Chapter 1675 – Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal

After getting struck by the Mutated Dark Scorpion’s glowing stingers, the Blood Demon immediately gained a debuff.


When the debuff took effect, Shi Feng suddenly found it much more difficult to control the Blood Demon, the Demon’s movements becoming sluggish.

What a powerful poison. Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he checked the debuff.

[Paralyzing Venom]

Inflicts 30,000 damage every 0.8 second for 12 seconds.
While the venom is still in effect, decreases reaction speed by 40%, Attack Speed by 30%, and Movement Speed by 30%.
Effects can be stacked up to 10 times.

The majority of toxins in God’s Domain only caused victims to lose HP over time.
Very few could inflict a paralysis effect, much less be stackable.
Although the Blood Demon possessed high Magic Resistance and could mitigate a portion of the damage it received, if the toxin was stacked ten times, even the Blood Demon would fall in no time.

Moreover, the toxin being stacked boosted not only the DoT but also the speed reduction debuff.
If that happened, the Blood Demon would have an increasingly difficult time blocking the attacks of the Dark Scorpions, which possessed considerably high combat standards.
The Mutated Dark Scorpion’s combat standard was even at the level of an ordinary expert player.

In the next moment, the Dark Scorpions launched another wave of attacks at the Blood Demon.
Due to the venom, the Blood Demon had great difficulty defending itself.
A series of damages ranging from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand appeared above the Blood Demon’s head, its HP plummeting.
The number of Paralyzing Venom stacks also increased from one to four.

Now, the Blood Demon was taking -120,000 damage from the venom every 0.8 second.
Its reaction speed had also decreased by 60%, and its Attack and Movement Speed by 50%.

Even though the Blood Demon was higher-leveled, it would not last very long against the Dark Scorpions at this rate.

Thank goodness I prepared Primordial Scrolls. Glancing at the Mutated Dark Scorpion, Shi Feng then commanded the Heroic Spirit to cast the Tier 2 Spell Healing Wind.

A light-green gale immediately enveloped the Blood Demon.
In the next moment, not only did the Paralyzing Venom debuff disappear altogether, but the Blood Demon also rapidly recovered the 10% or so HP it lost.
In the blink of an eye, it was already back to full HP.

Once Healing Wind ended, Shi Feng had the Heroic Spirit cast the Tier 3 Spell Earthen Vine.

Suddenly, vines sprouted beneath the Dark Scorpions’ legs and bound the monsters completely.
Although the Dark Scorpions managed to cut and snap the vines in their struggles, new vines would always replace the broken ones, greatly restricting the mobility of the Dark Scorpions.
Moreover, the Earthen Vines also dealt -50,000 damage every second to the Dark Scorpions, and the Skill lasted for a full 20 seconds.

This Skill was perfect against monsters without Control Removal Skills.

After the Dark Scorpions were restricted, the Blood Demon brandished its greatsword and began exterminating the Dark Scorpions.
Each of its normal attacks caused around -40,000 damage, while its Skills dealt over -100,000 damage each.
Meanwhile, Shi Feng also cast Flame Domain on the group of monsters.

Although Shi Feng was suppressed by the world and his Basic Attributes had decreased significantly, the Sacred Sword he wielded doubled the damage he dealt Dark Creatures.

Following which, damages over -200,000 appeared above the Dark Scorpions’ heads.
Moreover, the damage Flame Domain dealt also increased by 20% with every passing second.
By the time Flame Domain ended, the Lord ranked Dark Scorpions had lost nearly one-third of their maximum HP.

Shi Feng then executed Lightning Edge and dealt each of the Dark Scorpions over -200,000 damage per second for five seconds.

At this time, the Heroic Spirit standing beside Shi Feng finished casting the Tier 3 Curse Star Fury.
Suddenly, streaks of starlight started raining down from the sky and bombarding the Dark Scorpions.
The might of the AOE Spell was stronger than even Shi Feng’s Flame Domain, each wave of attacks dealing over -600,000 damage to the Dark Scorpions.
Moreover, unlike normal AOE Spells, Star Fury aimed only at enemies within range.
Hence, the Curse did not do any damage to the Blood Demon.
In total, seven waves of starlight descended on the Dark Scorpions.
By the time Star Fury ended, not only had the Dark Scorpions lost a significant amount of their HPs, but they also fell into a heavily injured state, their Basic Attributes, Defense, and combat power decreasing to a certain extent.

This turn of events allowed the Blood Demon to deal even more damage.
Now, even its normal attacks inflicted around -80,000 damage on its tough opponents.
Very quickly, the first Dark Scorpion fell to Shi Feng’s group.

