Chapter 1625 – Jackpot

As the white tower ’s defensive magic array transformed into particles of light and vanished, time seemed to have frozen around the tower.
Both Zero Wing ’s members and the White Tiger Dojo ’s disciples stared with blank faces.

”He passed it… ”

”Am I dreaming? He didn ’t even use his weapons! ”

”Yes! That must be it! We must be dreaming! How could such a thing even be possible? No player could dodge that many attacks! ”

”Could Guild Leader Black Flame actually be an NPC in disguise? ”

For a time, the players shared their guesses about Shi Feng.
They simply couldn ’t wrap their minds around what had just happened.

They hadn ’t even made it to the 70-yard mark before they had been sent flying back to the starting point, yet Shi Feng had walked through the area as if strolling through his backyard.
Even when he had neared the 50-yard mark and faced over 30 beams, he slowly and steadily continued forward.
Regardless of how fast the pitch-black pearl ’s attack rate had become, Shi Feng ’s speed was unaffected.

When Shi Feng crossed the 50-yard mark, the beams had changed their attack trajectories in the middle of the attacks.
After reaching the 30-yard mark, they had even begun to curve to attack Shi Feng from the sides and rear.

Zero Wing and White Tiger Dojo ’s members had watched the attacks in anguish.

Not only did players have to worry about the black pearl changing its attack trajectories, but they also had to worry about attacks from their sides and behind them.
Moreover, every attack struck simultaneously.
Blocking the attacks from a single direction was already impossible, not to mention dodging or blocking every one of them.

The creepier thing was that the pitch-black pearl seemed to fear Shi Feng.
While Shi Feng had made his way towards the tower, every one of the pearl ’s beam attacks had avoided him…

This was already far beyond everything they knew of God ’s Domain.

When the White Tiger Dojo disciples watched Shi Feng, a chill crawled down their spines.
Aside from their reverence, they were afraid and excited to learn more about a real they had never discovered before.

Although not everyone was willing to acknowledge that Shi Feng had cleared the test, there was no doubt that the white tower ’s defensive magic array had disappeared.

There was also no doubt that what has just occurred wasn ’t a dream, but reality.

”Zero Wing ’s Guild Leader is actually so powerful? ”

”Is he even human? ”

All of the White Tiger Dojo disciples were fighting experts, and although they hadn ’t seen exactly what Shi Feng had done, they knew that the vast difference between them wasn ’t as simple as Basic Attributes.
Shi Feng was leaps and bounds ahead of them in combat standards, as well.

When they thought about Shi Feng ’s power, they envied Zero Wing ’s internal members.

Unlike Zero Wing ’s members, they were only here because the White Tiger Dojo had commissioned Zero Wing to train them.
Once they were powerful enough, Zero Wing would stop their training.
On the other hand, Zero Wing, and by extension, Shi Feng, would train Zero Wing ’s internal members to their full potential.

Shi Feng simply chuckled at his players ’ hushed discussions as he stood at the foot of the white tower.
He then pushed open the tightly sealed doors, curious about what lay beyond.

After experiencing the black pearl ’s attacks personally, Shi Feng had become even more certain that the device had been passed down since ancient times.
He was also sure that it was meant to train players ’ combat standards.

Players had to have reached the Half-step Refinement Realm and be able to observe their surroundings constantly to pass the 50-yard mark.

To cross the 30-yard mark, players had to reach the Refinement Realm.
Without precise control of their own movements, players wouldn ’t be able to dodge or block the varying attacks at the same time.

Aside from physical control, players had to have accurate judgment of movement within their environment to continue past the 30-yard mark.

The players who could reach the foot of the tower had reached the limit of the Refinement realm.
It wouldn ’t be an exaggeration to call them Half-step Flowing Water Realm experts.

For the White Tiger Dojo disciples and Zero Wing internal members, who had yet to reach the Half-step Refinement Realm, reaching the tower was simply too difficult.
Even Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, and Zero Wing ’s other Refinement Realm experts would likely struggle to reach the tower.

