Chapter 1695 – Heaven’s Burial Crumbles

When the triple barrier Blackwater’s Advanced Defensive Magic Array had created began to fade, the various major powers’ members, who watched the battle through Magic Water Mirrors, expressed their shock and horror.

The three Baphomets Shi Feng had summoned were impossibly strong.

But even one of their full-powered attacks had only cracked the defensive magic array’s outermost barrier.
On the other hand, the Valkyrie had destroyed the entire defensive magic array with one attack.

If the Valkyrie were used to siege a Guild Town or City… Just thinking about it made them shudder.

It was entirely possible that the Valkyrie would only need one attack to break a city’s defensive magic array.

“Just how many secrets has Zero Wing hidden?” Singular Burial was nearly traumatized as he watched Blackwater’s defensive magic array crumble.

Countless Guilds dreamed of wielding the power to destroy a city’s defensive magic array.

Breaking a city’s defensive magic array was, after all, the most important part of trying to capture a city.

When Shi Feng had destroyed Ancient Rock City’s defensive magic arrays, he had chalked it up to the man finding some precious treasure, and a treasure like that would only have limited uses.
Once the usage counts were exhausted, the treasure would disappear.

Yet, Shi Feng had replicated that feat with a summoned Valkyrie one of his Personal Guards controlled.
This had an entirely different meaning than summoning such power with a Consumable.
The Valkyrie had been called with a Skill, which meant that Zero Wing could summon the monster indefinitely, only limited by the Skill’s Cooldown.

Sure enough, that Valkyrie is really powerful. The fact that the Valkyrie had destroyed an Advanced Defensive Magic Array even surprised Shi Feng.

However, he doubted that the Valkyrie could destroy a city’s defensive magic array; at the very least, she’d need to use more than one attack.
An Advanced Defensive Magic Array, which players had to maintain and a city’s defensive magic array were two very different things.
A player-maintained defensive magic array had the advantage that it could be deployed at any given time.
However, its flaws were obvious.
First, there was the problem of Mana consumption.
Second, no harm must come to the players maintaining the magic array.
Otherwise, the magic array would crumble.

Although the Valkyrie’s full-powered attack had pierced a hole in Blackwater’s defensive magic array, it had failed to destroy the magic array entirely.
The attack had merely drained a considerable amount of Mana from the maintaining players.
The attack had only destroyed the barrier because it had killed a few of the players maintaining it.

This wouldn’t happen with a city’s defensive magic array.
At most, the Valkyrie’s attack would deplete some of the magic array’s energy.

Meanwhile, since Blackwater’s army had lost its defensive magic array’s protection, it had no way to deal with the High Demon before it.
Each time Baphomet swung its crimson longsword, it reaped the lives of over a hundred players.
After the players died, Baphomet’s Soul Fire continued to burn their Immortal Souls.

In the blink of an eye, Baphomet had killed over 1,000 players.

Falling Fire’s heart bled when he saw this.
Blackwater had dispatched 20,000 players to capture Stone Forest Town, 6,000 of which were Guild-nurtured experts.
It was one thing if these experts died, but if their Immortal Souls were damaged, they’d be prevented from logging into God’s Domain for several Days.
This would be a massive loss for the Guild.

With no better choice, Falling Fire could only follow Heaven’s Burial’s example and order a retreat, telling his men to scatter.
Only one Baphomet had targeted the force, and even if the High Demon were very fast, it could only kill a limited number of players if everyone ran in different directions.

Seeing this, Shi Feng sneered and waved a hand.

Suddenly, hundreds of Miniature Ballistas launched their Exploding Arrows at Blackwater’s members, each arrow containing power at the peak of Tier 2.
When Blackwater’s members saw the volley of arrows rain down on them, they felt their scalps tingle.

After a series of explosions, the hillside became a barren wasteland covered in small craters and scorched earth.

Although Blackwater’s members had responded to the volley very quickly, over 2,000 players had died in the first wave of arrows.
The Miniature Ballistas’ effect was wondrous.

Watching volley after volley of Exploding Arrows rain down on his forces, Falling Fire turned to flash Shi Feng a chilling glare as he fled.

His forces had suffered a tragic loss.
Against the several hundred Miniature Ballistas’ continued bombardment and the High Demon’s pursuit, he’d be lucky to leave this battlefield with less than half of his original army if they escaped at all.

Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s forces continued to scatter, running all the way to the sealing barrier’s single exit.
Naturally, Shi Feng ordered his Guild members to chase the two Guilds down, leaving scorched earth and corpses in their wake.

As they watched Zero Wing’s members chase hundreds of thousands of players relentlessly, the crowd in Stone Forest Town was stupefied.


Zero Wing was utterly ruthless!

This was the crowd’s evaluation of Zero Wing.
Normally, after one side won a Guild war, it would only chase its enemy for ten or so minutes if it wanted to exploit its victory.
Chasing the enemy players for any longer than that could lead to unnecessary losses, yet Zero Wing ran after Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s members for over half an hour, hunting the two Guilds’ forces to the sealing barrier’s exit.

