Chapter 1619 – Frightening Aura

”It ’s dead! The Boss is finally dead! ”

The surviving Zero Wing members breathed a sigh of relief as the Purgatory Serpent fell.

Originally, they had nearly 700 players on the team, but now, less than 200 remained.
Only six of the 30 Miniature Ballistas had survived the fight, as well.
Had the raid lasted any longer, the Purgatory Serpent would ’ve likely annihilated them.

Fortunately, they secured victory in the end.

After the Purgatory Serpent died, the surviving players watched their experience bars rapidly fill.
In the blink of an eye, many of them leveled up.
Even those that had not had gained over half of a level.

However, these players were more surprised about the loot the Purgatory Serpent had dropped.

Although the Grand Lord had not evolved to Mythic rank, it had been in the middle of its evolutionary state.
Hence, the quality of its loot had improved slightly.

Moreover, Shi Feng had activated Divine Providence before dealing the final blow.
Both factors resulted in the Purgatory Serpent dropping an abundant amount of loot.
Overall, the Boss had dropped over 80 items, and every one of them glowed with a dazzling light that instantly captured the players ’ attention.

In addition, a towering pillar of light rose for the pile of loot, lasting nearly five seconds before it faded.

”Crap! What kind of loot is that? How can items cause such a phenomenon? ”

”Epic rank? ”

”No! An Epic item wouldn ’t cause such a commotion.
I wonder if its a rumored Legendary rank item? ”

”Forget Legendary items; I could become so much stronger if I could get my hands on an Epic item.
My development would skyrocket.

Everyone stared at the small mountain of loot, dumbfounded.
They were ravaged with curiosity about the items the Grand Lord had dropped.

At this point, Epic Weapons and Equipment were the strongest gear the various large Guilds had seen in God ’s Domain, but everyone had already seen these items before.
They knew that Epic items couldn ’t cause such a phenomenon.
The only thing they could think of that would cause something like this was a Legendary item.

As the light pillar disappeared, the Zero Wing players fought the urge to run towards the loot.

They ’d have an easy future if they obtained even one Epic item, not to mention a Legendary item.
With a Legendary item, they ’d never have to worry about daily necessities for the rest of their lives.

But despite such thoughts, none of them moved a muscle as they admired the pile of items.
Nobody dared to take a single step forward.
Even the outsiders, the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples, stayed where they stood.

First, this was a Guild operation, and any items obtained during the operation belonged to the Guild.
Furthermore, they were internal members, nurtured by the Guild.
They wouldn ’t even earn GCPs during this operation, much less items.

Secondly, Shi Feng had basically killed the Purgatory Serpent by himself.
They simply operated the Miniature Ballistas and helped deal damage.
They hadn ’t contributed in any essential way.

Although the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples weren ’t pleased about the outcome, even if they wanted to steal a few items, none of them had the courage to do so with a monstrous player like Shi Feng standing beside the pile.

Although they had known that Zero Wing ’s Black Flame was incredibly strong, they hadn ’t realized exactly how strong before today, but after watching Shi Feng dominate a Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species by himself, they realized how wide the gap was between them and their leader.

”Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader is inhuman! He sent a monster as powerful and massive as the Purgatory Serpent flying with a single attack! Just how high are his Attributes? ”

”So, this is Zero Wing ’s rumored strength? The Guild is actually powerful enough to kill a Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species at this stage of the game.
Even Super Guilds might not be able to do so. ”

”It ’s no wonder the Hall Master wanted us to train in Zero Wing.
If I had one-third of that man ’s standards, I could achieve something great in God ’s Domain. ”

As the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples watched Shi Feng appraise the loot, their previous contempt for Zero Wing transformed into awe and admiration.

Had they encountered such a situation when they had first joined God ’s Domain, they wouldn ’t have spared a glance at Shi Feng ’s performance, but after playing the game for some time, they realized that God ’s Domain was no ordinary virtual reality game.
This game ’s experts were more impressive than those in other games, especially experts like Shi Feng.

Although it had seemed as if Shi Feng ’s movements and attacks had been random throughout the battle, every one of his movements had been carefully calculated.
Shi Feng had constantly guided the Purgatory Serpent during the battle, reducing the risk of the Grand Lord damaging the team as much as possible.

Had Shi Feng not been there to guide the Purgatory Serpent ’s attacks, they ’d likely be lying on the ground right now.

Meanwhile, as Shi Feng reached the small mountain of items, he began to collect and appraise the loot.

The Purgatory Serpent had dropped a total of 84 items.
Among them, 31 were precious Epic materials, such as the Purgatory Serpent ’s Skin and Scales, 16 potions, 11 Tier 2 Magic Scrolls, one Tier 3 Magic Scroll, and three Tier 2 Skill Books.
All three Skill Books contained considerably rare Tier 2 Skills; one offered the Tier 2 Skill, Divine Shield, for Guardian Knights, one offered the Tier 2 Skill, Fire Snake Dance, for Elementalists, and one contained the Tier 2 Skill, Titan ’s Hand, for Berserkers.

Titan ’s Hand was the rarest of the three Skills, one which all Berserkers dreamed of wielding.
The Skill was neither a damage Skill nor did it over some heaven-defying Defensive ability.
Instead, it allowed players to wield two two-handed weapons for a short time, significantly improving Berserkers ’ DPS and combat abilities.

An additional weapon also meant an additional boost to a player ’s Attributes.
Moreover, wielding two weapons allowed players to use more complex attack patterns.
In addition, Berserkers didn ’t have to worry about a lack of Strength in their attacks like duel-wielding Swordsmen due to the nature of two-handed weapons.
Hence, Titan ’s Hand was a highly sought after Skill for Berserkers.

In fact, the Skill ’s market value was on par with Tier 3 Skills.

Of the remaining loot, there were nine pieces of Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment, four pieces of Level 60 Fine-Gold Equipment, two pieces of Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment, one pair of Epic ranked cloth shoes, two Mana Stones, one engineering design, one alchemy recipe, and one forging design.
The last item, however, was a blood-red stone engraved with glowing, golden divine runes.

Sure enough, the Demon mineral field ’s Guardian Boss was quite extraordinary.
Shi Feng was clearly ecstatic when he saw the blood-red stone.

Even he had wondered what kind of item would cause such a phenomenon, releasing such a powerful aura.

But even after appraising most of the loot, he hadn ’t found any particularly special items.
The most powerful item was the Epic ranked cloth shoes, but no Epic item could cause such a dazzling event.

Upon appraising the blood-red stone, however, Shi Feng realized that this stone had been the cause of the commotion.

The stone was none other than the Bloodline every player in God ’s Domain dreamed of obtaining.

However, this Bloodline wasn ’t like those he had obtained in the past.
The Dark Iron Bloodline he had obtained during his visit to the Divine Staircase had been personally crafted by a God, but the Bloodline in his hand had formed naturally.
Hence, it had taken the form of a stone rather than a gentle liquid.

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