Chapter 1618 – Disintegration Armor ’s Power

As the Disintegration Field activated, the gathering Mana in the Purgatory Serpent ’s mouth disintegrated.

The serpent ’s Basic Attributes also began to decrease rapidly.

So strong! Shi Feng couldn ’t help his surprise as he watched the Disintegration Field form.

The Demon Ruler ’s passive effect already weakened Demonic Creatures by 30%.
Although Disintegration Field hadn ’t significantly weakened the Purgatory Serpent, it had further decreased the Grand Lord ’s Basic Attributes to 50% of their original values.
As a result, the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP had fallen from 160,000,000 to 80,000,000.
The effects of Disintegration Field were even more powerful than World Projection, which cost 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate.

However, the Disintegration Field ’s special effect was far more frightening than the Basic Attribute decrease.

It was easy to Silence someone in God ’s Domain, but thinning the environmental Mana was incredibly difficult.
This was something the old Disintegration Field was not capable of doing.

Silencing Skills merely stopped a target ’s flow of Mana.
While Silencing Skills were useful against low-tiered players and monsters, most higher tiered players and monsters could remove the debuff.
Although these Skills were godly during the game ’s early stages, they ’d become increasingly less effective as one progressed through the game.

Conversely, Skills capable of decreasing Mana density weren ’t much of an advantage.
At most, these skills could weaken a target ’s Skills or Spells and their focus.
However, such Skills would play a larger role later in the game.

Shi Feng had even seen Skills that could remove a target ’s Mana entirely in the past.
By doing so, not only could a player prevent their target from using Skills or Spells, but the Skills would also dull a target ’s senses.

Although the Disintegration Field wasn ’t powerful enough to remove all of the Mana in range, only thinning it, it was still incredibly effective.
At the very least, it was stronger than ordinary Silencing Skills against high-tiered monsters and players.

”What did the Guild Leader just do? How did the Purgatory Serpent ’s Mana decrease so drastically? ”

When they realized the Purgatory Serpent ’s aura and Basic Attributes had weakened, Shi Feng ’s team members were shocked.

They all knew that the stronger a monster was, the harder it would be to suppress its Attributes.
Even with an Intermediate Magic Array, players would be fortunate to reduce a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species ’ Attributes by 20%, yet Shi Feng had suppressed the Purgatory Serpent to 50% of its Basic Attributes.
Moreover, none of them had seen Shi Feng use any sort of magic array to suppress the Boss.
This was simply unheard of.

Suddenly, the Purgatory Serpent spat massive, emerald fireballs at Shi Feng, each the size of a small hill.
They were incredibly fast, nearly impossible to dodge.

”Guild Leader! ” the Zero Wing players shouted as they watched the giant fireballs surround Shi Feng.

Although the Purgatory Serpent ’s Attributes had been significantly reduced, it was still an Archaic Species.
As weakened as it was, it wasn ’t an enemy low-level players like them could hope to defeat.

So fast! When Shi Feng saw the incoming fireballs, he instinctively activated Heavenly Dragon ’s Power and Void Shield.

He then brandished his swords to block the attacks.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As the fireballs descended, they shook the ground, and scorching flames filled the area.
The powerful impacts formed one crater after another around Shi Feng.

As the emerald flames scattered, the Purgatory Serpent revealed a human-like sneer.
Zero Wing ’s members paled at the sight.

The power each fireball contained could rival a large-scale destruction Spell…

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was only a Swordsman, not an MT.
He could never survive such a bombardment.

As the team began to believe that Shi Feng had died, one player pointed at the team status window and shouted, ”Huh?! Guys, look at the Guild Leader ’s HP bar in the team window! ”

”What?! The Guild Leader ’s HP bar is full! How is that possible?! ”

Everyone soon noticed Shi Feng ’s HP bar in the team status window; his HP hadn ’t fallen in the least.

As the flames and smoke subsided, they revealed a quite figure standing among the numerous craters.

This figure was none other than Shi Feng.
Not even the barrier protecting him showed any signs of damage.

As expected of an Archaic Species.
Despite the reduction to its Basic Attributes, it can still execute such a powerful Spell.
Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he examined the Void Shield around him.
Although it appeared unharmed, the attacks had claimed nearly a quarter of its HP.

Heavenly Dragon ’s Power increased his maximum HP by 500%, and Void Shield formed a protective barrier with ten times his maximum HP.
In other words, the Void Shield could absorb over -4,000,000 damage, yet one of the Purgatory Serpent ’s Spells had devoured nearly a quarter of that.

Had he not activated Void Shield in time, the attacks would ’ve burned him to ash even with Heavenly Dragon ’s Power active.

While the Purgatory Serpent had attacked Shi Feng, the Tomahawk Demon and the other Great Lords under Shi Feng ’s control had surrounded the Grand Lord and moved outside of the Disintegration Field ’s range.

Without hesitation, all five Great Lords assaulted the Purgatory Serpent with one Tier 3 Skill after another.

The Purgatory Serpent cried out in agony as the powerful attacks found their mark, and damages of around -700,000 began to appear above the Grand Lord ’s head.
In the blink of an eye, the Purgatory Serpent lost over 3,000,000 HP.

What a high Defense! Shi Feng frowned when he saw the damages.

Normally, Great Lords ’ Tier 3 Skills and Spells should deal over a million damage to a Grand Lord of the same level, yet these attacks had only dealt around -700,000 damage.
There was no doubt that the Purgatory Serpent ’s Defense was extraordinary.

