Chapter 1688 – Strength of One Person

The Destruction Crystal had a 1,000-yard radius.
The AOE could rival a Tier 5 large-scale destruction Spell.

However, unlike Tier 5 large-scale destruction Spells, the Destruction Crystal destroyed everything it touched on a fundamental level.
It did not rely on great power to destroy its targets, and even a small fraction of the Power of Destruction would destroy any player’s body it encountered.
It would even damage their Immortal Souls and corrode them to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, the Power of Destruction would weaken at the edges as it spread.

Most of the players 500 yards or more from the explosion’s epicenter were still alive; some of them were even still standing.
Only, they had all been contaminated to varying degrees from their contact with the Power of Destruction.
This contamination had significantly decreased their Basic Attributes, and their HPs slowly depleted over time.
As for their Stamina and Concentration, they steadily lost both Although these players were technically still alive, they could no longer add to the force’s combat power.

In addition, every player within the radius had lost a drastic amount of their weapons and equipment’s durability.
All Mysterious-Iron Weapons and Equipment had turned into dust the moment the Power of Destruction had touched it, regardless of how little or how much Power of Destruction they had come into contact with.
Not even Secret-Silver Equipment would survive within 300 yards of the epicenter.
Only Fine-Gold Equipment had any hope of surviving the contamination within this range.
Only Dark-Gold Equipment or better would have survived the contamination within 100 yards of the epicenter.
Even so, Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment within this radius had still lost over one-third of their durability…

All of this had happened in a mere instant, and Heaven’s Burial hadn’t had any time to react.

The sudden development hadn’t only stunned Heaven’s Burials’ members, but players within Stone Forest Town also gaped at the result.

Heaven’s Burial’s members were all Level 45 and above.
If they died and lost a level, they’d have a challenging time recovering their losses.
However, players that had been caught in the blast hadn’t only lost levels, but their equipment and weapons had been destroyed as well.
This loss was far more severe than losing a single level.

When Heaven’s Burial’s surviving members saw their weapons and equipment, they nearly fainted.

“Zero Wing is really doomed now…” The spectating players in Stone Forest Town could not help but gasp.

Shi Feng’s attack had certainly been extraordinary.
With just one attack, he had dealt a heavy blow to Heaven’s Burial, killing over 5,000 players and 3,000 Evil Demons.
However, the fact remained that Zero Wing had no escape.
Shi Feng had only dumped oil on the raging flame of Heaven’s Burial’s hatred.

Singular Burial, who stood among his army, glared at Shi Feng, radiating killing intent.
Even the temperature of the air around him had fallen by a few degrees.

“Black Flame! You asked for this!” Singular Burial then commanded, “Activate the Magic Gnome Canons and shoot him out of the sky!”

“Guild Leader, are we really going to waste the cannons on him? Weren’t we saving them to deal with Stone Forest Town’s defensive magic array?” Daybreak Fog jumped in, trying to dissuade Singular Burial after hearing his latest order.

The Magic Gnome Cannons were war weapons they had acquired after capturing Ancient Rock City.
Each of the cannon’s shots could rival a Tier 3 large-scale destruction Spell.
It also dealt increased damage to defensive magic arrays and fortifications.
It was a specialized weapon for siege warfare.

However, the Magic Gnome Cannons had limited ammunition, and Heaven’s Burial had spent most of that ammunition while defending Ancient Rock City.
Now, they could only fire twelve rounds.
Using that ammo on a single target, a player at that, was unwise.

“He is the one asking for it!” Singular Burial growled madly, adamant that his command be carried out.

Hearing Singular Burial’s decisive tone, his Guild member realized how furious the man was.

The players manning the Magic Gnome Cannons at the rear of Heaven’s Burial’s forces then aimed the weapons at Shi Feng and fired.


As the first cannon went off, a beam of dark-blue light flew towards Shi Feng, reaching its target in the blink of an eye.
The energy beam contained so much power that even the space around it trembled.

