Chapter 1690 – Mythic Showdown

After sacrificing 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate the High Demon’s Soul, a gigantic magic array formed before Shi Feng.
However, unlike other magic arrays, this one did not absorb Mana from its environment.
Rather, Power of Darkness gushed from the array and flooded its surroundings as if it were a portal to the Darkness World.

The dense Power of Darkness quickly formed a layer of dark mist around the magic array.
It was so dense that it even dispersed the ambient Evil Energy.

After three seconds of this process, the black mist concentrated into a colossal form.

The moment the mist began to coalesce into this gigantic form, it radiated an overwhelming aura that spread into its surroundings.
Moreover, as the body took shape, its aura became stronger.

After another five seconds, Baphomet’s 30-meter-tall frame arrived on the battlefield.

However, unlike the Baphomet Shi Feng had killed, this Baphomet was multitudes stronger.

The previous Baphomet had merely been a Level 73 Grand Lord, but the monster before Shi Feng was Level 80 Mythic ranked High Demon.
Moreover, due to the Bible of Darkness’s Demon Ruler Skill, Baphomet’s Basic Attributes increased by another 35%.

[Baphomet] (High Demon, Mythic)

Level 80

HP 324,000,000/324,000,000

When the Evil Demon army was within 100 yards of Zero Wing’s army, Baphomet stopped the ground lightly and disappeared.
The High Demon instantly reappeared before the Evil Demons before swiping one of its clawed hands at the monster army.


Suddenly, all Evil Demons within 20 yards of Baphomet flew backward.
All Elite and Special Elite ranked Evil Demons within Baphomet’s attack range were instantly obliterated.
Even the Chieftain ranked Evil Demons clung onto life with a small strand of HP…

“So strong!” Zero Wing’s members, who were charging into battle, could not help but gasp when they saw this.

It was obvious that the swipe had been one of Baphomet’s normal attacks.
The High Demon hadn’t used an AOE Skill, yet it had instantly destroyed several dozen Evil Demons.
The resulting impact had even flattened the previously uneven ground before the High Demon.

Naturally, Baphomet didn’t give its enemies the time to react as it swung its other clawed hand.


Once more, dozens of Evil Demons died.
Several Lord ranked Evil Demons flew through the air as they sustained heavy injuries…

For a time, Baphomet continued on an unstoppable rampage.
The High Demon massacred the Evil Demons as if it were squashing on ants.
Although the nearby Evil Demons had tried to retaliate, Baphomet had barely taken damage.
The Chieftain ranked Evil Demons only dealt around -300 damage to the High Demon, whereas the Lord ranked Evil Demons dealt around -1,000 damage.

These attacks weren’t even a scratch to Baphomet.
With its battle recovery, Baphomet regained 3,240,000 HP every five seconds.
Furthermore, the Evil Demons didn’t have long-ranged attacks.
At most, they could launch a few mid-ranged attacks.
Although Baphomet was massive, only 200 or so Evil Demons could attack it at one time.
Even if Baphomet stood there and did nothing, the Evil Demons couldn’t kill it…

In the few seconds since Baphomet had joined the battlefield, the High Demon had killed hundreds of Evil Demons.
Among them, over two dozen had been Chieftains, and one had been a Lord.

Although the loss was insignificant compared to Heaven’s Burial’s 100,000-strong force of Evil Demons, Singular Burial’s expression twisted as he watched the High Demon’s slaughter.
He had never expected Zero Wing to have a trump card like this.

He had assumed that Zero Wing would summon Divine Dragons as it had during their previous war.
If that were the case, he intended to sneak the Mythic ranked Evil Demon’s past Zero Wing’s defenses to target the magic array that summoned the Dragons directly.
However, it was a different story if Shi Feng summoned a Mythic monster with an item.
Dealing with Baphomet wouldn’t be easy.

“Send two Mythic Evil Beasts to hold that Demon back! The Mythic Evil Demon will go after Black Flame! I want to see how Zero Wing intends to defeat us!” Singular Burial commanded.

Evil Demons were best against players.
Although Shi Feng was not an easy target, he was a small pest, slightly larger than his companions, before a Mythic ranked Evil Demon.

Two of the four Mythic ranked Evil Beasts turned toward Baphomet, whereas the Mythic ranked Evil Demon charged at Shi Feng.

However, before the Evil Demon could reach Shi Feng, a gigantic figure intercepted it.
This figure belonged to none other than Baphomet.

Baphomet was 30 meters tall., and the Mythic ranked Evil Demon was only five meters tall.
The High Demon loomed over the Evil Demon like a building.

