Chapter 1659 – Top-tier Advanced Combat Technique

As Shi Feng inspected the incomplete pages, his eyes shone with excitement.

[Lightning Flash]

This dilapidated page belongs to a book that depicts a Secret Attack Technique, which has been passed down since ancient times.
Only after gathering all incomplete pages can you read the complete book’s content.
There are a total of 13 pages.
This leaflet is the 3rd page.

[Lightning Flash]

This dilapidated page belongs to a book that depicts a Secret Attack Technique, which has been passed down since ancient times.
Only after gathering all incomplete pages can you read the complete book’s content.
There are a total of 13 pages.
This leaflet is the 6th page.

Most of the combat techniques that dropped in the Primordial Divine Ruin were Basic Combat Techniques, and most of them dropped as the complete versions.
Although some Basic Combat Techniques dropped as incomplete pages, those were the extreme minority.
Normally, only Advanced rank or higher combat techniques would drop as individual pages.

However, there were differences between Advanced Combat Techniques and those of other ranks.

Not only could players in God’s Domain improve their foundations by learning combat techniques, but they could also learn ways to exhibit their strength more efficiently, thereby raising their overall combat power.
Some combat techniques even granted players the power to challenge foes of higher levels.
A Basic Combat Technique might not help Half-step Refinement Realm experts fight Refinement Realm experts, but an ordinary Advanced Combat Technique could.

This was also why the various Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds were so desperate to compete for slots to enter the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Meanwhile, an Advanced Combat Technique’s strength could be determined by the number of pages it possessed.
An ordinary Advanced Combat Technique would only include six to eight pages, a first-rate Advanced Combat Technique would possess nine to twelve pages, and a top-tier Advanced Combat Technique would possess thirteen to fifteen pages.

An ordinary Advanced Combat Technique could only help a Half-step Refinement Realm expert qualify to fight a Refinement Realm expert.
Meanwhile, a first-rate Advanced Combat Technique allowed Refinement Realm experts to face Flowing Water Realm experts.
As for top-tier Advanced Combat Techniques, if Flowing Water Realm experts learned one, they could even pose as a threat to Void Realm experts.

Even throughout God’s Domain, Void Realm experts were extremely rare.

Yet, with a top-tier Advanced Combat Technique, a Flowing Water Realm expert could stand against Void Realm experts.
One could just imagine how valuable such a combat technique was.

There was no doubt that Lightning Flash was a top-tier Advanced Combat Technique.

Shi Feng had never expected to get lucky enough to find a top-tier Advanced Combat Technique’s pages, and moreover, it was an attack-type technique.
Zero Wing didn’t actually have any of these.
If it were possible to collect the complete Lighting Flash Secret Technique, it would certainly help the Guild’s experts.
Learning the technique would likely offer more benefits than the Conqueror’s Armor.

The Conqueror’s Armor only allowed gave its wearer the power to face Refinement Realm experts temporarily, and after all was said and done, it was only a piece of Level 50 equipment.
Once players leveled up, the equipment would be useless.
It could not truly become part of a player’s strength.

An Advanced Combat Technique was different.
Once players learned it, they could put it to good use regardless of their level.
It would also offer significant help when players challenged their Promotion Quests.

Moreover, a complete Advanced Combat Technique was different from Secret Technique Tablets.
Although the combat techniques one could learn from a Secret Technique were more powerful than Advanced Combat Techniques, very few players could learn them.
It was impossible to share those techniques with a significant number of players.
However, a complete Advanced Combat Technique took the form of a book.
He could store the book in the Guild Warehouse, and Guild members could read it as they wished.

Setting aside whether or not players could actually learn the technique successfully, at the very least, everyone would have the opportunity to learn.

In the past, the reason that experts from the various superpowers had an easier time with their Promotion Quests, rising through the tiers, than experts from first-rate Guilds and below wasn’t just better weapons and equipment.
Rather, it was because their access to combat techniques was superior in both quantity and quality.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng led his team in search of another Boss rather than resting.

The Ancient Weather Book only had a 2-hour duration, whereas it had a 10-hour Cooldown.
He might be able to wait for such a long time, but the Primordial City would not wait for him.
Who knew if the Primordial City had an entry limit? If there wasn’t one, they might be alright, but if there were, he and Zero Wing’s members would lose their chance to enter the legendary city if they were too late.

Hence, he had to cherish every second and minute of these two hours.

