Chapter 1727 – Blockade Destroyed

After seeing the Mythic Evil Demon fall, Beast Emperor’s four remaining subordinates were overwhelmed by their fear and despair.

Although they had expected this outcome after watching Shi Feng and his Personal Guards suppress the Mythic Evil Demon, they couldn’t help but shudder after watching the monster actually collapse at the Swordsman’s feet.

To God’s Domains current major powers, Tier 4 monsters were still insurmountable.
Even Super Guilds had to expend a lot of time and effort to prepare and ensure that they killed one.

Yet, Shi Feng had accomplished this feat by relying on his own power and his two Personal Guards.

Normally, if someone told them about such a situation, they’d laugh, assuming that the player was joking, but after such an impossible feat had occurred before their very eyes, they had no choice but to believe it.

Regret filled their hearts.
Had they known that something like this would happen, they would never have volunteered to work at the checkpoint.

They had assumed that inspecting players that entered the Primordial Divine Ruin would be a relaxing, glorious task.
After all, even players from the various superpowers would have to lower their heads before them.
How often did anyone get to brag about that? Now, however, the only thing awaiting them was death.

Before the four could even turn and flee, Kite had appeared and finished each of them with a single hit.

In the meantime, Shi Feng had arrived beside the Mythic Evil Demon’s corpse and collected the three items it had dropped.
He then commanded Anna and Kite to kill the other Evil Demons outside of the magic array.

Without the threat of the Mythic Evil Demon, the Level 70-plus Evil Demons were easy pickings for the two Personal Guards.
The fight with the remaining monsters had been so easy that Shi Feng hadn’t even needed to use another Berserk Skill after Heavenly Dragon’s Power had ended.
He only needed to support his Personal Guards from the side.
Whenever his Personal Guards’ HPs fell below a certain point, Shi Feng had simply activated the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Life Domain to recover their HP to full.

For a time, Shi Feng, Anna, and Kite slaughtered the hundreds of Evil Demons around them, further dumbfounding the spectating crowd.

That was several hundred Level 70-plus Evil Demons they were talking about! Moreover, the weakest among them was a Lord!

Even an army of 10,000 elite players would have trouble against such a force, yet Anna and Kite ended these Evil Demons as if they were farming Common monsters…

“So strong!”

“Black Flame’s Personal Guards are awesome! They should both be Fine-Gold rank!”

“I’ve seen Fine-Gold Personal Guards before, so I am certain that Fine-Gold Personal Guards are definitely not that powerful.
I’m willing to bet that the female Summoner is Dark-Gold rank.”

“I doubt even Super Guilds have Dark-Gold Personal Guards.”

“It would be great if I had a Personal Guard like that.
I’d have such an easier time grinding and raiding Bosses.”

“Keep dreaming! Do you know how much Secret-Silver Personal Guards are selling for? Nobody will even sell them for two or three Epic items! If there’s a Fine-Gold or Dark-Gold Personal Guard on the market, even Super Guilds will do everything they can to get their hands on them.”

Once the crowd of players snapped out of their daze, they turned to look at Anna and Kite, who stood beside Shi Feng, with passionate gazes.
They all felt a vicious jealousy tear at their hearts.

The combat power Shi Feng had displayed was indeed frightening.
Even without a Berserk Skill, the man could go toe-to-toe with a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon.
Even experts like them dreamed of wielding that kind of power.
However, compared to Shi Feng’s strength, Anna and Kite’s combat power was monstrous.

This was especially true for Anna.

Many of the players present were experts, and quite of few of these experts usually commanded their Guild’s Dungeon raids.
Hence, they recognized the factors that contributed to Shi Feng’s victory over the Mythic Evil Demon.

The first factor was the Tier 4 Magic Scroll Shi Feng had used to injure the Mythic Evil Demon and significantly lower its combat power.

Anna was the second factor.
The Tier 3 Golden Giant Anna had summoned had played a vital role in tanking the Mythic Evil Demon.
Meanwhile, her summoned Rock Guardians had formed a magic array that had suppressed the Mythic ranked Evil Demon further.

Without these two factors, Shi Feng wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Mythic Evil Demon.

After watching this battle, the spectating crowd realized how important Personal Guards truly were.

Even if a player were weak, they could rise to prominence in God’s Domain as long as they had sufficiently strong Personal Guards.

When the various adventurer teams’ members, in particular, saw Anna and Kite, they felt as if doors to an entirely new world had opened before them.

“Personal Guards, huh?”

“Send the battle video to the commander immediately! With this, our Blazing Owl adventurer team will have a chance of becoming a top adventurer team in the future!”

The players from the various adventurer teams burst into action.
Some players, who commanded their own adventurer teams, immediately ordered their members to do everything they could to find high-quality Personal Guards.

Unlike large Guilds, adventurer teams generally had very few members.
As a result, these teams struggled when organizing Dungeon raids.
Large-sized adventurer teams, with over a thousand members, might not face as much difficulty in this regard, but mid-sized adventurer teams like theirs, which only had several hundred members, even had trouble organizing raids for 50-man Team Dungeons.

However, if they employed a capable Personal Guard, even a Mysterious-Iron Personal Guard, it could help make up for the team’s lack of manpower when raiding Team Dungeons.

If they had a Secret-Silver Personal Guard, they could even raid 100-man Team Dungeons.
Then, they’d be able to obtain far better weapons and equipment for their adventurer teams’ members.

These players now realized that Personal Guards played a crucial role in determining a mid-sized adventurer team’s success.

For a time, the various adventurer teams started a campaign to find powerful Personal Guards after watching Shi Feng’s battle.
As a result, Personal Guards’ prices skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, inside the Evil God’s Branch Temple in Ancient Rock City, Beast Emperor wore a gloomy expression as he stared at the magic water ball before him.

“How is this possible?”

As he read the report one of his subordinates had sent, he couldn’t bring himself to believe its contents.

He had dispatched over a dozen subordinates and hundreds of Evil Demons to operate his checkpoint, yet Shi Feng had killed everyone there.
Even one of the only two remaining Mythic Evil Demons had fallen to Shi Feng’s blade…

“Boss, why don’t I lead some men to annihilate Zero Wing?” Wind Hunter suggested from beside Beast Emperor.
“Although Zero Wing has set up a town near the Primordial Divine Ruin, we can surround the town and prevent anyone from entering or leaving.
If they summon another one of those Divine Magic Dragons, we’ll just pack up and run away.
Once the Dragon’s duration ends, we can simply encircle the town again!”

“Alright! Get it done.
But as a precaution, you absolutely must not reveal yourself,” Beast Emperor commanded with a nod.

“Boss, rest assured, I’ll make sure Zero Wing’s town is nothing more than a pile of ruin once its protection period ends,” Wind Hunter said, laughing.
He then turned and left the Evil God’s Branch Temple.

Elsewhere, after Shi Feng had annihilated the Evil Demons at the checkpoint, he made his way toward the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Players crowded the ruin, and even though a massive battle had taken place right outside of it, these players chatted and laughed merrily.
Some players even hawked their wares here.

However, far more players wandered around outside of the town, which had recently been established near the ruin, than those within the Primordial Divine Ruin itself.
All of these players examined Zero Wing’s new town with curiosity and anticipation.

As everyone watched, Shi Feng rode his Demonic Flame Tiger towards the town that had the protection of Level 100 NPC adventurers.

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