members, having them redirect their focus to raiding Level 50 Team Dungeons.

A sense of urgency squirmed within Shi Feng as well due to the Primordial Divine Ruin ’s appearance.
After resting for a while longer, he activated Spatial Gate and teleported everyone back to their previous position outside of the Demon mineral field.

After resting in tents for several hours, everyone ’s Stamina and Concentration had mostly recovered.
Shi Feng then summoned a Tier 3 Demon and began to eliminate the Demonic Creatures around the town once again.

Naturally, as everyone ’s levels continued to increase, their leveling speed slowed.
Including the occasional breaks, the team had only cleared out the Demonic Creatures around the town after more than a day of fighting.
Now, only the Purgatory Serpent remained, still guarding the town ’s main entrance.

As for the team, the lowest-level among them was now Level 43, while many had reached Level 45.

Although Shi Feng was not satisfied with the result, the rest of the team was ecstatic.

They had finally caught up with the Guild ’s elite members.
Now, they could participate in the Guild ’s large-scale operations.

However, before they could celebrate, the Purgatory Serpent, which had entrenched itself in front of the town ’s entrance, opened its eyes.
A resplendent glow radiated from its eyes, and mesmerizing divine ruins and curses began to cover the serpent ’s long body.
A moment later, the Purgatory Serpent released a furious roar, and the players suddenly felt suffocated.

”How can this monster be so powerful? ”

”Guild Leader, is that monster… ”

As they watched the changes overcome the Purgatory Serpent, they thought of a possibility.


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