When the Purgatory Demon had been attacked, it turned its attention towards the five Great Lords around it.
With a furious bellow, the serpent rammed its head into the Tomahawk Demon.

Due to the Purgatory Serpent ’s massive size, the Tomahawk Demon didn ’t have any time to dodge.
It had no choice but to defend itself with its battle axe, and upon collision, it was sent flying over several dozen yards away, losing over 300,000 HP in the process.
The difference between the monsters ’ Strength was obvious at a glance.
The Grand Lord ’s shifting body also struck the other Great Lords, though they didn ’t receive as much damage as the Tomahawk Demon.

For a time, the Purgatory Serpent overwhelmed the five Great Lords, and they continuously lost HP.

This snake ’s Strength is really something.
It can practically rival a Mythic monster of the same level.
The Purgatory Serpent ’s Strength astonished Shi Feng.
Fortunately, not only had the Grand Lord ’s Basic Attributes decreased by 50%, but it was also stuck in its position.
Otherwise, defeating the five Great Lords would be child ’s play with the Purgatory Serpent ’s combat power.

Once his five Great Lords had secured the Purgatory Serpent ’s aggro, Shi Feng gave the command to the distant Zero Wing members to begin their attacks with the Miniature Ballistas.

Immediately, the 30 Miniature Ballistas surrounded the Grand Lord and fired.

When the Exploding Arrows, which rivaled Tier 2 Spells in power, struck the Purgatory Serpent, the Grand Lord ’s HP swiftly decreased.
Each Exploding Arrow dealt between -50,000 to -60,000 damage; one volley dealt over -1,500,000 damage.

Shi Feng wasn ’t idle, either.
After commanding the attack, he charged forward and assailed the Purgatory Serpent.
Although he could not deal as much damage as the Miniature Ballistas, every hit he landed claimed over 10,000 of the Grand Lord ’s HP.
He used every Skill in his arsenal to devour as much of the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP as possible.

If they could not defeat the Purgatory Serpent before its evolution completed, they ’d likely die here.

As time passed, the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP gradually decreased.

90%… 80%… 70%…

When the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP fell to 20%, it could no longer sit still.
It gave up on absorbing Mana to complete its evolution and whipped around its colossal tail, sending powerful attacks at Shi Feng and the five Great Lords.
At the same time, it opened its maw and began to gather a terrifying amount of Mana.
As it did so, a gigantic, twofold magic array gradually formed before its open jaws.

”Crap! Everyone, move away from the Boss ’s front! Healers, gather together! ” When Shi Feng saw this, he rushed towards the healers and activated Absolute Domain.

However, Shi Feng ’s warning had little effect as the Purgatory Serpent gathered Mana too quickly.
By the time Shi Feng reached the core of the healer group, the Purgatory Serpent had released its Death Breath, firing a blistering, black beam from its mouth.
Any player or Miniature Ballista in the beam ’s way was vaporized instantly.

With a single attack, the Purgatory Serpent had severely injured three Great Lords, destroyed 11 Miniature Ballistas, and killed over 200 players…

Everyone was dumbfounded.
They never thought that the Purgatory Serpent would be so powerful despite abandoning its chance to evolve.

”It doesn ’t have much HP left! Attack with everything you ’ve got! ” Shi Feng commanded, breathing a sigh of relief when he noticed that two of the Great Lords could still attack.
The team ’s healers were also unharmed.
Although trying to pin down the Purgatory Serpent with two Great Lords was pushing his luck, they should be able to survive the Grand Lord ’s attacks with the help of the healers ’ Healing Spells and his Life Domain, albeit barely.

However, the Purgatory Serpent ’s Strength and speed had increased significantly after it abandoned its evolution.
If the Tomahawk Demon weren ’t careful and received a direct hit, it would lose hundreds of thousands of HP instantly, one or two million if it received a Skill or Spell attack.
Despite Life Domain ’s healing, the Tomahawk Demon still rapidly lost HP.

In contrast, the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP decreased very slowly.

15%… 10%… 8%… 6%…

As the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP fell to 4%, the Tomahawk Demon could no longer hold on, and it died, leaving a single uninjured Great Lord and three wounded Great Lords to tank the Grand Lord.

From time to time, the Purgatory Serpent cast its Spells, instantly killing the distant Zero Wing members.
Now, less than half of the team was standing, and only ten of the Miniature Ballistas remained intact…

When Heavenly Dragon ’s Power ’s duration ended, Shi Feng followed up with Power of Darkness.
He used every attack method he had to whittle down the Grand Lord ’s remaining HP.

Yet, as if the Purgatory Serpent refused to lose any more HP, it took the team a long time to drop it to 1%.

When the Purgatory Serpent only had 1% of its HP remaining, Shi Feng ’s team began to lose members even faster.

”Die! ”

When Shi Feng noticed his DPS drop, he gritted his teeth and activated Blade Liberation.
He then swung Killing Ray at the monstrous Purgatory Serpent.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Shi Feng landed five consecutive hits with his Sacred Sword, each stronger than the last.
With all five attacks, Shi Feng had shoved the Purgatory Serpent ’s massive frame back by over ten yards.
The ground even trembled under the might of his attacks.

Once Shi Feng ’s chain-attack ended, the Purgatory Serpent ’s HP fell to zero.
Like a puppet with cut strings, the Grand Lord collapsed to the ground, shattering the earth beneath it…

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