Chapter 1696 – Shaking Star-Moon Kingdom

System: Congratulations! You have successfully destroyed the Evil God’s sealing magic array and stopped an Evil Energy Passage from opening.
Rewarding 100 Humanity Reputation Points and 10,000 War God’s Temple Merit Points.

Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he heard the system notification.

He had never expected to earn 100 Humanity Reputation Points and 10,000 War God’s Temple Merit Points for just destroying a magic array.

War God’s Temple Merit Points were extremely valuable.
With 4,000 points, one could purchase an ordinary Epic item from the temple.

However, Shi Feng did not spare the matter much thought as he snatched up the runic crystal and dashed away from the magic array.

Although the magic array had already been destroyed, the Evil Energy it had gathered still lingered in the area.
Once the Evil Energy ate through Absolute Domain’s protection, not even a Tier 2 player like himself could survive the concentrated energy.

Meanwhile, outside the magic array, Singular Burial, who had truly gone mad, was stupefied when he noticed the magic array disappear.
Flame Blood, who controlled the Evil Demons from a hidden location, also gaped in shock.

“How is that possible?” The color in Flame Blood’s face drained when he noticed the gathered Evil Energy in the magic array gradually dissipate.
“Is he really a player?”

The sealing magic array Beast Emperor had used to entrap the Stoneclaw Mountains was extraordinary.
The Evil Energy inside the array had become so dense after sacrificing 400,000 players that not even an Evil God’s Apostle like Flame Blood dared to enter its range.
Any player not belonging to the Evil God’s Temple would seal their own fate if they approached the magic array.

Yet, not only had Shi Feng survived inside it, but he had also destroyed the magic array.

Although the Silencing Skill Shi Feng had used prevented the magic array’s detonation, that was only temporary.
Once the Silencing Skill’s duration ended, Flame Blood could simply detonate the magic array again and transform this map into a cemetery.

However, now that the magic array had been destroyed, that wasn’t possible.

Due to the magic array’s destruction, the barrier over the Stoneclaw Mountains’ map lifted.
As a result, the blue sky returned as every player watched.
Communication with the outside world also became possible again.

“The seal has lifted?”

“How is this possible? Did Heaven’s Burial win?”

“Quick! Notify the higher-ups!”

The various large Guilds’ members, who were stationed outside of the barrier, were surprised when the pitch-black magic barrier around the Regional Dungeon suddenly disappeared.
They immediately contacted their superiors.

However, before they could report the situation, a large number of players burst out of the other end of the valley as terrified as if they had just seen a ghost.
These fleeing players wore either Heaven’s Burial’s emblem or Blackwater’s.

A moment later, another large group of players charged out of the Stoneclaw Mountains.
Although the second group had fewer players than the first, the second group’s momentum was imposing.
These players fiercely hunted down Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s fleeing members.

“What’s going on? Why are Zero Wing’s members the ones pursuing Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s members? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

“Did Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater lose?”

“That shouldn’t be possible, right? Those two Guilds sent in so many players, and they had the help of their Evil Demon army.
How could they possibly lose?”

The spectating players had never even considered the possibility that Zero Wing would defeat Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater.
The Evil Demon army was simply too strong; it wasn’t a force current players could defeat.
Furthermore, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater far outnumbered Zero Wing.
Capturing Stone Forest Town would be a piece of cake for these two Guilds.
How could they possibly end up running away from Zero Wing? Moreover, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s members fled with such desperation.

Before these players could think of a proper explanation, three 30-meter-tall, humanoid monsters charged out of the valley ahead.
Every one of these humanoid monsters radiated a horrific aura, and as they left the valley, they chased after Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s players.
Each time they swung their crimson longswords, they took the lives of dozens or even hundreds of players.
Nobody could stop the three monsters’ rampage as screams echoed throughout the valley.

When the spectators took a closer look at the Baphomets’ statistics, they couldn’t help but shudder and gasp.

Mythic monsters!

However, before they could recover from their shock, they noticed translucent figures hovering above the players’ corpses.
Pitch-black fire burned these translucent figures, and a sense of dread overwhelmed the spectating players.

Ordinary players might not recognize this phenomenon, but Guild players like them were no strangers to the scene.
Evidently, the Baphomets used soul attacks, and any players they killed with the attack would suffer more than a single lost level.