Zero Wing’s members continued to hunt one Grand Lord ranked Thunder Elemental or Beast after another.
When the team encountered a Grand Lord in the barren wasteland, they’d pounce like a pack of hungry wolves.
They behaved nothing like the players from the various superpowers, who returned to rest in the starting area after slaying one or two Bosses.

The various superpowers grew envious at seeing this.

Without the threat from the lightning strikes, Zero Wing could casually slaughter these ready-made Grand Lords.
Not only were the team members able to earn an abundance of EXP, but they also secured plenty of top-tier equipment.
The Primordial Divine Ruin’s third underground floor had practically become a sacred leveling spot for Zero Wing.

“How is this possible?” King’s Return’s Wild Ocean was at a loss as he watched the scene before him.

He had assumed that Zero Wing would be stuck on the third floor, yet based its pace, it’d likely be the first team to reach the fourth underground floor.

“Uncle Broken, should we contact them?” Praying Lotus whispered to Broken City, who stood beside her.

Thus far, the various superpowers had only reached the fourth floor.
Not one of their teams had made it to the fifth yet.
The fourth floor was simply too difficult, and there was no comparing it with the third floor.

With the current strength of King’s Return’s team, it could not clear the fourth floor alone.
If King’s Return wished to reach the fifth floor, it would have to ally with another team.

However, doing so would leave the team fewer entry slots to the fifth floor.

It is too soon.
We’ll send them an invite once they experience the fourth floor’s wall,” Broken City said, smiling as he shook his head.

The third floor’s trial was child’s play compared to the fourth floor.
Not only did players have to face all sorts of attacks, but the Guardian Boss was also a bona fide Level 58 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species.
Even now, not a single superpower had dealt any damage to the Guardian Boss.
Although King’s Return had prepared thoroughly this time, they had no more than a 30% chance of defeating the Grand Lord.
Needless to say, Zero Wing’s chances were even lower.

While the various powers grinded Bosses on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s third underground floor, news of Zero Wing’s team completing the third floor’s trial quickly spread among the participating teams.
The various large Guilds and top adventurer teams from the kingdoms and empire neighboring the Orc Empire, in particular, had to reevaluate their opinions of the Guild.

The various superpowers had, thus far, monopolized the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fourth floor.
The fact that Zero Wing had reached that floor proved that it could nearly rival those superpowers in terms of top-tier experts.
At the very least, Zero Wing was definitely superior to first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams in this regard.

However, a deathly silence had fallen over the meeting room within Heaven’s Burial’s Ancient Rock City Residence due to this latest information.

Nobody could’ve imagined that, in one short day, Heaven’s Burial would lose the massive advantage it had cultivated.
And it was all due to Zero Wing.
First, Zero Wing had shattered Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays.
Then, the Guild had plundered their entry slots for the Primordial Divine Ruin.
Now, Zero Wing was about to set foot on the ruin’s fourth underground floor.

“Zero Wing!” Singular Burial’s expression twisted as he read the latest report.
Heaven’s Burial’s reputation was in tatters.
If they did not figure out a way to deal with this problem now, the Guild would likely have a rocky path ahead even if they held on to Ancient Rock City.
Singular Burial spun towards Flame Blood, who sat beside him wrapped in bandages, and growled, “Flame, didn’t you say that Beast Emperor needs the souls of 400,000 elite players to display his full strength in Star-Moon Kingdom? Go; tell him that I will fulfill that request.”

“Guild Leader, are you planning on…giving up on Star-Moon Kingdom entirely?” Flame Blood could not help his surprise.

Beast Emperor’s request was no laughing matter.
It was both the last and worst option Heaven’s Burial had.

“That’s right.
Since we can’t have Star-Moon Kingdom, what’s the point in leaving it alive?” Singular Burial nodded, a hint of madness flashing in his eyes.

Although he did not want to admit it, he had to acknowledge the fact that Heaven’s Burial had lost the struggle for Star-Moon Kingdom.
Regardless of whether or not they defended Ancient Rock City, the necessary funds to repair it was still a problem.
They also had to pay plenty in bounty claims each day.
If they continued the battle with Zero Wing, it would only be a matter of time before the Guild was finished, even if Heaven’s Burial had the support of major corporations.

If he wanted Heaven’s Burial to survive, he had to give up on Star-Moon Kingdom.

“I understand.
I’ll contact Beast Emperor right away.”

Seeing how serious Singular Burial was, Flame Blood inwardly lamented the fact that the man had become like this.
He never thought that a Guild like Zero Wing could actually corner Singular Burial, a genius, to this extent.
Of the many years he had followed Singular Burial, this was the first time something like this had ever happened.

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