Chapter 1714 – Fighting a Mythic NPC

“This Beast Emperor can actually convince a Mythic NPC to join the fray?”

“Is this a joke?! That’s a Tier 4 NPC we’re talking about!”

The various major powers and adventurer teams’ members at the Primordial Divine Ruin stared with wide eyes as they watched Dyro descend to the battlefield, their hearts palpitating in fear and shock.

None of these players were strangers to Tier 4 NPCs.
Tier 4 NPCs ruled over every major NPC city in the various kingdoms and empires, and anyone who had met such an NPC would know just how powerful they were.

In God’s Domain, players were able to face monsters of a higher tier due to having more Skills, Spells, and combat techniques.
With this advantage, players could exploit powerful monsters’ weaknesses and defeat them, despite having lower Basic Attributes.

However, NPCs had no such weaknesses.
Unlike monsters, both the quality and quantity of NPCs’ Skills and Spells was far superior to players.
They were capable of executing many complex combination attacks with these Skills and Spells, making them far more difficult to deal with than monsters.
To make matters worse, although NPCs’ Basic Attributes were lower than monsters’ of the same rank and tier, they were still overwhelmingly higher than players’…

After Dyro opened his eyes, the pressure he gave off made him feel like an entirely different entity than before.

The Evil Energy Dyro radiated was so incomparably dense that the Evil Energy corroded the space around him.
Players over 2,000 yards away could clearly feel this man’s aura.

If players felt as if they had been submerged in a pool of water as the Mythic Evil Demons and Mythic Evil Beasts’ auras had washed over them, then Dyro’s aura felt as if they had been dumped into a pit of quicksilver.
They couldn’t help but shudder as they bathed in this NPC’s aura.

These players finally understood just how terrifying a Tier 4 NPC was.

If this NPC elder wanted to, he could definitely kill every player at the Primordial Divine Ruin, and they wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop him…

As the various powers and adventurer teams’ members were in shock over Dyro’s aura…

A massive figure suddenly appeared before Dyro.
This figure was none other than the Divine Magic Dragon under Shadow Sword’s control.
As soon as it reached its target, the Divine Magic Dragon’s mountain-like claw descended on the Mythic NPC.

However, despite having even enough power to send Mythic monsters of the same level flying, Dyro ignored the claw and allowed it to land.


The Evil Bat Dyro rode shot to the ground like a bullet.
The instant the Evil Bat crashed, the impact formed a crater with a 70-yard radius in the ground.
Despite the Evil Bat being a Level 80 Grand Lord, the single attack had heavily injured it.
Now, even flight was impossible for the Evil Bat…

Where’s the NPC? Shadow Sword examined the bottom of the crater in confusion.

He only spotted the Evil Bat in the crater; Dyro was nowhere to be found.
Shadow Sword couldn’t even sense the NPC’s horrific aura.
It was as if the old man had vanished.

A second later, a figure appeared in the Evil Bat’s original location, which was none other than Dyro.
The old man was in the midst of chanting an incantation, having already written numerous lines of divine runes.
As Dyro continued to cast his Spell, a magic array formed behind him, absorbing a tremendous amount of Evil Energy from its surroundings.
A short moment later, the space before the array ruptured, creating a black hole that absorbed every form of energy available in its vicinity.

Sensing the growing strength of the magic array’s aura, Shadow Sword’s expression darkened.
He could easily tell how powerful Dyro’s Spell would be.
It was definitely stronger than Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells.
If this Spell struck the Divine Magic Dragon he controlled, the attack would undoubtedly send the Dragon flying.
If that happened, Dyro would have an opportunity to attack the movement-type defensive magic array, and the consequences would be unimaginably dire.

“Die!” Shadow Sword swiftly used the Tier 4 Skill, Five Thunder Fingers, aiming the cone attack at Dyro.

As the Divine Magic Dragon’s claw sped towards the NPC, countless arcs of electricity extended from the tip of its digits and reached for Dyro.

However, as if he had prepared for this attack, Dyro lightly tapped the butt of his staff at the air before him.
In response, a gray, threefold magic array appeared before the old man, protecting him from the Dragon’s attack.

Tier 4 Defensive Spell, Dark Hunt!

“Double-speed-casting?” Everyone gaped in shock as they watched Dyro, who was still casting his first Spell.
The magical class players were especially stupefied.

Double-speed-casting was a feat that many magical class players worked to achieve.
Unfortunately, very few magical class experts could actually do it.
Moreover, the higher a Spell’s tier was, the more difficult it would be to double-cast, not to mention double-speed-casting.

Even Tier 2 peak experts had great difficulty double-speed-casting two Tier 2 Spells, yet Dyro could cast two Tier 4 Spells simultaneously.
The NPC’s spellcasting was already on par with peak experts.

Dyro’s threefold magic array instantly stopped the incoming arcs of electricity.
None of the arcs had managed to deal any damage.

Seeing that Dyro was about to complete his first Spell, Shadow Sword hurriedly directed his Divine Magic Dragon to attack the NPC from another direction.

