Everyone dreamed of obtaining items that could improve players’ strength, and superpowers were no exception.
Even though Zero Wing had proven to them all that its combat power and growth potential was extraordinary, that would do little to deter them from attacking.

“Uncle Yuan, what should we do? With the Boss dead, we won’t be able to move on to the fifth floor,” Purple Jade said.
She felt a slight headache brew as she gazed at the empty battlefield.

Although the fourth underground floor had plenty of monsters, only the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon dropped Teleportation Stones.
Since the only Earth Dragon on the fourth floor had just died, other players had no way of proceeding to the next floor.

“Don’t worry.
The Earth Dragon is both the Guardian Boss and the only monster that drops the Teleportation Stones.
It should respawn shortly.
However, even if we kill it, we won’t get as much loot as Zero Wing,” Yuan Tiexin said, a hint of envy flashing in his eyes as he stared at the massive set of stone doors, which Zero Wing’s members had disappeared into.

News that Zero Wing had secured the First Kill of the fourth floor’s Guardian Boss quickly spread past the Primordial Divine Ruin, causing a commotion among the powers interested in the Orc Empire.

Nobody had expected that the first Guild to set foot on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fifth underground floor would neither be a super-first-rate Guild or a Super Guild, but an up-and-coming Guild like Zero Wing.
For a time, a significant number of Guilds and adventurer teams became interested in cooperating with the Guild.

Although they weren’t strong enough to reach the fifth floor and subsequently, Primordial City on their own, they could hire Zero Wing to carry some of their members.
They might be able to learn all sorts of combat techniques from the Guild, as well.

As for purchasing these services from the various superpowers, they had no hope of such a thing.
They had nothing the various superpowers wanted, but Zero Wing was a different story.
Zero Wing was a Guild with very shallow foundations.
It lacked both manpower and resources.
Moreover, as a developing Guild, Zero Wing definitely needed a large amount of funds and resources, which their Guilds and adventurer teams could provide.
With this, they would have the basis for cooperation.

Meanwhile, on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s fifth underground floor…

After leaving the fourth floor, Shi Feng’s group was transported to a quiet lakeside surrounded by forest.

“So, this is the fifth floor?” Everyone turned as they observed their surroundings.

Unlike on the previous floors, they didn’t feel danger from the area around them.
On the contrary, they felt comfortable and at peace.

“Everyone, rest up.
We’ll search for the path to Primordial City later,” Shi Feng instructed as he noticed his recently resurrected team members’ exhaustion.

Every fifth floor in the Primordial Divine Ruin was a milestone.
The first floor would test players, while the fifth would allow them to rest.

The fifth floor’s Mana density was so high that players could swiftly recover their Stamina and Concentration even as they moved about.
The recovery effects on this floor were no weaker than those in NPC cities’ hotels.

In the past, some Guilds had even established temporary towns on the Primordial Divine Ruin’s rest floors.
These temporary towns had provided a safe haven from other players and a place for players to trade and replenish their supplies.
Unfortunately, the services these towns had provided had been exceedingly expensive.

But that couldn’t be helped.
Once players left the Primordial Divine Ruin, not only would they have to start over with the first floor’s raid, but they’d also have to wait a full day before entering again.
Just reentering the ruin would be a problem.

If a team wanted to resupply inside the ruin, they had to accept the atrocious prices.
Hence, the temporary Guild Towns on the ruin’s rest floors generated considerable profit each day.
Moreover, the services would become more expensive as the floor numbers increased.
However, only superpowers were generally capable of establishing towns on lower floors.
Ordinary large Guilds could only make a profit by doing so on the fifth floor.

Only, Shi Feng currently had no such plans.
Locating the path towards Primordial City was far more important right now.

While everyone rested, Shi Feng opened his bag and looked through the items the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon had dropped.

Since he had been in too much of a rush earlier, he hadn’t had the time to inspect the Boss’s loot, but even if the other Guilds wanted to chase his team to the fifth floor, they’d have to wait until a new Earth Dragon spawned on the fourth to do so.

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