Chapter 1669 – Shadow of Trial

What powerful auras!

Shi Feng tensed as he gazed at the five crystal balls hovering before him.

It was obvious that these crystal balls represented the strength of the opponent he would face.

These crystal balls’ auras also provided a hint to help players make the best decision.
However, even the weakest crystal ball radiated considerable pressure.
It was evident that entering Primordial City wouldn’t be as easy as he had expected.

Shi Feng wasn’t the only player present who could sense the five crystal balls’ auras.
Aqua Rose and the others, who had just arrived outside of the magic array, could sense the intense energy from the crystal balls as well.
Every crystal ball felt as if it contained some horrific creature.

“These crystals represent your opponents’ strengths.
You may choose the one that you think you can defeat, but please remember; you only have three chances,” Tyrol reminded.

Three chances? After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng proceeded to choose the second strongest crystal ball.
“Lord Tyrol, I choose this one.”

Based on the aura of the God ranked test, he knew that he had no chance of completing it.
In fact, he wasn’t even particularly confident of passing the Asura ranked test, but since he had three chances, he might as well give it a try.

If he could clear the Asura ranked test, he could earn more Contribution Points before entering Primordial City, which would save him from having to pick up plenty of troublesome tasks.

“Asura rank?” Tyrol could not help but shake his head as he looked at Shi Feng.
“What a courageous young man you are.
However, since you’ve made your decision, let the test begin.”

Saying so, Tyrol gestured with his left hand.
Suddenly, the Asura ranked crystal ball shattered, and the shards transformed into three clouds of mist.
These clouds gradually took on humanoid shapes, and a moment later, three creatures, identical to Shi Feng, manifested inside the magic array.
Meanwhile, aside from their names, ‘Shadow of Trial,’ the system revealed no information about them.

Three? The corners of Shi Feng’s mouth twitched slightly.

Although he could not see the Shadows of Trial’s Basic Attributes, he clearly sensed that they were higher than his.

Aqua Rose and the others, who watched from outside of the magic array, gasped when they saw the three Shadows of Trial.

Each of the Shadows felt like a Great Lord.
No, to be more precise, the Shadows’ auras were stronger than any of the Great Lords they had faced.
It would not be a stretch to call them Grand Lords.

“To pass the test, you simply need to land ten hits on each of them.
I must warn you; they know everything you know.
Likewise, if they hit you ten times, you will be eliminated,” Tyrol said.

After Tyrol explained the rules, the three Shadows of Trial revealed human-like sneers.
Suddenly, the vanished, leaving afterimages as they charged at Shi Feng.

“So fast!” The watching crowd was shocked.

The Shadows had moved so quickly that all they had seen was faint afterimages.

Moreover, unlike ordinary monsters, the Shadows of Trial commanded extremely high intellect.
Their fighting style wouldn’t be monotonous.
Moreover, all three Shadows coordinated perfectly, each striking at Shi Feng from different directions.

As soon as the Shadows appeared around Shi Feng, each launched a different attack.

Illusory Shadow!

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Shadow Blade!

The Shadows of Trial’s attacks sealed off Shi Feng’s escape paths.
To make matters worse, the Illusory Shadow attacks couldn’t be blocked.

Crap! Shi Feng paled as he realized his situation.

Not even he dared to receive all three Skill attacks head-on.
If he tried to, he would undoubtedly end up dead in the blink of an eye.

Just before the attacks landed, Shi Feng activated Divine Steps, and ten doppelgangers split from his body.
He immediately switched positions with a nearby doppelganger and used Shadow Blade against the nearest Shadow of Trial.

However, before the Shadow Blades could reach the Shadow of Trial, ten doppelgangers split from its body.
Shi Feng’s ten Shadow Blades then pierced through the Shadow of Trial’s form.
However, it was evident that he had nearly struck a doppelganger.

How is this possible? They have my weapons and equipment’s Skills, as well? Shi Feng was shocked when the Shadow also used Divine Steps.

However, before Shi Feng could regain his senses, all three Shadows of Trial activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, their Attributes soaring.
They slashed their blades at their target, the intensity of their Strength creating powerful gales.

With no better plan, Shi Feng continued to switch positions with his doppelgangers to avoid the incoming attacks.

Although Heavenly Dragon’s Power was strong, it was a Berserk Skill that focused on boosting Strength.
It’s buff to speed was only subpar.

For a time, Shi Feng was at a complete disadvantage as the three Shadows of Trial chased him relentlessly.
The spectating players outside of the magic array were flabbergasted.
They were literally watching three doppelgangers gang up on their Guild Leader.
Moreover, the doppelgangers’ Basic Attributes were even higher than Shi Feng’s.
If they had to face three of those doppelgangers at once, they’d likely die in an instant.

However, Divine Steps had a limited duration.
The instant those allied doppelgangers vanished, Shi Feng gritted his teeth as he also activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power.
Upon activating the Berserk Skill, he darted for one of the three Shadows.

Sword’s Orbit!

Suddenly, brilliant stars bombarded the Shadow of Trial, one after another.

However, before the hits landed, they abruptly halted before a protective barrier.

Absolute Domain!

When Shi Feng’s targeted Shadow of Trial had activated Absolute Domain, the other two Shadows also gained invulnerability.
Giving Shi Feng no time to react, one of the three Shadows activated Instant Strike and swung its blade fiercely at the player.

Shi Feng knew that he couldn’t dodge the attacks in time.
The only thing he could do was to activate his own Instant Strike and execute Sword’s Orbit to defend himself as much as possible.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time their weapons clashed, dazzling sparks flew around them.
Loud clangs also echoed throughout the forest.
It seemed as if two primordial beasts were attempting to slay one another.

A moment later, however, Shi Feng slid backward.
As soon as the first Shadow of Trial’s Instant Strike ended, another Shadow activated the Skill.
When Shi Feng’s own Instant Strike came to an end, he lost his ability to keep up with the Shadows’ attacks.

Absolute Domain!

After activating his Invulnerability Skill, Shi Feng switched the Aura of Earth to the Aura of Time and activated Forbidden Domain.

It might be much of an issue if only one Shadow of Trial could use all of his Skills, but the fact that all three were capable of this put Shi Feng at a painful disadvantage.
If he wished to emerge victorious, he had to rely on his combat techniques.

As the Shadows of Trial weren’t ones to be beaten, one of them activated Forbidden Domain as well.

Suddenly, both sides were Silenced, losing the ability to use Spells or Skills.
Following which, the three Shadows ganged up on Shi Feng once again.

Although Shi Feng’s techniques were superior, the Shadow trio had higher Basic Attributes.
Moreover, the Shadow trio disregarded their own defense as they brutally attacked.
This forced Shi Feng into a defensive state.

He was only one person, after all.
If he tried to strike one of the three Shadows, he’d leave himself open for the other two.
Meanwhile, each of the Shadows could afford to take ten hits each, but he would be eliminated after ten hits.

Both sides struggled in a stalemate.
Shi Feng focused on a single Shadow, using his superior techniques to create gaps in its defenses and attack.

The bitter struggle inside the magic array made the spectating players anxious.

But they also knew that such an intense battle wouldn’t last long.
Once the Silence debuff ended, Shi Feng would be at a disadvantage once again.

When Forbidden Domain’s duration had only ten seconds remaining, despite Shi Feng’s desperate attempts, he had only struck one of the three Shadows five times.
He still needed to land five more hits on that Shadow to eliminate it, but he was running out of time.

8 seconds… 5 seconds… 3 seconds…

Am I going to lose?

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