Chapter 1663 – Tier 3 Power

The Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon laid before the massive stone doors with all of its eyes shut.
As the Earth Dragon breathed, the area before its heads turned into a hell of frost and fire.

When Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian got within 300 yards of the Earth Dragon, it stirred.
When its two sets of amber eyes fell on the MT trio, it released a deafening roar that echoed throughout the valley.
A horrific pressure washed over Zero Wing’s approaching members, instilling a sense of dread and turning their movements sluggish.

“Hahaha! They’re really doing it! And they’re charging in as one mindlessly instead of sending a few experts to test the waters! What a bunch of brave fools!” Wild Ocean laughed when he saw the ugly expressions that Zero Wing’s members wore.

He knew just how powerful the Earth Dragon was.
After all, he had already fought the Boss more than once.

One could only understand the Earth Dragon’s strength if they had experienced it personally.
From what he had learned, he knew that ordinary Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species couldn’t compare to this Earth Dragon.
The Boss had even easily overwhelmed a Tier 2 Shield Warrior like himself.

Although the Earth Dragon seemed like a single entity, it should actually be treated as an amalgamation of three.
This was because its two heads were capable of acting independently.
Although all three tails normally moved in unison, they moved as though they had minds of their own; they could sense and attack targets that the two heads couldn’t see.

The Earth Dragon also possessed tremendous Strength.
Even when it was suppressed by a magic array, a single attack forced a Tier 2 MT to retreat several steps and take over -20,000 damage.
This was after he had executed a technique to deflect most of the attack’s power.
If he simply blocked the Earth Dragon’s attacks normally, he would take over -30,000 damage from its normal attacks.
If he were careless for even a moment, the Earth Dragon would kill him instantly.

Even without the constant threat of the lava showers, the Earth Dragon was a daunting foe.

The Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon was the absolute gatekeeper for the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fifth underground floor.

Along with the Earth Dragon’s roars, lava began to spew from the ground, creating a wall of lava around the battlefield.
The ring of lava that formed sealed off Zero Wing’s path of retreat.
Now, it wasn’t possible for players inside to escape or enter the battlefield.

Players wouldn’t have any opportunities to attack in rotation.
Only the victor would survive this lava surrounded battlefield.

As the lava barrier formed, the Earth Dragon’s two mouths widened.
The ice- and fire-type Mana in the environment began to surge towards the beast’s maws.

“Zero Wing really is unlucky.
The Earth Dragon is actually using Frostflame Breath right off the bat.
The battle is likely already over.” Praying Lotus sighed, watching the scene from afar.

Frostflame Breath was one of the Earth Dragon’s team-wipe moves.
Not only did the Skill possess a massive AOE, but it had an extremely short channeling time.
As a cone-attack Skill, players normally wouldn’t have trouble dodging it if they were within 50 yards of the Boss.
However, Zero Wing’s members were still over 100 yards away from the Boss.
In this case, they would have to cross greater distances to move out of the Skill’s AOE, which was impossible with so little time.

Praying Lotus wasn’t alone in her thinking.
Everyone could already imagine the Boss wiping out Zero Wing’s team before they could land a single attack.


Just as the Earth Dragon was about to complete its Frostflame Breath, Shi Feng raised his right hand, which wore the Seven Luminaries Ring, and cast Forbidden Domain on the Guardian Boss.

Suddenly, the Mana in a 600-yard radius around the Earth Dragon froze.
The Mana surging towards the Earth Dragon’s heads also stopped.
In turn, the magic arrays, which Frostflame Breath had formed, began to crumble due to a lack of mana started crumbling due to a lack of Mana.

“What a powerful Silencing effect!”

“Zero Wing has such a powerful Silencing Skill?”

The distant spectators gasped.
None of them could believe that a player was actually capable of stopping the Earth Dragon’s Frostflame Breath as it activated.

God’s Domain might have many players who had learned Silencing Skills, but there were differences in these Skills’ strength.
Normally, Silencing Skills would have striking effects against Tier 0 and Tier 1 players, but most of the Silencing Skills they’ve seen thus far had little effect on Tier 2 players, much less Boss monsters.

Silencing Skills that could affect Boss monsters were incomparably valuable, even more so than large-scale destruction Spells.
Being able to Silence a Boss even for a moment could save a team from instant annihilation and turn the tide of battle, and most superpowers would offer astronomical prices to purchase such Skills.

According to their knowledge, aside from Tier 3 Silencing Magic Scrolls, there had yet to be a player that had learned a Silencing Skill capable of affecting a Grand Lord ranked Boss.
Even Silencing Skills that could affect Great Lords had yet to be discovered, but Zero Wing actually possessed one…

Zero Wing’s value rose even higher in the various spectating superpowers’ eyes.
At the very least, Zero Wing now possessed an advantage none of them had against the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon.
With this Silencing Skill, raiding the Earth Dragon would be considerably easier.

After being Silenced, the Earth Dragon became enraged.
Letting out a powerful roar, it charged towards Shi Feng.

Having expected such a reaction, Shi Feng leisurely commanded, “Cola, you three will intercept the Boss.”

“Guild Leader, leave it to us!” Cola and the others smiled as they moved to meet the Boss in battle.

To the Earth Dragon, the MT trio was little more than a group of ants.
The Earth Dragon lifted one of its claws and swept it horizontally at the approaching pests.


Seeing the massive claw approach, Cola’s lips curled into a grin.
He then raised his shield and charged forward.


When the Earth Dragon’s massive claw swept across the uneven ground, it removed all obstacles without slowing in the slightest, yet when its claw collided with Cola’s Titan Guard, its speed sharply decreased.
The claw completely stopped after another ten yards or so.

What Strength! Cola was surprised when he blocked the Earth Dragon’s claw.

This claw swipe had taken nearly 40,000 of his HP.
The Earth Dragon’s Strength was already close to rivaling an ordinary Mythic monster of the same level.

The onlooking superpowers were even more shocked.

If the Earth Dragon were unsuppressed, a single attack would be enough to instant-kill a Tier 1 MT, while Tier 2 MTs would lose over 50,000 HP.
Meanwhile, their Tier 2 MTs only had a little over 60,000 HP.
Two hits would be more than enough to kill a Tier 2 MT, yet even after receiving the Earth Dragon’s attack head-on, Cola still had over half of his HP remaining.

This proved that, at the very least, Cola could tank three of the unsuppressed Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon’s hits.

This also meant that, even if the Earth Dragon weren’t subjected to any form of suppression, Cola could tank the Earth Dragon head-on if they healed him enough.
This, in turn, gave his team the foundation it needed to raid the Earth Dragon.

With an MT like Cola, their chances of defeating the Earth Dragon increased by at least 20%.

Seeing the ant survive its first attack, the Earth Dragon proceeded to swipe its other claw.

This time, Turtledove received the attack.


Once again, something unbelievable occurred.

The Boss pushed Turtledove a much shorter distance than Cola.
She also only lost a little over 34,000 HP.
Likewise, she still had over 50% of her HP.

Immediately after the Earth Dragon’s two consecutive attacks, Shadow Sword, who was only a short distance behind Cola and Turtledove, leaped into the air and slashed at the Earth Dragon’s chest.

After the flash of silver, the Earth Dragon’s heads screamed in agony.
Shadow Sword’s greatsword had actually cut through the Earth Dragon’s adamantine-like scales, leaving a bloody gash on the monster’s chest.


An unbelievable number had appeared above the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon’s heads.

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