Dark Hunt could only block attacks from one direction; it was useless against attacks from other angles.

However, just when the Divine Magic Dragon’s claw was about to reach Dyro, the NPC disappeared once again.
This time, he reappeared 100-yards away from the attacking Dragon.

Tier 3 Spell, Advanced Movement!

“Crap! Supplementary-casting?!”

The magical class experts’ minds were blown when the saw Dyro appear 100-yards away from the Divine Magic Dragon.

Advanced Movement was not a particularly rare Spell.
It was actually a common Spell that Tier 3 magical class NPCs used.
What was truly astounding was the way Dyro had used the Spell.

In a way, supplementary-casting was similar to double-casting, but rather than channeling two Spells at the same time, one could abruptly cast the second Spell midway through casting their first Spell when supplementary-casting.
This technique was even more difficult than double-speed-casting.

Meanwhile, before the Divine Magic Dragon could reach Dyro to launch another attack, the NPC finished writing the last line of divine runes for his Spell.
A sneer twisted Dyro’s wizened face.

“Do you think you can stop me, the Dark Wizard Dyro, with a lowly summoned creature?” Dyro said as he looked at Shi Feng as he made a wave with his staff.

Suddenly, cracks in space began to split the sky.
Boundless Evil Energy then flooded out of these cracks and gathered at the tip of Dyro’s staff.

After gathering enough Evil Energy, Dyro created 21 pitch-black spears around him with another wave of his staff.
Silver arcs of electricity crackled along these spears.

Tier 4 Curse, Destruction Spear!

“Go!” Dyro waved his hand.

The 21 pitch-black spears flew towards the Divine Magic Dragon.

As the product of a Tier 4 Curse, each pitch-black spear carried a frightening amount of power.
When Shadow Sword tried to attack the spears with the Divine Magic Dragon, repelling one spear actually pushed the Dragon back slightly.
The Strength within the pitch-black spears was actually on par with the Dragon’s.

Although both sides had equal Strength, there were 21 pitch-black spears.
Meanwhile, when players controlled a summoned creature, they couldn’t control it as easily as their own body, which ultimately decreased their combat standards when controlling the creature.
Hence, even though Shadow Sword had reached the Refinement Realm, he was only able to block five or six spears at a time, while the remaining weapons struck the Divine Magic Dragon.

For a time, the Divine Magic Dragon was at a complete disadvantage as the spears pushed it back towards Zero Wing’s defensive magic array.

“Time to finish this!” Dyro waved his staff again, joining two of the pitch-black spears into one weapon and striking at the Divine Magic Dragon, the attack carrying far more Strength than the individual summoned weapons.

However, just before the combination attack reached the Divine Magic Dragon…

Suddenly, a flash of black light bloomed before the Divine Magic Dragon.
At the same time, the combined spears that flew towards the Dragon’s chest veered off course.
The two weapons then split as they brushed past the scales on the Dragon’s sides harmlessly.

This confused Dyro slightly.

“What’s going on?”

“The Dragon dodged the attack?”

“No, that’s not it! Look at Zero Wing’s summoning array!”

“Huh? Isn’t that Black Flame?”

The spectating crowd was dumbfounded for a moment by the sudden development.
They failed to understand how the Divine Magic Dragon had become powerful enough to stop the pitch-black spears combination attack.
However, some players with keen eyesight quickly noticed that Shadow Sword was no longer standing in the summing array for the Divine Magic Dragon; Shi Feng had actually taken his place.

“Black Flame! Do you think you can change this outcome just by switching controllers?!” Beast Emperor could not help but laugh when he saw Shi Feng controlling the Divine Magic Dragon.

Summoned creatures were not as easy to control as a player’s body.
Naturally, a Domain Realm expert would have far more control of a summoned creature than a Refinement Realm expert.
The Realms of Refinement improved a player’s five senses, but players simply couldn’t merge their senses completely with a summoned creature’s.
As a result, one’s combat power when controlling a summoned creature was considerably limited.

“They changed controllers?” Dyro muttered as he glanced at the distant summoning array.
As a Mythic NPC, his intellect was incredibly high.
Hence, he was quickly able to assess any changes on the battlefield.
However, the surprise in Dyro’s eyes quickly faded, replaced by ridicule.
“Foolish mortals, do you think you can stop my Destruction Spears because you’ve gained more control of a lowly summoned creature? All you’ve done is prolonged your suffering!”

Saying so, Dyro combined 20 spears into ten pairs, attacking Shi Feng with all of them at once.

Seeing the ten incoming attacks, Shi Feng executed Sword’s Orbit with the Divine Magic Dragon’s claws.

Dang… Dang… Dang…

A series of clangs echoed throughout the Primordial Divine Ruin.

In the end, Shi Feng’s Dragon knocked every one of the twenty Destruction Spears aside.
The spears hadn’t even budged the Dragon an inch, much less damage the Divine Magic Dragon…

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