Chapter 1658 – Might of the Ancient Book

Across the vast wasteland, the various superpowers hunted Bosses with organized precision.
Meanwhile, the first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams could only watch from within the safe zone.

Although these teams had a few experts who could dodge the lightning strikes, players who could dodge while fighting a Grand Lord were as rare as a phoenix’s feather.

A Level 55 Grand Lord was already an extremely difficult foe, and teams lost players even during a normal raid.
Hence, trying to raid one while severely handicapped would simply be suicidal.

To compensate for their lack of numbers, the various first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams had tried to pool their experts to raid the Bosses.
However, despite multiple attempts, they had failed.

Although the alliance of the various first-rate Guilds and adventurer teams had formed allowed them to build a raid team with sufficient manpower, the environment favored the Grand Lord ranked Thunder Elementals and Thunder Beasts.
The third floor’s environment enhanced all lightning-type Skills and Spells by 30%.

Cloth armor classes, which had low HP and Defense, would likely die instantly if they failed to dodge the Thunder Elementals or Thunder Beasts’ Skills.
Zero mistakes were allowed in battle.

However, players would be hard-pressed to avoid mistakes while constantly bombarded with lightning.

In the end, the alliance team-wiped after losing so many members midway through the battle.

As the first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams rested, Shi Feng led his entire team into the lightning zone.
It was as if he had missed their tragic downfall after fighting in the wasteland.

“They’re going altogether? Have Zero Wing’s members lost their minds?”

“What are they trying to do?”

“Even if a single death only costs 20% EXP, do they have to be so reckless?”

When the members of the various first-rate Guilds and adventurer teams saw Zero Wing head into the plains, they thought that Zero Wing’s members had gone mad.

In this lightning wasteland, a player’s Basic Attributes didn’t matter as much as on the previous floors.
Here, combat standards were far more important.
Even if a team charged into the lightning wasteland with 1,000 members, each member would suffer the same number of lightning strikes.
In fact, the players would have a higher chance of being struck.
This was because players would have less space to maneuver in a larger group.
Moreover, if players were not careful when they dodged, they’d likely avoid their own lighting strike only to get hit by their neighbor’s.

The various powers weren’t the only ones confused by Shi Feng’s ludicrous decision.
Even Zero Wing’s members were confused.
They had seen how the experts from the various first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams had ended up after fighting in the wasteland.
They also knew that those experts’ standards were much stronger than theirs.
If they rushed into the plains, they’d doubtlessly suffer a similar fate.

As Zero Wing’s members approached the safe zone’s boundary and were about to enter the lightning zone, they couldn’t help their growing nerves.

Why are they here? Wild Ocean, who currently fought within the zone, was surprised to notice Zero Wing’s team enter the lighting wasteland. Are they that tired of living?

Zero Wing’s team had over 1,000 members, and if it tried to enter the zone with so many players, the number of lightning strikes that would descend on the team would be staggering.
Not even superpowers like King’s Return would pull such a stunt.

Could Zero Wing be experimenting and trying to see how many of its members can survive a battle in the lightning zone? Praying Lotus, who was casting a Healing Spell, was just as stunned to see Zero Wing’s advance.

As the various superpowers’ members wondered, one player from Zero Wing after another stepped into the zone.

Watching 1,000-plus players set foot into the lightning wasteland was extraordinarily eye-catching.
Almost everyone kept a curious eye on Zero Wing’s team, wondering how it planned to deal with the countless lightning strikes that would fall upon them.

Three seconds passed…

Five seconds passed…

Ten seconds…

However, not a single strike of lightning fell on Zero Wing’s team.
Every member on the team was alive and kicking, and they had an easy time defeating the multiple Chieftain ranked Thunder Elementals and Thunder Beasts that had charged at them.

“Where is the lightning?”

“Why do those Chieftain ranked Thunder Elementals and Thunder Beasts seem weaker than the ones we’re fighting?”

The watching players were stunned as they sent Zero Wing’s team sidelong glances.
They could not understand what was going on.

Where were the lightning strikes that were supposed to descend?

“Could the lightning strikes have stopped because they have more people?” Purple Jade was greatly confused as she watched Zero Wing’s members.

The lightning was the most troublesome aspect about the Primordial Divine Ruin’s third underground floor.
Without the lightning strikes, the third floor’s trial would just be a simple series of Grand Lord raids.
If that were the case, the various superpowers could easily clear the floor.

“That’s not possible.
Other teams have dispatched even more players than Zero Wing in past raids, but this has never happened,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head.
He, too, wore a confused look.

Even Zero Wing’s players were confused.

Only Aqua Rose knew that this was Shi Feng’s doing.

It seems this thing is quite effective. Shi Feng smiled at the Ancient Weather Book in his hands.

The Ancient Weather Book could change the weather in a 2,000-yard radius for two hours.
Removing the thunderclouds in a specific area was a small task for the item.

Without the lightning strikes, the third floor’s trial posed no threat to his team members.

Very quickly, Zero Wing’s team located a Level 55 Grand Lord ranked Thunder Beast.

[Great Thunder Wolf] (Thunder Beast, Grand Lord)

Level 55

HP 88,000,000/88,000,000

Now, the Boss, which had given the various superpowers painful headaches, was an ordinary Grand Lord to Zero Wing.
With Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian taking the lead, and the Magic Light Team’s MTs tanking the nearby mobs, the rest of the team could focus on dealing damage.

Moreover, without the lightning environment’s boost, the Great Thunder Wolf’s attacks were little more than tickles to Cola and his fellow MTs.
The Grand Lord’s normal attacks only dealt around -8,000 damage, while its Skill attacks only dealt around -20,000.
Even without Turtledove and Ye Wumian’s assistance, Cola could easily tank the Great Thunder Wolf.

The other players launched frenzied attacks at the Great Thunder Wolf, each dealing several thousand damage.
As the team fought, the Grand Lord’s HP visibly decreased.

Naturally, this made the various superpowers jealous.

The Primordial Divine Ruin’s Bosses weren’t like Field Bosses.
Their Attributes wouldn’t change, regardless of how many players raided them at one time.
This meant that the more members a raid team possessed, the greater the team’s advantage would be.

Zero Wing’s team had over 1,000 members, which was more than triple what the other teams possessed.
Moreover, Zero Wing’s members did not have to worry about avoiding lightning strikes…

In less than five minutes, the Great Thunder Wolf fell before Zero Wing’s members.
Everyone on the team also gained a significant amount of EXP.
Moreover, the Great Thunder Wolf had dropped eight items in total thanks to Shi Feng’s Divine Providence.

Although this didn’t seem like much, it was above average for Grand Lords above Level 50.

When the various superpowers had killed their respective Grand Lords, they only got five items.

Meanwhile, upon seeing the Great Thunder Wolf’s loot, Shi Feng had to admit that the Primordial Divine Ruin’s Bosses were far more generous than the Bosses in Team Dungeons.
Out of the eight items dropped, one was a Teleportation Stone, and five were Level 50 weapons and pieces of equipment, three of which were Fine-Gold rank and two were Secret-Silver rank.
The last two items were pages of incomplete combat techniques.

An Advanced Combat Technique? Shi Feng was ecstatic the moment he saw the two sheets of lambskin parchment.

Basic Combat Techniques would drop as complete items in the Primordial Divine Ruin, but Advanced Combat Techniques and above would appear as pages.
Players would have to gather every page to learn the combat technique.

Excited, Shi Feng immediately inspected the two parchment sheets.

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