Meanwhile, there were three of these monsters…

“Quick! Report this to the higher-ups!” some of the players who reacted quickly shouted.

News of the barrier around the Stoneclaw Mountains lifting quickly spread to Star-Moon Kingdom’s various large Guilds.
And it wasn’t the only news they received.
Battle videos of the heaven-defying fight that had occurred outside of Stone Forest Town also found their way into the upper echelons’ mailboxes.

These videos clearly displayed the full development of the war between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial.

Despite these upper echelons’ experience in numerous field battles, team battles, and even Guild wars, when they watched the fight outside of Stone Forest Town, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Watching Shi Feng resist Heaven’s Burial’s war weapons was particularly mind-blowing.
No player had ever done anything like it, yet Shi Feng had achieved the feat effortlessly.
The Strength and Defense he displayed were simply unheard-of.

In addition, the Guilds’ upper echelons watched the three Baphomets annihilate the Mythic Evil Demon and four Mythic Evil Beasts, and one Tier 3 or Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell fall on the battlefield after another.
Seeing several hundred Miniature Ballistas fire their arrows as one was also spectacular.

Overall, the battle had completely transformed the terrain outside of Stone Forest Town.
Guild experts had been little more than ants in the battle, unable to accomplish anything.

In the Star Alliance’s Residence in Star-Moon City…

“So, Heaven’s Burial has been defeated?” Galaxy Past revealed a bitter smile when he received news of Zero Wing’s victory.
“Now, no one in Star-Moon Kingdom can stop Zero Wing.”

“Guild Leader, did you predict that Heaven’s Burial would lose from the very beginning?” Purple Eye asked curiously.
Based on Galaxy Past’s tone, he didn’t seem surprised by this war’s outcome.

“No, I didn’t know, but I had a feeling that Zero Wing wouldn’t lose.
The Guild has performed many miracles since its establishment, and there’s nothing surprising about it performing one more,” Galaxy Past said, shaking his head.
“However, Zero Wing’s performance this time did surpass even my expectations.
Despite facing such a powerful force, it still won so effortlessly, even killing over 200,000 Heaven’s Burial members and 15,000 players from Blackwater…”

The various superpowers following the war between the two Guilds were shocked when they learned of its outcome.

“Zero Wing! They still had such a trump card? It’s no wonder why the Guild rejected our kindhearted offer.” Yuan Tiexin paled as he watched the three Baphomets in the video before him.

High Demons!

He had only read about this type of Demon in the libraries he had visited.
High Demons were emperors among Demons.
Their Life Ratings were even higher than Archaic Species, yet Zero Wing had summoned three of these High Demons.
It was only natural that Heaven’s Burial had lost.

After this war, Star-Moon Kingdom’s various major powers, as well as those operating in secret within the kingdom, realized that Zero Wing had grown past its status as a fledgling Guild.
Now, Zero Wing’s development in Star-Moon Kingdom was truly unstoppable.
The Guild had proven its foundations to join the ranks of the various superpowers and compete for hegemony in God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had returned to White River City with the loot he had obtained from the Mythic Evil Demons and Mythic Evil Beasts.
He hadn’t stayed in the Stoneclaw Mountains to participate in the clean-up battle.
Heaven’s Burial’s main force was already finished, and Blackwater had lost over 80% of the experts it had dispatched.
Baphomets’ Soul Fire had even claimed many of them.
Once the resurrected and could log back into the game, they’d be essentially crippled for a considerable time.
From today onward, neither of these two Guilds would find any success in Star-Moon Kingdom.
In fact, Heaven’s Burial might even have trouble continuing in the game at all.

After returning to White River City, Shi Feng retrieved his latest bounty, looking through the items with shining eyes.
This was especially true when his gaze fell on the dark-gray crystal covered in runes.

When he had picked the crystal up earlier, he had still been surrounded by dense Evil Energy.
He hadn’t had the time to inspect his harvest properly.
Now, however, he could feel how frightening this dark-gray, runic crystal truly was.
The concentrated energy within was astonishing, even surpassing the Mana within Seven Luminaries Crystals.
Comparing a Seven Luminaries Crystal’s energy levels to this dark-gray crystal was like comparing a candle flame to a forest fire.
It felt as if this single crystal contained the power of an entire world.

“What is this thing?” Shi Feng muttered curiously as he inspected the item.

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