Chapter 1664 – Frightening Team

“Over ten thousand damage?! How is that possible?!”

“I’m not seeing things, right?!”

“How is his damage so high?”

“Is he wearing a full set of Epic Equipment?”

The crowd couldn’t tear their eyes off of Shadow Sword, shock and curiosity overwhelming their minds.
In fact, many of them wanted to rush over and demand to know what Zero Wing had done to allow a player to deal over -10,000 damage to the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon.

The majority of their members’ attacks had only dealt damage in the hundreds.
Only their Tier 2 players had dealt more than that thanks to their superior Attributes.
Even so, their normal attacks only dealt around -3,000 damage each, yet Shadow Sword had dealt over -10,000 with a normal attack.

Even if Shadow Sword were a Tier 2 Berserker, there should be no way his damage should surpass their Tier 2 members by such a large margin.

The only reason they could think of was that the Berserker must have a full set of Epic Equipment, but even then, such a thing was unrealistic.

How valuable was Epic Equipment?

Players would need over ten pieces to be fully geared in Epic ranked Equipment!

Most of God’s Domain’s large Guilds didn’t even have that many pieces.
Even Super Guilds could only afford to equip their strongest members with four or five pieces for maximum efficiency.

They refused to believe that Zero Wing had the capability or generosity to gear a single player in ten or more pieces of Epic Equipment.

“Guild Leader, what kind of weapon did you give Shadow? Its Attack Power is amazing!” Aqua Rose and Zero Wing’s other Tier 2 players could not help but ask Shi Feng after seeing Shadow Sword’s shocking damage.

They knew very clearly what kind of equipment Shadow Sword wore, and they knew that none of them could deal over -10,000 damage to this Guardian Boss, especially not with a normal attack.
The only explanation for Shadow Sword’s unexpected performance had to be the weapon Shi Feng had given him before the raid.

However, they found it hard to imagine that changing weapons would offer such a massive boost.
Even if the greatsword were an Epic Weapon, the Berserker shouldn’t be capable of so much damage.
After all, the various superpowers had armed their Tier 2 DPS experts with Epic Weapons as well.

“I never said that I had given Shadow the weapon.
I’m only letting him use it.
As for what kind of weapon it is, that is a Guild Secret!” Shi Feng said, revealing a meaningful smile.
“If any of you enter the Flowing Water Realm in the future, I can help you obtain this kind of power, too.”

Truthfully, the Edgeless Blade’s performance had even surprised Shi Feng.
He had never thought that a Tier 3 Mana Weapon would be so powerful.

However, as Mana Weapons had yet to make their public appearance in God’s Domain, he did not want too many people to learn about them.

If not for the Earth Dragon’s incredibly high Defense, he wouldn’t have let Shadow Sword use the Edgeless Blade.

“Seriously, Guild Leader?” Flying Shadow and the others’ eyes sparkled when they heard Shi Feng’s offer.
They all wanted to wield the power Shadow Sword had just displayed.

“Of course.
When have I ever lied to you?” Shi Feng said, shrugging.

Although Tier 3 Mana Weapons were extremely rare, even rarer than Epic Weapons, there were twelve Tier 3 Mana Weapons sitting in the Lost Town’s tower.
If he could secure the Lost Town, those weapons would be his for the taking.

Hearing Shi Feng’s assurance, everyone’s enthusiasm to improve their combat standards soared.

If they raised their combat power to the Flowing Water Realm and obtained a weapon like the Edgeless Blade, they would instantly become apex experts in God’s Domain.
They wouldn’t even have a problem killing a peak expert of the same level.
Just thinking of the possibility excited them.

The team began to vent its newfound passion in its fight against the Earth Dragon as damages in the hundreds began to appear above the Boss’s head.
Only the Magic Light Team and Zero Wing’s Tier 2 players dealt over -3,000 damage, with some even reaching -5,000 damage.

When Shi Feng and Fire Dance joined the fray, the spectators were shocked once more.

Due to the benefits form the Shadow Bloodline, each of Fire Dance’s normal attacks dealt over -9,000 damage.
Although she didn’t deal as much as Shadow Sword, she was an Assassin.
Her specialty was speed rather than raw power.

Naturally, Shi Feng was more impressive than both Shadow Sword and Fire Dance.
His Attack Power was on a whole other level.
His normal attacks alone dealt over -12,000 damage, while his Skills easily dealt between -30,000 to -50,000 damage.
He was practically a humanoid Great Lord.

As they attacked, Shi Feng sent nine magical class players to approach the Earth Dragon and use the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array to suppress the Boss.

Although the Earth Dragon had extraordinary strength, at the end of the day, it was only a Grand Lord.
Its resistance wasn’t on par with Mythic monsters.
Hence, the Intermediate Magic Array still suppressed the Earth Dragon’s Attributes by 15%.
Following which, Shi Feng spent 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate World Projection, suppressing the Boss even further.
This caused the Earth Dragon’s Basic Attributes to fall to 70% of their original values.
Its maximum HP decreased to 189,000,000 as well.

