Chapter 1717 – Shocking Numerous Countries

As Dyro died, the dark-gray Evil Energy consuming the sky above the Primordial Divine Ruin faded.
The land once again bathed in the sun’s glaring rays.

Many of Zero Wing’s army abruptly leveled up as the Tier 4 NPC awarded more abundant EXP than any ordinary Mythic monster.

Unlike Mythic monsters, the NPC dropped only two items when he had died.
After these two items appeared, the Evil Energy surrounding the old man’s body quickly dissipated, and shortly after, his body transformed into ash that scattered with the wind.

“He died?”

“A Tier 4 NPC was killed, just like that?”

Everyone at the Primordial Divine Ruin watched Dyro’s disintegrating corpse in utter disbelief.

After playing God’s Domain for so long, everyone was terrifyingly familiar with the strength of Tier 4 NPCs.
They were powerhouses that could guard and rule over major NPC cities.
They were definitely invincible to current players.

Yet, players had just slain one such NPC…

This situation had overturned everything they thought they had known about God’s Domain.

“How is this possible?! That’s a Tier 4 Dark Wizard we’re talking about!” Beast Emperor’s countenance twisted as he stared at Dyro’s corpse through the gigantic crystal ball in the Evil God’s Branch Temple.

He had spent nearly all of his Evil God’s Temple Contribution Points to get Dyro to participate in the battle.
Aside from getting rid of Zero Wing, he also wanted to give the various superpowers a warning.
He wanted everyone to know that the Orc Empire was his territory, yet both his main and side objectives had failed.

Back on the battlefield, the players from the various major powers and adventurer teams weren’t the only ones shocked by Dyro’s death.
Even Zero Wing’s members stared at the NPC’s corpse with dumbfounded expressions.

“Did we succeed?” Aqua Rose muttered, finding what had just happened a little hard to believe.

He’s dead.
Although Tier 4 NPCs are powerful, they’re not invincible.
Everyone, continue killing the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.
The battle is not over yet,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.
“Shadow Sword, come take back control over the Dragon.”

While Tier 4 NPCs were very powerful, they were not insurmountable.
As players reached higher levels and gained more strength, some would even take out the Level 200, Tier 4 NPCs that protected major NPC cities, let alone a lowly Level 80, Tier 4 NPC.

“Understood!” Shadow Sword snapped out of his daze and nodded.

Once Shadow Sword took control back, Shi Feng activated Gale Domain, transforming into a blur as he dashed towards Dyro’s ashes.

NPCs like Dyro rarely dropped loot, which was why players weren’t usually interested in killing God’s Domain’s NPCs.
Not only were NPCs built to counter players, but they also didn’t drop much loot even after they died.
Normally, players wouldn’t bother with such a thankless task unless they had no other choice.

As for the Tier 4 NPCs that protected cities, they almost never dropped loot.
And due to the city’s magic arrays, these NPCs would command even more combat power.
To make matters worse, if players killed a city’s protector, the city’s kingdom or empire would post a bounty on their head.

If players had a working brain, they wouldn’t provoke an NPC city’s Tier 4 NPCs without a very good reason.

However, in the rare event such NPCs dropped loot, the items would definitely be top-tier.

Although Shi Feng didn’t need to worry about anyone stealing Dyro’s loot due to the Evil Beasts and Demons on the battlefield, he thought it would be best to be safe, rather than sorry.
On the off chance that some suicidal players decided to give it a go, reclaiming the loot would be troublesome.

The two Evil Earth Dragons were still trapped in the Knights of Light’s Prism of Light, and Anna and the Divine Magic Dragon had them thoroughly pinned down.
This allowed Shi Feng to reach Dyro’s partly disintegrated corpse easily.
After retrieving the two items the NPC had dropped, he immediately turned and fled back to the defensive magic array.

When the major powers’ players saw this, their eyes became bloodshot with envy.

That was a Tier 4 NPC’s loot!

Even if they didn’t know what the items were exactly, due to how powerful Dyro had been, those items were guaranteed to be extraordinary.

However, although they were jealous, none of them dared to take action.
Whether the Divine Magic Dragons or Anna’s Level 80 Knights of Light and Envoys of Darkness came after them, all of these beings were ridiculously powerful.
Even if they charged onto the battlefield to steal the loot, they would simply add to these monsters’ kill-counts.

Meanwhile, as the various superpowers’ upper echelons watched the two Divine Magic Dragons battle, jealousy gripped their hearts.

If Zero Wing could summon more Divine Magic Dragons, then nobody in the Orc Empire could beat the Guild, not even Beast Emperor.