“Do you think you can stop it?” Singular Burial sneered.

A Mythic ranked Evil Demon’s combat standards were even superior to ordinary experts, and its Strength was higher than a Mythic ranked Evil Beast’s.
It’s only weakness was its low, 150,000,000 HP.
Against players, however, this much HP was more than enough.

Without hesitation, the Mythic ranked Evil Demon brandished one of its claws at Baphomet.
As its claw moved, gray mist rapidly enveloped it.
Space tore as the claws passed.

Tier 3 Skill, Dark Annihilation Claw!

Although the attack was only a Tier 3 Skill, the Evil Demon’s overwhelming Strength and speed improved it.

Seeing the approaching attack, Baphomet swung one of its own clawed hands to meet the attack, rather than try to dodge.


When the two claws collided, space around them shattered.
The ground below the collision sank, while nearby Evil Demons were thrown through the air.
Evil Demons below Chieftain rank and within 20 yards of the impact died instantly from the resulting shockwaves…

After the two Demons pushed against each other for a few seconds, the Dark Annihilation Claw’s effects vanished, and the Mythic ranked Evil Demon was forced back by five steps before it stabilized itself.
The difference between the two monsters’ Strength was obvious at a glance.

The Heaven’s Burial members that had brimmed with fighting spirit were stupefied, especially Singular Burial.

How is any of this possible? How can that thing stop the Evil Demon’s Tier 3 Skill with a normal attack?

Singular Burial simply could not understand how a Demon could possess such horrific Strength that not even a Mythic ranked Evil Demon could compete with it.

However, Singular Burial quickly recovered his senses.
Baphomet was only one creature, and he had a total of five Mythic monsters under his command.
Even if Baphomet were more powerful, it couldn’t stop five Mythic monsters at once.
As long as they killed Shi Feng, Baphomet would vanish.

Singular Burial immediately contacted Flame Blood, who controlled the Mythic monsters in secret, and instructed him to send all five to kill Shi Feng.
He also told Flame Blood to keep the other Evil Demons away from Baphomet as much as possible, focusing on Zero Wing’s members.

As Singular Burial had expected, although Baphomet was powerful, it couldn’t stop five Mythic monsters of the same level.
It took everything the High Demon had to pin down one Evil Demon and two Evil Beasts.

However, Zero Wing’s army had arrived on the battlefield, and the movement-type defensive magic array enveloped Shi Feng in its protection.
Meanwhile, several hundred Ballistas launched their payload simultaneously.

The scene of hundreds of Exploding Arrows flying towards their targets was spectacular.
The explosion seven halted the Mythic ranked Evil Beasts’ advance for a moment.
The weaker Evil Demons began to die in droves.

A single volley of arrows had claimed several hundred Evil Demons’ lives.

However, the Evil Demon army launched its own assault against the movement-type magic array.
From time to time, the two Mythic ranked Evil Beasts, which had avoided Baphomet’s care, snuck past the High Demon to land one or two attacks on the magic array.
Heaven’s Burial also continued to bombard the array with the Magic Gnome Cannons.
With so many attacks against it, cracks began to surface on the magic array’s barrier.
Fortunately, the array quickly repaired itself, and after this continued for several minutes, Zero Wing had no choice but to replenish the movement-type defensive magic array’s energy reserves.

It’s still standing? Envy flashed in Singular Burial’s gaze as he watched the movement-type defensive magic array.
Although it wasn’t as strong as the barrier around a city, it could be reactivated the moment after it shattered. So what if you can withstand the Evil Demon army for now? How many Magic Crystals can you afford to spend?

“Heaven’s Burial, charge! Zero Wing won’t last much longer!” Singular Burial shouted.

Heaven’s Burial’s members could also see that, although Black Flame’s previous performance had been stunning, Zero Wing couldn’t avoid annihilation.

When Zero Wing’s members heard Singular Burial’s shout, their expressions darkened.
The Evil Demon was already a formidable force.
If Heaven’s Burial’s players joined the fray…

Sure enough, I’m pushing my luck by relying on one Baphomet. The battle’s current state didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng.
Fortunately, Zero Wing City had accumulated quite a number of Magic Crystals lately.
Following which, he retrieved the High Demon’s Soul from his bag and sacrificed another 5,000 Magic Crystals to it.

Another gigantic magic array joined the battlefield, and after a few seconds, a new Baphomet manifested within the movement-type defensive magic array.

“Black Flame can summon another one?!”

“This is some trick, right?!”

As Heaven’s Burial’s members began their charge, they slid to a halt as they gaped at the new Baphomet in utter shock.

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