Chapter 1660 – Lightning Flash Secret Technique

In a certain mountain range covered with dense forests…

Countless powerful monsters roamed about the area.
Every monster here was above Level 100, and quite a few were Mythic rank.
However, none of these monsters dared to approach the forest in the mountain range’s inner regions.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the forest’s entrance.
It was none other than Flame Blood.

When Flame Blood appeared, several massive, humanoid creatures appeared around him, each radiating the terrifying aura only Tier 4 Mythic monsters had.

After not seeing him for some time, he’s already developed to this point?Flame Blood was stunned when he noticed the six Mythic ranked Evil Demons around him.

Mythic ranked Evil Demons!

Evil Demons were far more difficult to nurture than Evil Beasts.
Previously, Beast Emperor had only been able to nurture a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon.

Although Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons were very powerful, they were not invincible.
If numerous experts worked together, they’d still be able to kill one.

However, it was a different story for Mythic ranked Evil Demons.
At this stage of the game, Mythic monsters were insurmountable, even to the various superpowers.
Otherwise, the Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon in God’s Domain would not stand empty.

Moreover, Evil Demons commanded superior intellect and could exhibit greater combat power than Evil Beasts.
Most importantly, they could be summoned at any time, unlike Evil Beasts, which could only move from location to location of their own power.

Now that Beast Emperor commanded Mythic ranked Evil Demons, he had the equivalent of Mythic ranked bodyguards at all times.

Having Mythic ranked Evil Demons would undoubtedly increase the safety and survivability of controllers like Beast Emperor by a significant margin.
He would no longer have to hide when attacking and could control his armies more efficiently.

After seeing these Mythic ranked Evil Demons, Flame Blood’s desire to obtain his own grew.

Being a member of the Evil God’s Temple, every race on the continent of God’s Domain hunted him constantly.
Surviving in the game had become exceedingly difficult.
Moreover, if players or NPCs captured him and sent him to the War God’s Temple, his character would be sentenced to death in the truest sense, and he’d be forced to start all over again.
Hence, he needed to be careful when he moved about and rarely approach appear before other players.

If he had his own Mythic ranked Evil Demons, though, he wouldn’t have to worry about capture unless he encountered a Tier 5 NPC.
Fortunately, Tier 5 NPCs were apex powerhouses in God’s Domain, and they weren’t so easy to encounter.
Normally, the strongest NPCs players would meet were Tier 4.

After the Evil Demons had a chance to observe Flame Blood for a moment, they retreated back into the forest.
Flame Blood then strode into the forest himself.

There was a massive crater within the heart of the forest.
The crater radiated an Evil Energy so dense that even an Evil God Apostle like him gasped as it washed over him.
If an ordinary player bathed in this dense Evil Energy, it would likely corrupt them instantly.

This crater was none other than the home of Star-Moon Kingdom’s Evil God’s Temple.
As long as players were within range of the temple, its energy would cut off their communication with the outside world.
They would not be able to send or receive messages.

“Flame Blood?” A middle-aged man covered in pitch-black ruins sat in the severely dilapidated temple.
When he noticed Flame Blood enter the temple, he sent the Cleric a glance and asked, “Why are you here? Weren’t you controlling your Evil Demon army to protect Ancient Rock City?”

Although the man before Flame Blood hadn’t expressed any emotion, speaking only in a calm tone, Flame Blood’s heart palpitated in fear.
This wasn’t just because Beast Emperor was one of the Evil God’s Temple’s Evil God Envoys, but also because of the horrific Evil Energy that lingered around him.

The man was far more frightening than the last time Flame Blood had seen Beast Emperor.
The Evil Energy Beast Emperor radiated was no weaker than the Evil Energy the temple itself radiated.
This man’s Evil Energy would likely kill ordinary players before they could approach him.

Moreover, as Flame Blood looked at Beast Emperor, he could not help but feel as if he stared at a ferocious beast that had just woken from a long slumber.

“My Guild Leader sent me,” Flame Blood said after steeling his mind.
“Didn’t you say that you needed 400,000 souls from elite players? My Guild Leader says he can give them to you.”

