Chapter 1683 – First Kill Baphomet

After Anna completed the final verse of her incantation, two magic arrays, one glowing white and the other, black, appeared above Baphomet.
The Mana surrounding the magic array then grew restless, blurring space around the High Demon.

Such a huge disturbance attracted Baphomet’s attention, and the High Demon’s immediate reaction was to turn and flee.

But Anna didn’t give Baphomet the chance to escape.
Waving her staff, she activated the magic array looming above Baphomet.

Suddenly, a 50-meter-long golden, holy spear descended from the sky.

The instant the spear fell, space around the magic array and Baphomet froze, drastically decreasing the High Demon’s Movement Speed.
Before Baphomet could attempt to defend itself, the holy spear collided with the monster.


As a result, a towering, black-white light pillar rose into the air.
When the pillar had manifested, the world around Baphomet shook violently, and resulting shockwave pushed the Golden Giant and the Tier 3 Demons under Shi Feng’s control back by over 20 yards…

After the light pillar had disappeared, it revealed a massive crater where Baphomet had stood, with the High Lord lying at the body.
Scorching flames burned the High Demon, decorating it and the crater with scorch marks.
Dark-blue blood seeped from the numerous wounds covering Baphomet’s body.

However, compared to Baphomet’s miserable appearance, the damage it had taken was truly terrifying.


A damage of over four million appeared above Baphomet’s head.
To Baphomet, who only had a maximum HP of 60,000,000 after multiple means of suppression, this move had taken nearly one-thirteenth of its total HP…

The might of Yin Yang Judgment completely exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

Moreover, Baphomet had been heavily injured when the Tier 3 Curse had struck, significantly decreasing its combat power.

With no intentions of letting Baphoment recover, Shi Feng ordered all of the summoned creatures to use their strongest moves, holding nothing back.

Following which, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Skills and Spells bombarded the High Demon, one after another.

The injured Baphomet wasn’t able to dodge any of the incoming attacks, and every Skill and Spell that had been sent slammed into the High Demont.
Each attack dealt a minimum of -500,000 damage, depleting Baphomet’s HP by a significant chunk.

80%… 75%… 70%…

Although Baphomet eventually recovered from its mental shock and resumed its retaliation, the Golden Giant was more than enough to keep the High Demon busy with its weakened combat power.
This prevented Baphomet from blocking Anna, the Tier 3 Demons, and Heroic Spirits’ attacks.

Of course, Shi Feng didn’t hold back, either.
After activating Heavenly Dragon’s Power, followed by Phantom Kill, he charged forward.

Nine Dragons Slash!

Shadow Blade!

Lightning Flash!

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Thunder Flame Explosion!

Flame Burst!

Thanks to Killing Ray, every one of Shi Feng’s Skills dealt double damage to Baphomet, and damages in the tens of thousands appeared above the Boss’s head.
Although his damage was no match for the Tier 3 Demons, who weren’t suppressed by the Darkness World, it was still considerable.

50%… 40%… 30%…

As time passed and Baphomet’s HP continuously decreased, it continued to recover.
Gradually, its reaction speed recovered, and eventually, the Level 80 Golden Giant wasn’t able to keep up with its attacks.
This forced the Heroic Spirits at the rear line to shift their focus from offense to healing.

Once Baphomet’s HP fell to 20%, the High Demon revealed a sinister grin.
It began to swipe its claws at the air around it, sending powerful gales at Shi Feng and his team.

Before Shi Feng and the others could launch another assault, Baphomet had finished chanting an incantation.
The ground before the High Demon then cracked and shattered as towering, pitch-black flames spewed from the cracks.
When the flames had dissipated, a crimson longsword engraved with pitch-black runes had taken their place.

The moment the longsword appeared, Shi Feng felt the surrounding Power of Darkness surge towards the weapon.
The concentrated Power of Darkness became a black mist that circulated the crimson blade.

Releasing the one-handed sword in its right hand, Baphomet grabbed the crimson longsword.
The moment the High Demon touched the weapon, black flames danced along the sword’s blade.

Soul Fire? Shi Feng’s expression darkened when he saw the flames. The punishment for challenging it is actually this severe?

Although he had known that a High Demon would have powerful attack methods, he hadn’t expected Baphomet to use Soul Fire in battle.
This was a player’s nightmare.

Soul Fire was capable of burning souls, and not even players’ Immortal Souls were immune to its effects.

If players were killed by Soul Fire, not only would their death penalty increase, but they would also be prevented from logging into God’s Domain for multiple days…

Of course, this mechanic had likely been created to prevent players from challenging the Guardian Boss a second time within a short period.
However, Shi Feng didn’t want to waste too much time in the Darkness World.
If he suddenly couldn’t log into the game for several days, Zero Wing would be finished.