Shi Feng had no intention of using Disintegration Field as the Skill didn’t differentiate friend from foe.
Aside from himself, everyone within range would be subjected to the Disintegration Field’s suppression.
Right now, his team had to attack while focusing on their positioning and the lower showers.
If he used Disintegration Field, the Earth Dragon wouldn’t be the one to suffer; Zero Wing’s members would.

Fortunately, the 30% decrease to the Earth Dragon’s Basic Attributes relieved some of the pressure on Cola and the other two MTs.
Even when they didn’t use special techniques to block the Boss’s normal attacks, they received less than -20,000 from each hit; this damage wasn’t nearly enough to threaten their lives.

To increase the team’s overall DPS, Shi Feng had ordered some of the weaker experts to activate their Berserk Skills instead of holding back.

Suddenly, the Earth Dragon’s HP began to fall, the speed of which shocked the watching superpowers.

However, as the battle drug on, the surrounding barrier began to spew jets of lava into the sky.
The lava then rained down on everyone on the battlefield.

Not even Shi Feng had a good solution for countering this massive AOE.
He could only rely on Violet Cloud’s Holy Prayer, reducing the damage his teammates took while simultaneously healing them.
As for Cola, he used Divine Shield to protect the MTs fighting on the frontline.

When the lava shower ended, even with Violet Cloud’s assistance, Zero Wing’s team had lost over 100 members.
Zero Wing’s casualty rate was significantly higher than the various superpowers’ teams.

Fortunately, the lava showers did not happen too often, giving Zero Wing’s members plenty of time to damage the Boss.
When the second lava shower eventually fell on the team, Zero Wing suffered evidently fewer losses.
Most of the players that had died during the first lava shower had lower combat standards, while the survivors were stronger.

The Earth Dragon’s HP quickly fell to 95%.

95%… 90%… 80%…

When the Earth Dragon entered its second phase, it ceased its claw attacks.
Instead, it began to execute AOE breath attacks, though they weren’t as powerful as its Frostflame Breath.
Even so, each attack dealt considerable amounts of damage.
When Cola tied to take a hit with his shield, he had instantly lost over 30,000 HP.

The change in attack pattern also forced Zero Wing’s members to run constantly, evading the Boss’s AOE attacks.
This development instantly reduced the team’s overall DPS.
However, Shi Feng still had the situation in hand.

Roughly six minutes after the battle had begun, the Earth Dragon’s HP fell to 30%.
At this point, Zero Wing’s team only had 300 members left alive.
Everyone else had either died to the breath attacks or the lava showers.

“The Boss is entering its third phase! Whoever has a Berserk Skill, use it now!” Shi Feng hurriedly shouted when he saw the Earth Dragon’s HP fall to 30%.

Hearing Shi Feng’s command, Cola and the other MTs activated Power of Darkness, no longer holding back and skyrocketing their Attributes.

Meanwhile, the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon released a deafening roar, and the surrounding ice- and fire-type Mana concentrated around it.

The Earth Dragon swiped one of its claws at Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian.
Despite the boost to the MT trio’s Basic Attributes, the attack shoved them back by over a dozen yards.
They had nearly lost their footing from the devastating impact.
Each of them had lost over 50,000 HP on the spot…

Had they failed to activate their Berserk Skills in time, they would’ve died instantly.

“Quick! The Boss’s Defense has weakened! Attack it with everything you’ve got!” When Shi Feng realized that the Earth Dragon had entered its berserk and saw that his attacks now dealt over -16,000 damage, he ordered his team to go all-out.

With the decrease to the Boss’s Defense, Shi Feng stopped holding back himself as he activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power.

All of a sudden, the Earth Dragon’s HP began to fall must faster.

Meanwhile, the less HP the Earth Dragon had remaining, the stronger its retaliation became.
From time to time, it randomly targeted a player with its tails and breaths.
Although Cola and the others continued to use Taunt Skills to hold the Boss’s aggro, all their efforts were futile.

25%… 15%… 5%…

When the Earth Dragon only had 3% HP remaining, fewer than 100 Zero Wing members stood on the battlefield.
The situation looked dire for Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, the Earth Dragon used its breath and claw attacks more often, forcing the MT trio to activate their Lifesaving Skills and focus on defense.
They no longer dared to spare energy to deal damage.


Shi Feng activated Divine Providence as he charged up to the Earth Dragon.
He then activated the Tier 2 Flame Burst and brandished his swords at the Grand Lord.

Dazzling sword lights illuminated the battlefield.
Every time these lights flashed, a scorch mark would appear on the Earth Dragon’s body.
Out of the 16 slashes Shi Feng had executed, the weakest had dealt over -200,000 damage.
In the blink of an eye, he had eliminated the final strand of the Boss’s HP.
The Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon then unwillingly collapsed to the burned earth…

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