Chapter 1676 – Class-change to Yin Yang Saint

Looking at the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal in his hand, Shi Feng immediately took out a Summon Guard Scroll and activated it.

The Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal contained a special kind of Power of Darkness, allowing one to gain better control over the Power of Darkness.
For players belonging to the dark forces, absorbing the Mutated Dark Energy Crystal would improve their physique and Life Rating.
At the same time, the Power of Darkness they could use would increase.
One could say that the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal was similar to a Bloodline but with far inferior effects compared to an actual Bloodline.
Even so, it was still extremely precious.

Shi Feng never thought he could obtain a Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal just by killing one Mutated Dark Scorpion.

Dark Players would definitely go crazy with envy if they learned of this matter.

In the past, countless Dark Players had visited the Darkness World to obtain Mutated Darkness Energy Crystals.
However, extremely few actually got their hands on one.

Unfortunately, as Shi Feng was not a Dark Player, the crystal was not as valuable to him.

However, there was another use for the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal—which was also considered by players as one of the most wasteful methods of using Mutated Energy Crystals like the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal—and that was to allow Personal Guards to absorb its power.
Letting a Personal Guard absorb the power of a Mutated Energy Crystal gave the said Personal Guard an opportunity to awaken and assimilate that power.
However, the chances of success were below 10%.
In contrast, if players were to absorb the power of a Mutated Energy Crystal, they were sure to obtain that power.

In the past, almost no player would waste the Mutated Energy Crystals they obtained on their Personal Guards.

Of course, there were always exceptions, such as righteous players who refused to trade with Dark Players no matter what.
In such rare occasions, players would choose to give the Mutated Energy Crystal to their Personal Guards instead and gamble on the small chance of success.
Meanwhile, one of these exceptions had won their gamble, allowing their Fine-Gold Personal Guard to obtain the Power of Fire.
The result of this successful assimilation was a massive rise in combat power for the said Personal Guard.
Afterward, the Fine-Gold Personal Guard had even managed to get promoted to Tier 5.

Normally, only Dark-Gold Guards had a chance to reach Tier 5 in God’s Domain.
Meanwhile, after getting promoted to Tier 5, the evolved Fine-Gold Guard’s combat power was even close to rivaling that of Tier 5 Dark-Gold Guards.

Back then, this incident had caused a huge commotion throughout the entire God’s Domain.
Spending a Mutated Energy Crystal to obtain a Tier 5 Personal Guard was a very profitable trade.
After all, most players that absorbed a Mutated Energy Crystal couldn’t even reach Tier 5.
Moreover, a Tier 5 Personal Guard was much stronger than a Tier 5 player.
The only downside was the difficulty of resurrecting Personal Guards that were killed.
Due to this incident, the various superpowers had also reconsidered their opinions on spending Mutated Energy Crystals on Personal Guards.

Meanwhile, since the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal was utterly useless to Shi Feng, he might as well gamble it on one of his Personal Guards.

After Shi Feng completed the incantation for the Summon Guard Scroll, a summoning magic array manifested before him.
A moment later, the lithe figure of a woman appeared in it.
This woman was none other than Anna, whom he had not seen for quite some time now.

At this point, Anna had already reached Level 80.
Her leveling speed was simply astonishing; Shi Feng could not help but acknowledge the questing efficiency of an Epic Personal Guard.
Her strength had improved considerably as well.
Right now, even the Level 80, Tier 3 Blood Demon was most likely no match for her.

However, as this place was the Darkness World, as soon as Anna appeared, a powerful force started suppressing her, causing her Basic Attributes to plummet.
When her Basic Attributes settled, her overall combat power was no longer a match for the Tier 3 Blood Demon.

Not wanting to waste time, Shi Feng immediately passed the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal to Anna.
At the sight of the crystal, Anna’s eyes glowed with great interest and excitement.

Without needing Shi Feng to do anything, Anna started writing divine runes and chanting an incantation.

NPCs were much more proficient at utilizing Mutated Energy Crystals than players were.
Hence, NPCs were capable of using every type of Mutated Energy Crystal available.
Players, on the other hand, could only absorb Mutated Energy Crystals that were suitable for their alignment and class.

Suddenly, a gigantic, golden magic array appeared beneath Anna’s feet.

Onefold… Twofold… Threefold…

The appearance of the magic array lit up the surrounding darkness brightly.

After Anna was done casting the threefold magic array, she placed the Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal at its center.
Suddenly, the surrounding Power of Darkness started surging towards the magic array, the massive flow of energy prompting Shi Feng to step back in fright.

As the magic array collected more Power of Darkness, the aura it exuded also steadily strengthened.
At some point, the aura grew so overwhelming that Shi Feng started to feel stifled.
Even the monsters over 500 yards away unconsciously distanced themselves from the magic array.

After the process continued for five long seconds, the magic array’s horrific aura began dissipating.
The gathered Power of Darkness then started flowing into Anna’s body under the magic array’s guidance.

In the next moment, pitch-black runes appeared on Anna’s body.
As the number of runes increased, the feeling Anna gave off underwent a heaven-defying change.

If in the past, Anna was an Angel that represented the light, then now, she was a Fallen Angel that represented darkness.

After runes covered Anna’s entire body, she started giving off an unprecedented pressure.
At this moment, Shi Feng felt as if he was standing before Serena, the Fallen Angel guarding the World Summit, again.
If Anna willed it, she could easily kill Tier 3 and Tier 4 existences with a wave of her hand right now.

However, the horrific pressure lasted for only one second, then vanished without a trace.
At the same time, the threefold magic array Anna stood on also started disappearing into the void.
As for Anna herself, she had reverted to her original state.
The only differences now were a dark purple mark at the center of her forehead and a hint of coldness in her aura.

“Did you succeed?” Shi Feng could not help but ask curiously as he eyed Anna, who looked as she normally did.

In the past, he had heard that a huge commotion would arise whenever Personal Guards used Mutated Energy Crystals.
However, those commotions were far from being as massive as the one that just occurred.
In fact, even the casting of a Tier 5 Spell wouldn’t cause such a massive disturbance.

“Lord Count, it should be a success?” Anna said as she looked at herself, uncertainty in her tone.

Shi Feng could not help but fall speechless at Anna’s reply.
Immediately, he called out Anna’s Attribute Panel.

[Anna] (Ye Feng’s Personal Guard)

Class: Tier 2 Peak Class, Yin Yang Saint

Level 80

Loyalty: 97

Growth Potential: 113

Shi Feng was at a loss for words as he looked at the updated values in Anna’s Attribute Panel.

He had never imagined that Anna would not only gain control over the Power of Darkness but also class-change into a Yin Yang Saint, a peak class.
Moreover, her Growth Potential had even risen from 105 to 113 points.

Anna had actually improved that much just by using one Mutated Darkness Energy Crystal.
This was definitely a massive jackpot.

After all, every point increased in Growth Potential would allow a Personal Guard to gain considerably more Attribute Points with each level up.
Now that Anna had eight more points in Growth Potential, she would no doubt become an even more terrifying existence in the future.

Not to mention, Anna had even class-changed into a Yin Yang Saint.

In God’s Domain, Class Legacies held much greater importance to NPCs than to players.
In a situation where both sides were of the same level and tier, an NPC with a basic class had almost no chance of defeating an NPC with an advanced class, and likewise an NPC with an advanced class had no chance of defeating an NPC with a peak class.

After Shi Feng was done looking at the summary of Anna’s Attribute Panel, he could not help but click to inspect her specific Attributes.

Is she a monster? Shi Feng involuntarily gaped in shock when he saw Anna’s Basic Attributes.

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