Without waiting for Shi Feng to respond, Baphomet stomped its hoofs on the ground and vanished.
It then reappeared before the Golden Giant, cutting down at the Great Lord with its flaming longsword.

Failing to react in time, the Golden Giant succumbed to Baphomet’s attack, a damage over -1,300,000 appearing above its head.
Pitch-black flames licked at the would the longsword had created.

Seeing this, the Heroic Spirits immediately cast their Healing Spells on the Golden Giant.

However, when the Healing Spells touched the Great Lord, their effects seemed to have changed.
Not only did the Golden Giant still sport the wound, but the pitch-black flames also burned with their original vigor.
In fact, the Golden Giant had only received 30% of the Spell’s normal healing…

When he saw this, Shi Feng’s expression darkened further.

Reduced healing effects was still acceptable, but the fact that the wounds Baphomet had inflicted couldn’t be healed complicated the situation.
As the Golden Giant accumulated more injuries, it would suffer a heavily injured state sooner or later.
If that happened, its combat power would fall, and it would be helpless against the High Demon.
If the Golden Giant couldn’t deal sufficient damage, it would lose Baphomet’s aggro.
The High Demon would then be free to target someone else.

“Quick! Attack it with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng commanded Anna.
At the same time, he took two Tier 3 Magic Scrolls from his bag and activated them, one after another.

Holding nothing back, Anna activated Yin Yang Power, her Mana overflowing from her body.

One Tier 3 Spell after another bombarded Baphomet.
However, even after noticing the incoming Spells, Baphomet simply revealed a sneer as it lightly swung its crimson longsword, sending a wave of black fire to devour the approaching Spells.

The pitch-black flames corroded the Tier 3 Spells’ power relentlessly.
By the time the Spells actually reached Baphomet, they were weaker than Tier 2 Spells.
Baphomet then swung its longsword again and easily crushed the incoming attacks…

Fortunately, although Baphomet had superior strength, it couldn’t completely dodge the Tier 3 Demons’ attacks.
Although its HP fell much slower than before, it still decreased at a steady rate.

After using the two Tier 3 Magic Scrolls, Shi Feng proceeded to activate Blade Liberation.

Currently, both Baphomet’s Defense and reaction speed were recovering, and as a result, it continued to take less damage.

Despite bombarding Baphomet with a series of powerful attacks, they had only reduced Baphomet’s HP to 12%.
In contrast, the Golden Giant had become heavily injured after receiving ten hits from the High Demon’s crimson longsword, and it could no longer serve as a proper MT.
Baphomet then turned its attention to the Tier 3 Demons.
If this continued, it was only a matter of time before they team-wiped.

After activating Blade Liberation, Shi Feng’s Attributes skyrocketed yet again, and his Basic Attributes now surpassed the Level 80 Golden Giant’s.
Following which, Shi Feng activated Instant Strike and appeared before Baphomet.

Sword’s Orbit!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Unfortunately, Baphomet managed to block the majority of Shi Feng’s slashes.
Only the occasional slash slipped past the High Demon’s guard and dealt a little over -100,000 damage.
With how much HP Baphomet had remaining, the High Demon wasn’t particularly concerned with this amount of damage.

Even after Shi Feng fought for several seconds and launched dozens of slashes, the High Demon still had 5% of its HP remaining.
Meanwhile, once Shi Feng had lost Instant Strike’s buff, Baphomet gained the upper hand.
In fact, due to Shi Feng’s weakened state, he lacked any ability to retaliate.
He could only defend himself.

Fortunately, Anna finally finished her incantation.

Angel Summoning!

Suddenly, a Tier 4 Valkyrie dropped onto the battlefield.
Taking a step forward, the Valkyrie instantly appeared before Baphomet and swung her holy spear.
Despite being a High Demon, the impact still sent Baphomet flying back over 20 yards, robbing it of its defensive stance.
Immediately, the Valkyrie threw her holy spear, which easily pierced through the defenseless High Demon and dealt over -4,000,000 damage.
In the blink of an eye, Baphomet’s HP fell below 1,000,000.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and pointed Killing Ray at Baphomet.

Flame Domain!

Lightning Edge!

Under Shi Feng’s command, a raging inferno and countless sword lights devoured Baphomet.
Damages of over -200,000 appeared above Baphomet’s head, one after another, tearing what little remained of the High Demon’s HP away.
Baphomet then died and collapsed to the ground.

Following which, Shi Feng watched his experience bar increase rapidly.
At the same time, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the First Kill on Baphomet, the Guardian Boss of Dark Sin Canyon.
Rewards doubled.
Acquired High Demon’s Soul.

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