Chapter 1629 – Saint Weapon

Shi Feng ’s complexion darkened at the sight of the rusted longsword descending towards him.

Although Tier 4 existences were capable of tearing apart space with their attacks, this required a considerable amount of effort.
Yet, the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s rusted longsword achieved this feat with seemingly no effort on the Mythic monster ’s part.
This meant that every one of the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s normal attacks would carry power equivalent to that of an ordinary Mythic monster executing an all-out attack.

As the rusted longsword descended, a black seam cut at the golden barrier that appeared around Shi Feng.


Along with a loud boom, a powerful gale surged into the tower ’s surroundings.
The players standing outside the tower lost their footing once more.

”What kind of monster is this? ”

”Is a Mythic monster really that powerful? ”

Everyone could not help but gape in shock as they gazed up at the Tyrant ’s Soul.

Just the shockwave from one of the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s attacks reduced them to such a miserable state.
If they fought the Mythic monster, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As the dust above the tower settled, Shi Feng, who had activated Absolute Domain, emerged, apparently intact.
However, the impact resulting from the attack had driven him back several steps before he could stabilize himself.

What is that sword? Shi Feng wore a grim expression as he stared at the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s longsword.

Although Absolute Domain was an Invulnerability Skill, there was no true invulnerability in God ’s Domain.
Even so, Absolute Domain should have no problem blocking Tier 4 attacks.
Yet, against the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s longsword, Absolute Domain was no longer absolute.

Absolute Domain created a protective barrier made up of divine runes around his body.
Meanwhile, the moment the rusted longsword collided with the protective barrier, Shi Feng had clearly seen the rusted longsword moving roughly an inch into the barrier, deforming it.
The intense impact had even forced him to retreat by four steps.

This was something Shi Feng had never seen happen before.

Not waiting for Shi Feng to make a move, the Tyrant ’s Soul immediately brandished its rusted longsword again.
Suddenly, several black seams extended towards him.

Previously, one black seam had been enough to drive Shi Feng back by several steps already.
When multiple black seams descended on him simultaneously, he suddenly felt death looming over him.
Without hesitation, he activated Disintegration Field to suppress the Tyrant ’s Soul.
Although the Domain Skill had little effect on Mythic monsters, it could still reduce the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s Basic Attributes slightly.

Following which, Shi Feng activated the Tier 2 Taboo Skill Instant Strike, instantly disappearing from his original location, appearing slightly closer to the Tyrant ’s Soul, and narrowly avoiding the several spatial tear attacks.

Although Instant Strike increased both his damage and Attack Speed drastically, Shi Feng had no intention of clashing with the Tyrant ’s Soul.
Instead, he turned around and continued looting the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.

The treasure chest held many items.
However, since he did not know which one was the most valuable, he simply picked up as many as he could.
In the blink of an eye, two more items entered his bag.
Upon seeing this, the Tyrant ’s Soul became even more enraged and brandished its rusted sword again.

The Tyrant ’s Soul ’s Attack Speed was extremely fast.
Even Shi Feng could not dodge the Mythic monster ’s attacks in time.
Knowing this, he decided not to dodge and allowed the Tyrant ’s Soul to attack him as it wished while he continued looting the treasure chest.
Right now, every additional item he obtained counted.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Beneath the bombardment, Shi Feng got pushed aside time after time.
As a result of receiving multiple powerful attacks in quick succession, the duration of the protective shield, which should ’ve lasted ten seconds, decreased significantly.
Regardless, Shi Feng persisted in looting the treasure chest.

”Despicable thief! You dare take my family ’s treasures! I will turn you into ashes! ” the Tyrant ’s Soul bellowed.
In the next moment, the black fog its body emitted merged with the rusted longsword.

Suddenly, silver divine runes started appearing along the rusted blade of the longsword.
Although the blade looked very ordinary, the instant the runes on the silver blade lit up, Shi Feng, who was heading towards the treasure chest once again after being blown away, abruptly halted in his tracks.
He then instinctively retreated a step.


