Chapter 161 – Frightening Damage

Seeing these item ’s Attributes, even Shi Feng himself was greatly shocked.
It was the first time he had witnessed the Attributes of a Fragmented Legendary ranked item.
In his previous life, the Attributes of Fragmented Legendary ranked items were all kept secret by their respective owners, so others could only guess the actual Attributes.

He truly did not think that the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath would be so powerful.
Instead of increasing a fixed amount of Attributes, it had a percentage-based increase of the user ’s Attributes.

It was no wonder the powerhouses who possessed Legendary ranked items claimed that only a powerhouse could use the full potential of such items.
Even if a weakling obtained one, the bonuses would not be significant.

If Shi Feng could equip the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath right now, with his current Attributes, he could easily kill a Level 20 elite player.
Unfortunately, with the equipment requirements of 200 Strength, 200 Agility, and 120 Intelligence, Shi Feng could only helplessly stare at it.
Right now, his Strength was only at 111 points, with only 123 points in Agility, and a measly 50 points in Intelligence.
He was still far from possessing the required Attributes.

With the Magic Weapon he possessed, he would obtain two more Free Attribute Points than other players for each level up.
Even so, if he wished to equip the Heavenly Dragon ’s Breath, he needed to be Level 20, at the very least, and own a full set of Level 20 Fine-Gold Equipment.

”Blackie, see if you can equip Mavis ’s Guard and the Ring of Glory, ” Shi Feng handed the two pieces of equipment to Blackie.

Shi Feng had made considerations when he chose these two pieces of equipment.
He could not always carry everyone in the party, as he still had many things he needed to tend to.
However, if he wanted his party to level up quickly, the party needed a powerhouse to lead it.

Meanwhile, the matter regarding an Epic Weapon was extremely important.
The person he could trust the most was Blackie; so he could feel secure passing both the Mavis ’s Guard and Ring of Glory to Blackie.
With the improvement brought about by these two pieces of equipment, Blackie ’s damage output might even surpass his own.
After all, his Magic Weapon was currently only the equivalent of a Dark-Gold Weapon.
It was still a distance away from rivaling an Epic Weapon.
Moreover, Blackie was a mage class, and Blackie ’s grinding speed was originally faster than his.
In addition, the skills Mavis ’s Guard granted were extremely powerful.
Blackie would have a much easier time leveling up the party than he would.

”This… alright, then. ”

At first, Blackie hesitated.
He felt that he did not possess the qualifications to wield this Epic Weapon in the least.
However, looking at Shi Feng ’s serious attitude and trust, he nodded his head earnestly.

Although the requirement of 80 Intelligence was very high, Blackie was already Level 11.
His character ’s Attributes massively increased.
He also had a few pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment.
After he added all his Attribute Points he received from leveling up into Intelligence, he just barely reached the staff ’s requirement, managing to equip Mavis ’s Guard.
Right now, Mavis ’s Guard was a Level 11 Epic ranked staff.
The staff increased numerous Attributes
. There was also an additional critical Attribute that gave a 20% chance of magical attacks achieving a critical hit.
It was much more powerful than Blackie ’s original goal.

Mavis ’s Guard also reduced the level requirement for equipment by 5 Levels.
After Blackie equipped the Ring of Glory and the previously obtained Level 15 mage-class Mysterious-Iron Equipment and Bronze Equipment, he was completely born anew.
He now gave others a faint oppressive feeling.

”This isn ’t real, right? My Intelligence has reached 186 points! ” Blackie exclaimed, looking at his Attribute Panel.

Compared to before, the 186 Intelligence was more than double what he had before, not to mention the increase in his magic damage.
His overall Attributes had exceeded even the currently most powerful mage-class by at least twofold.
He could possibly one-shot a properly-geared Level 10 MT.

”Too powerful! ” Lonely Snow gazed at Blackie ’s dazzling Attributes with admiration.
Even so, he would not feel jealousy over Blackie.
After all, 
this was a natural matter as he had only recently joined Zero Wing Workshop.
Just the aid he received in leveling up and the amount of Secret-Silver Equipment were already unimaginable, not to mention receiving an extremely important item such as an Epic ranked item.
On the other hand, it would be extremely strange if he received an Epic ranked item that he could use right now.

Moreover, when Lonely Snow looked at Shi Feng ’s carefree reaction as he gave Blackie the Epic ranked item, he knew that, as long as he performed well in Zero Wing Workshop, there was bound to be a day where he could obtain his very own Epic ranked item as well.
Hence, he did not need to be jealous over Blackie.

”An Epic Weapon is frightening as expected, ” Shi Feng said with a smile, looking at Blackie ’s Attributes.

Normally, an Epic ranked item ’s level would grow along with its user.
Only when Blackie reached Level 60 could display the true potential of Mavis ’s Protection.
The potential displayed by the Level 11 Mavis ’s Guard was but the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, Shi Feng knew of plenty of locations which hid Epic ranked items.
However, he did not have the ability to retrieve them right now.
He also did not have a powerful team, so he had no way of obtaining those Epic ranked items at the moment.
He could only wait until his Workshop developed before setting out to claim them.