However, they also realized that even if Zero Wing could summon more of these Dragons, it should only be able to do so a limited number of times.
It was even possible that Zero Wing only had these two summoning arrays.
Otherwise, the Guild could have summoned a third Divine Magic Dragon to take out Dyro, rather than giving Anna a rare potion to increase her strength.

A potion that could elevate a Personal Guard by one tier was far more valuable than a Divine Magic Dragon.
Each of these Dragons required 88 Summoners, which had to be protected at all times.
On the other hand, the potion Anna had consumed could be carried and used without such challenging restrictions.

Of course, that was just an assumption.
They’d have to investigate the situation slowly through their spies in Zero Wing to learn the exact truth of the matter.

But it was safe to say that from today on, no one would dare to provoke Zero Wing at the Primordial Divine Ruin.

When Shi Feng returned to the defensive magic array, he continued to command Zero Wing’s army as they slaughtered the Evil Beasts and Demons.
After they killed two Mythic Evil Beasts and 30,000-plus lower-ranked Evil Beasts and Evil Demons, Beast Emperor finally gave up and recalled his minions from the Primordial Divine Ruin.

“Even Beast Emperor is helpless against Zero Wing?” Falling Fire, who watched the battle from a safe distance with a Magic Mirror, frowned as he watched this outcome.

He had planned to send Blackwater’s army back to the ruin after Beast Emperor had severely wounded Zero Wing’s forces, but it seemed that his plan was no longer viable.

“Sure enough, Zero Wing still won.”

“Amazing! This is simply amazing! Zero Wing actually forced back an army of 100,000-plus Evil Demons and Evil Beasts with a little over 1,000 players! With this, Beast Emperor has lost his position as the Orc Empire’s overlord.”

The spectating crowd at the Primordial Divine Ruin could not help but shudder with excitement as they watched the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts frantically flee.

Zero Wing had come to the Primordial Divine Ruin with fewer than 2,000 players, yet not only had it defeated Blackwater’s 10,000-strong army, but it had also pushed back a force of 100,000-plus monsters.
In the midst of the battle, Zero Wing had even killed a Tier 4 NPC and two Tier 4 Evil Beasts.

The watching players finally understood just how powerful Zero Wing was.
The various superpowers, in particular, felt a sliver of fear as they watched the Guild.
At the very least, they didn’t want to make an enemy of Zero Wing within the Orc Empire’s boundaries.

After all, nobody could say for certain that Zero Wing couldn’t summon more Divine Magic Dragons.

As the battle ended, news of Zero Wing’s shocking victory at the Primordial Divine Ruin quickly spread to the kingdoms and empires neighboring the Orc Empire.
Meanwhile, this news didn’t only reach the ears of the various large Guilds as even ordinary players learned of the battle.
The news had reached so many players because many of the players at the Primordial Divine Ruin were from adventurer teams, as well.

Many of these adventurer teams’ members began to upload the videos they had recorded of the battle to their respective countries’ forums.

“Crap! Is this really a battle between players? Why does it feel more like a battle between NPCs?”

“Quick, look! Isn’t that a Tier 4 NPC?”

“What?! Zero Wing even managed to kill a Tier 4 NPC?!”

Due to this masterpiece of a battle, Zero Wing’s fame in the various kingdoms and empires rose significantly.
Many players even began to consider joining Zero Wing.

For a time, countless players swarmed towards White River City and Zero Wing City.

“Black Flame! Don’t think that you’ve won the war just because you’ve won this battle!” A cold glint flashed in Beast Emperor’s eyes as he read the forum posts.
“Since you’ve severed one of my limbs, I’ll make sure that Zero Wing never sets foot in the Orc Empire again!”

He admitted that his Evil Demon and Evil Beast army had been defeated, and the loss had been significant.
However, he knew very well that the Divine Magic Dragons were summoned creatures.
They could only exist for a limited amount of time.
Once that duration ended, he could simply send his minions back to the Primordial Divine Ruin and slaughter Zero Wing’s army.
Even if Zero Wing could summon the Divine Magic Dragons again, he could just order another retreat and attack at a later time.
He had more than enough Evil Demons and Evil Beasts to bleed Zero Wing dry.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

After seeing that the battle was over, Shi Feng used a Return Scroll to return to White River City.

However, Shi Feng did not head directly to the War God’s Temple.
Instead, he visited White River City’s Adventurer’s Association.

In a VIP room on the Adventurer’s Association’s second floor…

When one of the Association’s senior administrators entered the room, he greeted Shi Feng, who rested on a sofa, and asked, “Lord Protector, how may I be of service today?”

“I wish to build a town in a neutral map outside of the kingdom, and I need the Adventurer’s Association’s help,” Shi Feng said, nodding.
He then revealed the Town Building Order he had acquired from the Lost Town.

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