Chapter 1636 – Zero Wing City ’s Rise

The rapid increase in Zero Wing City ’s player population had surprised Aqua Rose, who had assumed that it would decrease.

Not only did the sudden addition of 1,000,000 players bring in another 6,000 Gold in entrance fees to Zero Wing City, but plenty of players also rushed to use the city ’s teleportation function.

To save on teleportation fees, the various adventurer teams visiting Zero Wing City had also bought memberships for the teleportation services, each earning Zero Wing 20 Magic Crystals.
In one short hour since the Guild implemented the new changes to the city, over 4,000 players had bought a membership, bringing in over 80,000 Magic Crystals.

There were even more players interested in teleporting to the Orc Empire.
Due to the increased teleportation distance, non-members had to pay 30 Silver for each maximum-range teleportation.
Even after deducting the teleportation cost, Zero Wing still earned 18 Silver from each traveling player.

During the past hour, over 6,000 non-members had teleported to the Orc Empire, handing over 1,000 Gold to Zero Wing.

Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile were stupefied.

Previously, Melancholic Smile had worried that they wouldn ’t be able to earn back the cost of the Mana Tower, but the city ’s teleportation function alone had raked in over 1,000 Gold.
The function alone made money faster than the Candlelight Trading Firm as a whole, not to mention the amount of Magic Crystals the service raked in.

Moreover, the number of players using the teleportation function and registering for membership continued to increase…

”Guild Leader, where did you obtain this Mana Tower?! It is simply amazing! ” Aqua Rose said excitedly.
”With its profit speed, we can easily cover our daily expenditures! We won ’t have anything to fear, even if we continue to duke it out with Heaven ’s Burial for another two weeks! ”

She had agonized over Zero Wing ’s lack of funds.
The increased bounty had skyrocketed the Guild ’s daily expenditures, but now, she didn ’t need to worry about the issue.

”This is only the beginning.
Later, I ’ll store the weapons and equipment I ’ve recently acquired in the Guild Warehouse.
Everyone can trade for the items.
Since our Guild members have suffered so greatly, give our members in Star-Moon Kingdom some bonus GCPs.
Normal members get 50 points, elite members get 200 points, and core members get 500 points, ” Shi Feng said, laughing.

With the Mana Tower and the Four Towers of Elements, Zero Wing City should have no problem reaching a player population of 5,000,000 in the near future.

At that time, the city should easily earn 30,000 Gold off of entrance fees alone.
Furthermore, there would be profit from the Shop rentals, hotel fees, Battle Arena, and other revenue sources.

”Guild Leader, won ’t it be a little much to give out so many GCPs at once? ” Aqua Rose could not help but gasp when Shi Feng told her to award so many GCPs to their Guild members.

Although the value of Zero Wing ’s GCPs had recently decreased, each point was still worth nearly 20 Copper.
Giving normal members 50 GCPs would be the equivalent of handing them 10 Silver each; elite members would receive 40 Silver, and core members would receive 1 Gold.
Although this didn ’t seem like much, Zero Wing had a lot of members in Star-Moon Kingdom.

The total cost would easily reach more than 100,000 Gold…

Although players couldn ’t exchange these points for Coins, there weren ’t many weapons and pieces of equipment in the Guild Warehouse available for purchase.

”It ’s fine.
Our members have worked hard lately.
Moreover, who says our Guild doesn ’t have any weapons and equipment? ” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
However, he did not bother to explain further.
Instead, he sent You Ziping a message, instructing him and the others to deposit the weapons and equipment they had obtained during their visit to the Boneless Land into the Guild Warehouse after disconnecting the call with Aqua Rose.

They had obtained over 6,000 Level 55-plus pieces of equipment from all of the Demonic Creatures they had slain in the Boneless Land.
Although the majority of the items were Bronze rank, there were several hundred pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment and dozens of pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng ’s statement has confused Aqua Rose.
She had no idea what Shi Feng planned to do about this situation.
However, she followed his instructions and published the announcement on the Guild ’s notice board.
Very quickly, this announcement caused a commotion in the Guild chat.

”Vice Guild Leader, is this true? The Guild is actually awarding us so many GCPs? ”

”Doesn ’t the Guild lack funds right now? If the Guild gives us so many points, what will it do about Coins? ”

Many of the Guild members were surprised by Shi Feng ’s generosity.
Although each player only received a small reward, the total cost of giving all of them bonus GCPs, with how many members the Guild had, would be massive.

In reality, the Guild didn ’t need to reward its members.
Many were already satisfied with the benefits the new Residence in Zero Wing City offered after the Mana Tower had been constructed.

Now, due to the increased Mana density in the city, members could accumulate 25% of the Double EXP buff after resting for 20 hours in the Guild Hall, 35% if they rented a Private Room.
Moreover, players would even accumulate the buff while they were offline.

This sudden improvement had skyrocketed the Guild members ’ morale.
Their confidence in Zero Wing ’s future had not only returned, but increased.

The biggest problem players faced in God ’s Domain was leveling up.
Unfortunately, the constant fighting with Heaven ’s Burial had severely affected Zero Wing members ’ leveling speeds.
In fact, some members were losing levels faster than they could recover them.
However, now that they could accumulate the Double EXP buff so quickly, regaining their lost levels would be much easier.

In contrast, Heaven ’s Burial ’s members didn ’t enjoy such a benefit.
If this war continued, Zero Wing ’s members would definitely surpass Heaven ’s Burial ’s members in levels.

”No need to worry.
This is a direct command from the Guild Leader.
Moreover, the Guild Leader has said that since everyone is still willing to believe in Zero Wing, Zero Wing will not mistreat any of you! ” Aqua Rose explained in the Guild chat.
Inwardly, though, she had no confidence in her words in the least.

”All hail the Guild Leader! ”

”All hail Zero Wing! ”

Hearing Aqua Rose ’s words, Zero Wing ’s members cheered.

After everyone received their bonus points, many players ran to the Guild Warehouse to purchase items.
When they saw the available items, however, they were stupefied.

All sorts of weapons and equipment had been put up for purchase in the Guild Warehouse.
All of the items were at least Level 55; there were even Level 65 items available.
There were easily over 6,000 items in total.

Currently, even Level 50 equipment was incredibly difficult to obtain, not to mention Level 55-plus weapons and equipment.

Although none of them could use these Level 55-plus weapons and equipment at present, at the very least, they wouldn ’t have to worry about weapons or equipment once they reached Level 55.
This was especially true for the Guild ’s normal and elite members.
Level 50-plus equipment were extremely difficult to obtain, and being able to purchase a set of up-to-date Bronze and Mysterious Iron Equipment as soon as they reached the appropriate level would be a dream for these players.

Meanwhile, news that Zero Wing was giving away a ton of bonus GCPs and had thousands of Level 55-plus weapons and pieces of equipment spread to Star-Moon Kingdom ’s various large Guilds.

The various Guilds had assumed that Zero Wing had reached its limits and was close to crumbling.
They had expected the Guild to play such a hand so suddenly.
There was also Zero Wing City ’s recent rise to fame.

No matter how they looked at the situation, Zero Wing did not seem like a Guild that was nearing its end.
In fact, Zero Wing grew stronger by the minute.

When Singular Burial received news of this, he was stupefied…

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