Shi Feng saw his death when he looked at the silver longsword.
Moreover, this wasn ’t any ordinary death.
For a moment, he felt that, should he take another step forward, he would thoroughly disappear from God ’s Domain.

Meanwhile, when the Tyrant ’s Soul looked at Shi Feng now, although its complexion had paled considerably and it appeared quite fatigued, absolute confidence filled its eyes.
It was as if it knew that at this moment, nothing could stop its attack.

Not good!

Shi Feng suddenly thought of a certain matter, his complexion turning ashen instantly.
He hastily switched to the Aura of Space and activated Space Movement, opening a spatial tunnel before him.
Despite Absolute Domain having another three seconds left, he jumped into the spatial tunnel without hesitation.

As soon as Shi Feng jumped into the spatial tunnel, the Tyrant ’s Soul arrived before the tunnel and slashed its longsword at the tunnel.

When the longsword descended, the clouds a long distance away split apart.
Likewise, the spatial tunnel, which the silver longsword had made direct contact with, was cut in half.

”What kind of attack is that? ” When the far-off members of Zero Wing and the White Tiger Dojo saw the massive tear in space that had appeared above the tower as well as the bisected spatial tunnel, their eyes nearly fell out of their own sockets.

A spatial tunnel was created by opening a hole in space.
Yet, the Tyrant ’s Soul had actually managed to slice even the spatial tunnel in half.

Meanwhile, after the spatial tunnel was cut in two, it instantly disappeared into nothingness.

”Despicable thief! I will never let you get away! ” the Tyrant ’s Soul bellowed in rage when it saw Shi Feng escaping successfully, its voice echoing throughout the Lost Town.

When the members of Zero Wing and White Tiger Dojo, who stood at a distance, felt the killing intent the Tyrant ’s Soul radiated, they felt as if their bodies had petrified; they did not dare to move even in the slightest.

Meanwhile, beside a flowing stream located in a map neighboring the Boneless Land, Shi Feng suddenly appeared.
The moment he exited the spatial tunnel, he collapsed to the ground, panting heavily.

That was close!

He had very nearly lost everything.

As expected of the guardian of a Gold Magic Crystal Treasure Chest.
It actually possesses even a Saint Weapon! When Shi Feng recalled the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s final attack, he could not help but shudder in fear.

Previously, he had failed to detect what made the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s longsword so special.
He simply felt that it was a very powerful weapon.

However, the moment he saw the divine runes on the silver longsword lighting up as well as sensed the monstrous amounts of Mana the weapon exuded…

Aside from a Tier 5 Mana Weapon, he really could not figure out what other weapons could replicate such a feat.

Mana Weapons were originally meant to suck dry the potential of their raw materials and exhibit power beyond one ’s imagination.
However, the higher-tiered a Mana Weapon was, the more difficult it was to produce it.
Among them, Tier 3 Mana Weapons were labeled as Higher-order Mana Weapons, while Tier 5 Mana Weapons were labeled as Saint Weapons.
Needless to say, Saint Weapons were exceedingly rare in God ’s Domain, so much so that their rarity rivaled that of Legendary Weapons.

In the past, he had seen the battle video of a Tier 5 expert wielding a Saint Weapon against a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.
When the Tier 5 expert invested all his power into his Saint Weapon for an all-out attack, silver divine runes had appeared on the Saint Weapon.
Back then, even the Tier 6 God-ranked expert had to go full-bore to repulse the Saint Weapon ’s attack.

One could just imagine how powerful Saint Weapons were.

Had he been killed by the Tyrant ’s Soul ’s attack just now, he definitely wouldn ’t have lost only a single level.
Most likely, even his Immortal Soul would have been annihilated.

Fortunately, he had reacted quickly and left in time.

Meanwhile, just as Shi Feng was about to celebrate, the sound of a system notification entered his ears.

System: You have angered the Tyrant ’s Soul.
The Tyrant ’s Soul has used Soul Pursuit on you and will send a Soul Doppelganger after you once every day.

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