Afterward, even after Earthen Vine’s duration ended, the heavily injured Dark Scorpions didn’t pose much of a threat.
To make the battle more efficient, Shi Feng decided to have the Blood Demon focus on only dodging the Mutated Dark Scorpion’s attacks while maintaining its assault on the other Dark Scorpions.
This strategy rendered the Mutated Dark Scorpion useless in the battle.
The Great Lord could only watch as its subordinates got picked off one after another.

Only after the disposal of all the Lord ranked monsters did Shi Feng have the Blood Demon trade blow for blow with the Great Lord, forgoing all forms of evasion and defense.
Although the Blood Demon would get poisoned and receive significant amounts of damage from doing so, there was the healing provided by the Heroic Spirit.
Due to the Blood Demon’s all-out offensive, the Mutated Dark Scorpion lost HP rapidly.  ( Boxno vel.
co m )

72%… 70%… 65%…

After roughly ten minutes had passed since the battle began, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and landed the last hit on the Mutated Dark Scorpion.

Following which, the Mutated Dark Scorpion let out an agonized screech as it collapsed before Shi Feng’s feet.
At the same time, the Great Lord also dropped eight items around its corpse.

The monsters here are really tough. Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw that the Mutated Dark Scorpion was finally dead.

Although Shi Feng had long since known that the monsters in Higher Planes were powerful, he had never imagined that the monsters of the Darkness World would be this powerful.
Just dealing with a Level 68 Great Lord had already taken him so much effort.

If not for him having summoned a healing-type Heroic Spirit, he could have come out the loser in this battle.

With how powerful the monsters in the Darkness World were, if he came across a Grand Lord, he would most likely have no choice but to run away.

However, while dealing with the Dark Scorpions was indeed very difficult, the loot they dropped pleased Shi Feng greatly.

The nine Lord ranked Dark Scorpions had dropped a total of 37 items.
Among them, fifteen were Level 60 Mysterious-Iron Equipment and eight were Level 60 Bronze Equipment.
The drop-rate here was considerably better than on the continent of God’s Domain where Lord ranked monsters past Level 50 dropped only Bronze Equipment while Mysterious-Iron Equipment was dropped by only High Lords and Great Lords—and generally just one or two pieces of equipment at that.

Aside from weapons, equipment, and materials, the nine Dark Scorpions also dropped three Darkness Stone Fragments.
The drop-rate for the fragments was considerably better than what Shi Feng initially expected it to be.

However, compared to the loot of the nine Dark Scorpions, the loot of the Mutated Dark Scorpion was much more attractive.

Of the eight items dropped, three were equipment: a Level 60 Secret-Silver cloth armor robe and two set pieces for the Level 60 Secret-Silver plate armor Dark Devourer Set.

Level 60 Secret-Silver Set Equipment would be considered top-notch equipment in the game when players reached Level 60.
Moreover, the Dark Devourer Set was actually an eight-piece set.
The set’s level requirement would be lowered to Level 55 when four set pieces were gathered, and further to Level 50 if one managed to complete the set.

If players could equip Level 60 Secret-Silver Set Equipment at Level 50, just the Basic Attributes they could gain from the set alone would surpass that of Level 50 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.
Not to mention, the Dark Devourer Set’s other set effects were also plenty amazing.
The set’s two-piece set effect reduced the damage sustained from Tier 2 Spells by 40% and Spells below Tier 2 by 70%.
Meanwhile, the six-piece set effect raised the wearer’s Strength and Endurance by up to 30% when attacked.

If he could allow the Guild’s MTs and Berserkers to equip the Dark Devourer Set, they would be practically invincible among those of the same level.

Aside from the three pieces of equipment, the Mutated Dark Scorpion also dropped two Darkness Stone Fragments.
As for the remaining three items, two of them were Paralyzing Venom Potions, which could be applied to weapons, allowing one’s attacks to inflict a weakened version of the Paralyzing Venom debuff on targets.
Each potion could be used three times, and each application lasted 30 minutes.
Although the debuff imposed was nowhere near as strong as the Mutated Dark Scorpion’s, it was still quite effective against both players and monsters.

Following which, Shi Feng took out from his bag the last item the Great Lord dropped.
This item was a crystal that gave off a black-and-white glow.
When he looked at the crystal, a hint of excitement flashed in his eyes.

The Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal.

It was one of the rarest loot available in the Darkness World.
In fact, it was a treasure highly sought after by players belonging to the dark forces.

This was an item that would only be dropped by darkness-type mutated monsters.

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