”Brother Feng, let ’s go kill some Elite monsters! I want to see the awe of an Epic Weapon! ” Blackie looked at Shi Feng, restless with anticipation.

”Fine; let ’s go look for some, then, ” Shi Feng replied with a smile.
During that year when he held his first Epic ranked item, he, too, was as excited as Blackie right now.
He had been extremely eager to test out his strength on powerful monsters.

Very quickly, under Shi Feng ’s leadership, the trio located a Level 17 Rare Elite, the Swamp Lizard.

[Swamp Lizard] (Rare Elite)

Level 17

HP 200,000/200,000

I ’ll lure it over.
Lonely, try to restrict it as it attempts to spit out grey fog and use caution.
Blackie, pay careful attention while you kite it.
Make sure you maintain your distance from it,
” Shi Feng spoke in the party chat.

The Swamp Lizard was the most challenging Rare Elite in the Silent Swamp.
If it was not for reaching Level 12, the Abyssal Blade having upgraded to Level 10, and Blackie ’s possession of Mavis ’s Guard now, he would not have chosen to fight this monster at all.

The Swamp Lizard was a physical melee-type monster.
However, it could deal a lot of damage.
With a single claw attack, it could take away more than half of a normal Level 15 MT ’s HP.
Its attacks also carried an additional petrification effect that slowed the target.
Moreover, the Swamp Lizard ’s Movement Speed ranked at the very top of all the monsters found in the Silent Swamp.
If a normal Level 15 party met it, the usual result would be a party-wipe. 

Soon after, Shi Feng circled the Swamp Lizard.
Without holding back, he activated the Ice-Blue Devil Flame.
He then used Wind Blade, his swords piercing towards the back of the Swamp Lizard.

Two damages of -288 and -224 points appeared above the Swamp Lizard ’s head.

Compared to when Shi Feng dealt with the Three-headed Snake Demon, his damage had greatly increased.
However, to the Swamp Lizard, which possessed 200,000 HP, such damage was negligible.
With an angry bellow, the Swamp Lizard slashed its claws at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng dodged to the side, sending a Level 7 Chop slashing towards the Swamp Lizard ’s waist.
A damage of -1058 popped up above the Swamp Lizard ’s head.

The Swamp Lizard immediately released a pained wail; its steel-like tail turned into a black shadow as it swiped at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng quickly reacted; he leaped into the air and dodged the attack, distancing himself from the Swamp Lizard at the same time.

Lonely Snow took this chance to use Charge on the Swamp Lizard, interrupting the Swamp Lizard ’s follow-up attack.
He then sent a Violent Strike at the Swamp Lizard ’s back, causing -28 damage.

Lonely Snow nearly spat out blood when he witnessed this damage.
However, he was utterly helpless about it.
Not mentioning the level suppression, the Swamp Lizard ’s physical defense was extremely high.
Moreover, Lonely Snow could only deal this amount of damage due to reaching Level 11 and wielding a Secret-Silver Weapon.
Otherwise, he wouldn ’t even deal over 10 damage.

”Let me see just how amazing you are, Mavis ’s Guard! ”

Blackie had waited in frustration.
He shot out a Level 7 Dark Arrow strengthened by the Mavis ’s Guard.
When the skill blasted the Swamp Lizard ’s body, a damage of -712 points appeared above its head.
Immediately after, Blackie ’s attack triggered the passive skill on Mavis ’s Guard, the Spear of Light.
A silver-colored Spear of Light struck the Swamp Lizard once more
, landing a critical hit of -1354 damage; the damage was far more powerful than Shi Feng ’s attacks.

Immediately after, Blackie used Evil Whip.
Nine thick chains constricted the Swamp Lizard.
When the Swamp Lizard broke free from one of the chains with much difficulty, a damage of -116 points appeared above its head.
By the time it broke free from all the chains, Evil Whip had caused close to -1,000 damage.

Due to Blackie ’s Intelligence reaching over a hundred points, he activated the Intermediate Hidden Passive Skill for Intelligence, Quick Chant.
The passive greatly reduced the time required for chanting spells, increasing Blackie ’s rate of attack.
As a result, damages in the hundreds continuously appeared above the Swamp Lizard ’s head in quick succession, its HP decreasing like water flowing from an opened tap.

”This is too powerful! ”

”This is an Epic Weapon? ”

Lonely Snow was tongue-tied from watching this scene; Blackie was similarly dumbfounded.

In addition to Shi Feng controlling and damaging the Swamp Lizard, before even a minute had passed, the Swamp Lizard fell dead.
It dropped four items in total: a Level 15 Mysterious-Iron Equipment and three rare materials.

”Come on; let ’s look for a place with plenty of monsters to release the Stars of Light, ” seeing that even normal magics were so powerful, Shi Feng highly anticipated witnessing the staff ’s additional AOE spell.

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