“Crap! Singular Burial has lost his mind! He’s actually using a war weapon to deal with a single player?!”

“Black Flame is dead for sure this time.
That attack should have a 100-yard radius at the very minimum.
No player can dodge that.”

The players watching from within Stone Forest Town were stupefied.

War weapons generally had very long Cooldowns, and the stronger the weapon was, the longer its Cooldown would be.
Hence, for efficiency, such weapons were generally used against dense crowds.
It was a luxury to fire a war weapon at a single player.

Just as the dark-blue energy beam was about to smash into Shi Feng, he activated Heavenly Dragon’s Power, increasing his HP by 500%, Defense by 300%, Strength by 150%, and Agility by 60%.
The intensity of his aura instantly skyrocketed, and it felt as if some primordial beast had just woken from a long sleep.

Following which, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray towards the incoming energy beam.

Lightning Edge!

Countless arcs of lightning flew from Shi Feng’s blade, forming a long, blue river that collided with the incoming energy beam.

When the attacks collided, a brilliant radiance illuminated the battlefield.
While everyone was momentarily blinded, a strong gust of wind pushed at them.
Heaven’s Burial’s members standing near the collision were even forced to retreat several yards.

After the two attacks fought for supremacy, the Magic Gnome Cannon’s energy beam devoured the river of lightning and proceeded to devour Shi Feng.

However, before Singular Burial could cry out in joyous victory, the smoke in the sky scattered and revealed Shi Feng’s still-living figure.
Shi Feng was actually alive and still hovering in the air.
In fact, he was nowhere near dead; he had only lost around one-eighth of his HP.

“He didn’t die?”

“How is that possible?!”

Seeing Shi Feng alive and kicking, the players watching from Stone Forest Town were dumbfounded.
The eyes of Heaven’s Burial’s members nearly fell from their sockets when they saw the result of the attacks.

How is this possible? Did he use some Invulnerability Skill? No, that can’t be right; he has lost HP.
But, if he didn’t use an Invulnerability Skill, why did he only lose a little HP? For a moment, Singular Burial failed to comprehend what had just happened.

He had considered the possibility that Shi Feng may have a few methods to dodge the Magic Gnome Cannon’s attack.
For example, the enemy Swordsman could use an Invulnerability Skill or a Tier 3 Defensive Magic Scroll to block the energy beam.
He could also use the Teleportation Skill he had used many times in the past.
However, of all the possibilities he had considered, none of them included Shi Feng receiving the attack head-on.

“Continue firing! I refuse to believe he can endure!” Singular Burial gave out the command to attack again, gritting his teeth.

The Magic Gnome Cannon had a 45-second Cooldown, but Heaven’s Burial had secured three Magic Gnome Cannons from Ancient Rock City.
They still had two more they could rely on.

Suddenly, another Magic Gnome Cannon fired at Shi Feng.


Once more, a dark-blue energy beam threatened to devour the hovering Swordsman.

This time, however, Shi Feng did not use an AOE Skill.
Instead, he activated Flame Burst and used Killing Ray to block the energy beam.

Once the energy beam had passed, Shi Feng had slid black nearly 20 yards before he stabilized his position in the air.
He also lost close to one-sixth of his maximum HP.
Although he had fared worse than before, he was still alive and well…

“Attack! Continue attacking him!” Singular Burial commanded, madness flashing in his eyes.

The third Magic Gnome Cannon fired immediately.

Seeing another dark-blue energy beam approach, Shi Feng moved forward to meet it.


As the smoke scattered, Shi Feng remained in the air.
He also still had more than 50% of his HP…

“Is that it?” Shi Feng asked as he leisurely dusted himself off.
Glancing at Singular Burial, he chuckled and wondered aloud, “Are you telling me that this is all Heaven’s Burial is capable of?”

Silence fell on the battlefield as everyone watched Shi Feng

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