Chapter 1647: Zero Wing Appears

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Chapter 1647 – Zero Wing Appears

When Shi Feng finished speaking, You Ziping and the others turned towards the Advanced Mana Armor Kits, their eyes bulging and bloodshot.

Although they weren’t the Guild’s frontline members, they knew how valuable the Advanced Mana Armor Kits were.

After all, only Shi Feng was capable of crafting these armor kits.
There was an extremely limited number available, and even Guild members struggled to purchase them with GCPs.
Not only did Guild members have to spend an exorbitant amount, but they also needed to be elite members or higher to purchase the Advanced Mana Armor Kits.
In addition, each player was limited to three armor kits.

Even now, the various major powers offered extraordinary prices to purchase Advanced Mana Armor Kits.

Yet, these players had the chance to equip these armor kits.
This was simply a dream.
However, when they thought about how each of them had just received a Magic Light Set, they quickly recovered their senses.

“Amazing! These Basic Attributes are incredibly high!”

“That’s right! My Basic Attributes have risen by over 30% with everything equipped! I’m pretty sure that I can even put up a fight against a peak expert now!”

Once they had equipped the Magic Light Sets and Advanced Mana Armor Kits, these players felt transformed.
An indescribable sense of power filled their bodies.
They couldn’t help the rising desire to spar with other experts to get a good feel for their new prowess.

With a 30% increase to their Basic Attributes, their overall combat power should have, at the very least, doubled.

It seems the enhanced Magic Light Sets are quite effective. Satisfaction filled Shi Feng has he examined everyone’s Attributes.

You Ziping and his companion’s Basic Attributes could now rival superpowers’ peak experts, who wielded multiple Epic items.
Overall, they should be even more powerful than the Conqueror Parties’ members with their battle arrays active.

Even a Tier 1 MT could tank Grand Lord of the same level by himself in the Magic Light Set.
Every one of the 15 MTs in the room had over 50,000 HP, and if they worked together, they’d easily form an impenetrable wall.

Suddenly, Aqua Rose contacted Shi Feng and reported, “Guild Leader, everyone has gathered.
We can move out at any moment.”

It’s about time that we head out,” Shi Feng said after glancing at the time.
There was not much time left before the Primordial Divine Ruin reopened.

Orc Empire, Primordial Divine Ruin:

Due to the new expansion pack, the ancient tower atop a gravel hill had improved.
Restaurants and hotels could now be found both within and around the tower.

Now, not only could players enjoy unique dishes, but they could also recover their Stamina and Concentration by resting in the hotels.
One could say that the Primordial Divine Ruin had become one of the few footholds players had in the Orc Empire.

The only downside was the tower’s fraudulent prices.

The price for food was somewhat acceptable, only costing around two to three times than in other NPC cities, but the hotel accommodation fees were a different story.
Renting a room in the Primordial Divine Ruin’s hotels cost 40 Silver per day.
Even expert players had trouble justifying such a high price, much less elite players.

Even so, plenty of players had gathered in the tower.

As some players, who planned to rest in the Primordial Divine Ruin, were about to enter the massive tower, an intense aura washed over them, halting their steps.

When these players warily searched for the cause of such a powerful aura, they discovered a crowd of other players within the tower.
The atmosphere resembled that of imperial capitals’ Teleportation Halls, but unlike those halls, every one of the players within radiated an intense killing intent as they watched each other cautiously.
It seemed as if they were all enemies.

The players in the tower were members of multiple groups.
The smaller groups only had around five or six thousand members, while the larger ones had over 10,000.
The lowest-level player in the tower was Level 47, but most were Level 48 or 49.
Their equipment was also impressive, with most of them wearing at least Level 45 Secret-Silver Equipment.
Meanwhile, as time passed, more teams began to gather in the tower.

As one team after another entered the tower, the scene caused a commotion among the independent teams.

“Quick, look! That team is wearing Crimson Emperor’s Guild Emblem!”

“What? Even Crimson Emperor is trying to get in on the action?”

“Crimson Emperor is nothing! Had you been here a moment ago, you would’ve seen members from the Sacred Temple arrive The Sacred Temple’s team is even led by Vice Temple Master, Quiet Melody for this operation! That team was ridiculously strong.
All 5,000 members were experts, and they all wore Level 45 Fine-Gold or better Equipment.
Quiet Melody herself even has three pieces of Epic Equipment on her.”

The independent players in the tower couldn’t help but gawk at the various superpowers’ teams as they rested.

The fact that they could survive and make a living in the Orc Empire proved that they were on par with God’s Domain’s elite players.
Needless to say, they were stronger and higher-leveled than ordinary players.
However, these Guild players were leaps and bounds ahead of them in terms of levels and equipment.

In addition, a large number of top adventurer teams had banded together to form a massive force.
It seemed that these top adventurer teams were adamant about contending with the various superpowers.

While one top adventurer team would struggle to gather 1,000 experts, they could form a force of six to seven thousand expert players if they worked together, and not even the various superpowers should underestimate such a force.

“What a naive bunch.
Do they really think that Crimson Emperor and Sacred Temple are the only superpowers participating in this struggle?” Purple Jade, who stood a short distance away from several conversing independent players, expressed her disdain as she overheard the conversations.

After the release of the new expansion pack, far more powers had become interested in the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Even the dark forces had begun to poke their noses into the matter, and among these dark forces, even Raven, an emerging Dark Guild that developed rapidly recently, intended to participate.
Although Raven had only dispatched 8,000 members to the Primordial Divine Ruin, every one of these members was an expert.
Moreover, they radiated intense killing intent.
They were clearly murderous experts that had long since grown comfortable with fighting other players.

Even Purple Jade felt threatened by Bloodsucker, the leader of Raven’s team.
Judging by the man’s aura, his combat standards should be no weaker than Yuan Tiexin’s, who held a commander-level position in the Secret Pavilion.

“A lot of powers have definitely gathered here, but when the competition for the entry slots begins, we should avoid provoking Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial’s members as much as possible.
Do you understand?” Yuan Tiexin warned Purple Jade seriously.

“Don’t provoke them? Is it because they have the home ground advantage?” Purple Jade asked.

As many as three Super Guilds had gathered in the tower, including Pantheon, King’s Return, and the Sacred Temple.
None of these Super Guilds could be underestimated, yet rather than taking note of these organizations, Yuan Teixin warned her to take care around Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater.
She was truly surprised.

“That’s not the case.
Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater are still no match for Super Guilds in terms of quality and quantity of experts, but don’t forget that they still command Evil Beasts and Demons.
It is best if we avoid them,” Yuan Tiexin said as he glanced at Falling Fire and Lei Jingyang, who commanded Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial’s teams.
“Although the destruction of Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays has forced Heaven’s Burial to station most of its Evil Beasts and Evil Demons in the city’s defense, it is best if we use caution around them.”

“Mhm.” Purple Jade nodded.

As the various powers in the tower prepared for the upcoming struggle, a team of players arrived outside of the Primordial Divine Ruin.
The team was pitifully small compared to the various Guild teams, with not even 2,000 players in total.
However, when this team entered the tower, silence fell.

“What?! Zero Wing?!”

“That shouldn’t be possible, right? Zero Wing just destroyed Ancient Rock City.
Are they trying to get themselves killed by showing up in Heaven’s Burial’s territory? Or do they really not consider Heaven’s Burial a threat?”

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