“He’s finally made up his mind?” Beast Emperor asked, chuckling.
“Then, return and tell him this; the day he has the players ready will be the day Zero Wing perishes.”

Although he was quite powerful and could easily hunt down players for their souls, the Immortal Souls he needed had to come from willing players.
Unfortunately, he was still short 400,000 elite players even after exhausting his means.
Otherwise, he would’ve handed Star-Moon Kingdom to the Evil God’s Temple a while ago.

Flame Blood nodded in response.
He had no doubt regarding Beast Emperor’s claim.

Others might not know the power Beast Emperor wielded after the Evil God’s Temple had activated, but as a member, Flame Blood knew it very well.

Meanwhile, back in the Primordial Divine Ruin’s third underground floor, quite some time had passed since the various superpowers had departed for the fourth floor.
Only the first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams, which couldn’t defeat the Bosses, and Zero Wing’s team, which still hunted Grand Lord ranked Thunder Beasts and Elementals, remained on the third floor.

Just how many Grand Lords must Zero Wing’s members kill before they are satisfied?”

“They might be grinding for Level 50 top-tier equipment on this floor.
After all, opportunities like this don’t come often.”

“With how many Grand Lords they’ve already killed, they should have more than enough Teleportation Stones.
I wonder if they’d be willing to share some with us?”

“Don’t even think about it.
First, the Primordial City will definitely have an entry limit.
It’s only natural to let as few players as possible reach the fourth and fifth floors.
Moreover, the Teleportation Stones are bound to players of the same team and can only be passed around between players on the same team.
The stones can also only be used on team members.
If the team’s member count suddenly increases, the Teleportation Stones they’ve collected thus far will become useless.
That makes it even less likely that they’d be willing to help us.”

The various first-rate Guilds and top adventurer teams couldn’t help but envy Zero Wing’s battling members as they searched for treasures on the third floor.
When they saw the Teleportation Stones scattered across the ground, their eyes became bloodshot.

Despite all of their effort, they hadn’t obtained a single Teleportation Stone, yet Zero Wing’s team didn’t even bother to pick up the stones that had dropped…

Meanwhile, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence as they killed another Level 55 Grand Lord ranked Thunder Beast.
After he collected the loot and inspected it, his brows lifted in joyful surprise.

Wonderful! With this, I finally have everything I need! Shi Feng could not help his excitement as he gazed at the last page of Lightning Flash.

They had raided Bosses for nearly two hours now.
They had even begun to lure two or three Grand Lords, raiding them at once, midway through their journey.
Fortunately, they had collected all 13 unique pages for the Lightning Flash Secret Technique before the Ancient Weather Book’s Weather Control ran out.

System: You have collected all pages for Lightning Flash.
Do you wish to synthesize the complete version of it? Synthesizing the complete version will require 1,000 Magic Crystals.

A thousand crystals? Why so many? Shi Feng was confused after reading the system notification.

Normally, synthesizing an Advanced Combat Technique only required between 50 and 100 Magic Crystals, depending on the number of pages the technique possessed.

Yet, the combat technique in his hands required 1,000 Magic Crystals.
The system was clearly trying to swindle him.

I want to see what kind of combat technique you’re going to give me. Shi Feng couldn’t care less about the cost, however, paying the 1,000 Magic Crystals without hesitation.

After all the trouble he had gone through to collect the pages, he wasn’t going to leave them to rot just because the system wanted to rob him.
Fortunately, there wasn’t much of a difference between 100 Magic Crystals and 1,000 to Shi Feng.

Suddenly, with Shi Feng at its center, a pitch-black magic array appeared beneath his feet.
A powerful stream of Mana surged upward from the array, and ignoring the Ancient Weather Book’s effects, thunderclouds gathered above, blocking out the sun above Shi Feng.
Massive lightning bolts then descended from the clouds, striking the 13 incomplete pages that hovered above Shi Feng’s head.

After hundreds of thundering booms echoed throughout the third floor, a thick, ancient tome hovered before Shi Feng.
Faint arcs of blue electricity danced around the tome.

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