Shi Feng had to admit that the tower was an excellent tool to help players reach the Refinement Realm.
The black pearl didn ’t use the same attack method as monsters, which wouldn ’t constantly target players weak points.
Not even a group of Refinement Realm experts could elicit a similar result.

The only downside was that the black pearl ’s attacks were monotonous and couldn ’t adapt to change.
Even when the beams adjusted their trajectories or curved, they had fixed patterns, unlike expert players, which changed their attack patterns to fit their situation.
It was also why Shi Feng had managed to reach the bottom of the tower without using his weapons.

However, Shi Feng was satisfied with this result.
After all, he had never heard of such a training device in God ’s Domain before.

If he could use this device, nurturing a batch of experts would be easy.
Although, whether or not these experts reached the Refinement Realm would depend on their individual talent.
At most, the training device could offer support, reducing the twists and turns players had to face as they journeyed towards the Refinement Realm.
It didn ’t guarantee that players would reach a certain standard.

Of course, if the various superpowers learned of this training device, Shi Feng didn ’t doubt that they would do everything they could to acquire this Lost Town.

Although the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds had their own training systems and devices, with most having higher-quality methods than the white tower, those systems and devices cost massive amounts of resources to maintain.
They could also only nurture a small number of players at once.
In contrast, the white tower could bombard nearly 700 players simultaneously and without strain.

This alone would be more than enough to tempt the various superpowers into action.

Shi Feng didn ’t bother to explain how he had reached the tower.
It was still too soon for Zero Wing current internal members and White Tiger Dojo disciples to take on this training device; they still hadn ’t grasped many of the basics.
Trying to take on so many clever attacks simultaneously was impossible for them.
The system would simply beat them, not train them.

Meanwhile, as Shi Feng entered the tower…

A spacious, ancient hall appeared before him.

From outside, the white tower didn ’t look particularly large.
However, its interior resembled that of a stadium that could accommodate over 10,000 people.
Various ancient weapons had been put on display in the hall, and it resembled an armory.
Shi Feng was in awe as he gazed at the weapons around him.
Every single weapon in this hall radiated a dense amount of Mana.
At a glance, it was obvious that these weapons were far superior to the ordinary weapons most players used at this stage of the game.

This is an armory? Shi Feng was confused as he gazed at the weapons on display.
He then approached one of the weapon racks, picking up a spear to inspect.

When he read the spear ’s Attribute Panel, Shi Feng was instantly ecstatic.
He was so excited that goosebumps began to cover his skin.

Mana Weapons! Is every weapon here a Mana Weapon?! Shi Feng surveyed his surroundings in shock.

There were easily over ten thousand weapons in the hall…

God ’s Domain had many different kinds of weapons and equipment, most of which fell into three main categories.

The first was the common-type.
It referred to the weapons and equipment most players currently used.
Players of the same class could trade and use weapons and equipment of this type.
In battle, their durability would decrease, but they could be repaired out of combat.

The second type was the unique-type.
Specific players could use these weapons and equipment.
Even if another player picked one up, the item would be useless to them.
Similar to the common-type, these weapons and pieces of equipment would lose durability in combat but could be repaired and used indefinitely.

The third type was the expendable-type.
Like the common-type, those of the same class could trade and use expendable-type weapons.
While they wouldn ’t lose durability in battle, they couldn ’t be repaired.
Once their durability was exhausted, they would be useless.

The majority of God ’s Domain ’s players and NPCs used common-type weapons and equipment.
Most expendable-type weapons and pieces of equipment had been lost in the passing of time.
This was due to the uncertainties these items created in battle.

However, expendable-type weapons and equipment had one massive benefit.

Absolute power!

When the various races had competed for dominance over the God ’s Domain continent during ancient times, the human race had been weak and insignificant.
To survive their powerful enemies, humans had discovered a method to improve their strength drastically.
This was how expendable-type weapons and equipment had come to be.

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