In the end, Zero Wing had slaughtered every Mythic Evil Demon and Mythic Evil Beast Heaven’s Burial had sent to the Stoneclaw Mountains.
The Guild didn’t even spare the Mythic monsters that had guarded the sealing barrier’s exit.
All Evil Demon above Lord rank had been annihilated as well.
Meanwhile, Zero Wing suffered zero casualties throughout this entire battle.

If they told other players of this battle, those players would likely assume they were either joking or bragging.

However, such a miraculous battle had indeed occurred before them.

Three Baphomets guarded the exit of the barrier sealing off the Stoneclaw Mountains, preventing anyone from leaving the map.
Any player or Evil Demon that tried to approach the exit was killed or sent flying.
No one was allowed past these High Demons.

“Black Flame! Don’t go too far!” Singular Burial bellowed as he glowered at Shi Feng, who stood within Zero Wing’s movement-type defensive magic array.

The sealing barrier’s exit wasn’t particularly large.
Normally, ten or so Evil Demons was enough to block it off completely.
The Baphomets with their gigantic frames easily guarded the exit, and with their outrageous strength, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s forces had no hope of leaving the Stoneclaw Mountains.
Their forces could only watch as Zero Wing’s Miniature Ballistas slowly approached.

“Black Flame, we have lost.
We have already chosen to retreat from the Stoneclaw Mountains.
By trying to exterminate us all, do you intend to fight Blackwater until the bitter end?” Falling Fire demanded as he glared at Shi Feng.

“Going too far?” In an indifferent tone, Shi Feng responded, “Not only have your two Guilds worked together to target Zero Wing time after time, but you’ve enclosed the Stoneclaw Mountains in a barrier to kill our members back to Level 0.
Did you not consider that your actions were a bit much?

“If I let you off the hook so easily today, what will other Guilds think of Zero Wing?

“Thus, I invite every one of you to stay with us!”

Saying so, Shi Feng waved his hand, and hundreds of Exploding Arrows rained down on Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s remaining members.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions echoed throughout the valley.
With no power to fight back, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s members could only run and scatter.

“Good! Very good! Black Flame, you forced me to do this!” Singular Burial descended into madness as he watched one of his Guild’s experts and elites die after another.
“Since Heaven’s Burial is finished, Flame Blood, detonate Beast Emperor’s Evil Energy magic array! I want the map to become a graveyard! We’ll drag Zero Wing to hell with us!”

Shortly after Singular Burial issued the command, runes began to appear above the Stoneclaw Mountains.
The Evil Energy within the map went berserk, gathering in the array Beast Emperor had previously constructed.
The earth trembled as the terrifying power concentrated.
It felt as if Armageddon had come to the Stoneclaw Mountains.

“Lunatic!” Falling Fire cursed when he heard Singular Burial’s crazy plan.

The man was going to drag him to hell as well!

Because of this turn of events, Zero Wing’s members wore somber expressions.

They could all feel the horrific power concentrating at the gigantic magic array near the exit of the sealing barrier.
If the magic array exploded, the consequences would be dire.

“Die!” Singular Burial began to laugh maniacally when he saw the fear on Zero Wing’s faces.

Once the magic array was set to detonate, it would transform everything within a 5,000 yard radius into a land of dead.
Moreover, Evil Energy would corrupt players’ souls after they died in the explosion.
Even if some players survived, Evil Energy would contaminate their being, and they’d suffer a Weakened state.
Players that died would also suffer a Weakened state.
This Weakened state would relent until players removed the Evil Energy from their bodies, which would take a considerable amount of time.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the air.
It was none other than Shi Feng, who had used a Blink Scroll.
Once in the air, Shi Feng pointed Killing Ray at the magic array collecting Evil Energy.
Then, a pitch-black barrier formed, enveloping the array and gradually dissipating the gathering Mana and Evil Energy.

Forbidden Domain!

Without the support of external Mana, the magic array couldn’t self-destruct.

“Don’t think that you can die so easily while you stand before me!” Shi Feng growled as he charged into the Evil Energy-filled magic array.

Evil Energy was incredibly toxic to ordinary players, and at high concentrations, it could even kill players upon contact.

However, the moment Shi Feng entered the magic array’s range, he activated Absolute Domain, becoming immune to all forms of damage.

After setting foot in the magic array’s range, the golden, divine runes surrounding Shi Feng began to crackle as they fought off the surrounding Evil Energy’s corrosion.

What powerful Evil Energy! Shi Feng couldn’t help his surprise when he noticed the Evil Energy begin to corrode the divine runes.

His Absolute Domain could even stop Tier 4 Mythic monsters’ attacks, yet this magic array’s Evil Energy slowly, but surely corroded the Skill.
The power of the concentrated Evil Energy here nearly had the power of a Tier 5 Spell.

Not even ordinary Mythic monsters would dare approach this magic array with such power.
Only Evil Beasts and Evil Demons had any hope of survival within it.

The Evil Energy’s corrosion increased as time passed.
Not daring to waste any more time, Shi Feng charged toward the center of the magic array and slashed at the staff there with one of his blades.

Thunder Flame Explosion!


When the lightning and fire collided with their target, the staff inserted into the ground shattered, leaving only a dark-gray crystal covered with purple-gold runes behind.

When the core of the magic array shattered, the array began to vanish.

Following which, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng’s ears.

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