Chapter 1733 – Earth-shattering Blow

A large group of Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, easily over 50,000 in total, had set up camp in the wilderness outside of the Primordial Divine Ruin.

This particular group also included some cloaked players, which all radiated killing intent.
Just looking at these players could make one shiver.
Some of these players didn’t even bother with Black Cloaks to hide their identities, revealing the black IDs above their heads.
It was obvious that these players had slain a frightening number of players.
They were definitely not ordinary expert players.

All of these players were very well-geared.
Despite recently reaching Level 50, over half of their equipment consisted of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment.
These pieces were definitely among the best available at this stage of the game.

“Wind, I’ll say this first; the Crimson Horn Guild will only help you kill Zero Wing’s members.
We won’t be taking the initiative to attack and turn ourselves into cannon fodder,” a tall, robust man carrying two short swords from his waist indifferently told the phantom of a person beside him.

As long as Zero Wing’s members leave Silverwing Town, my Evil Demons and Evil Beasts will attack them immediately.
All you and your men need to do is find an opportunity to kill them.
However, don’t forget, my goal involves more than making them lose a single level,” Wind Hunter reminded the man.

He hadn’t only chosen to work with Crimson Horn because it was a famous Dark Guild in the Dark Night Empire; he had also chosen the Guild due to its production of a particular type of poison.

This poison was called Soul Devourer and would be applied to a player’s weapons.
When these coated weapons were used to kill a player, the poison would corrode the player’s soul, and depending on how much poison was applied, the victims could lose up to three levels before entering a weakened state.

During this weakened period, players could not level up.

In return for Crimson Horn’s assistance, the Evil God’s Temple would help the Dark Guild’s members grind Glory Points and accumulate battlefield titles.

“Leave this to us.
As long as we slay Zero Wing’s members, I guarantee that they will need some time to recover their strength,” the indifferent man said confidently.
“If there weren’t so many Guilds here, I’d love to fight Zero Wing’s peak experts.
I’ve heard that their combat standards are quite good, and every item they wear is a treasure.
However, by the looks of it, that doesn’t seem possible.”

Saying so, the indifferent man turned to the six cloaked players behind him.
He wasn’t pleased that he couldn’t see their appearances.

These six players would be responsible for dealing with Zero Wing’s peak experts in the upcoming battle.

Although these six people were Dark Players, they did not belong to a Dark Guild.
Rather, they were members of an adventurer team called Dark Hunters.
The adventurer team was quite famous in the Dark Night Empire, and not even Crimson Horn avoided provoking the team.

The Dark Hunters adventurer team consisted of monstrous players, and every member was a Dark Player.
Not long ago, the Dark Hunters had dispatched a 20-man team to annihilate the first-rate Guild, Tyrant Emperor’s main force.
Said force had included 1,000 players…

Among the Dark Hunters’ 20-man team, eight were Tier 2 players who had absurd combat standards and Basic Attributes.
Even Star Harvester, Tyrant Emperor’s Guild Leader and a Level 51, Tier 2 Assassin, had died in the battle.

Naturally, a Tier 2 Assassin possessed much stronger Lifesaving Skills than a Tier 1 Assassin.
Even five Tier 2 experts working together should not be able to stop a Tier 2 Assassin’s escape, yet Star Harvest had still been killed.
Moreover, a single player from the Dark Hunters had accomplished the deed.
The strength the Dark Hunters had displayed had thoroughly shocked the Dark Night Empire.

Star Harvester wasn’t some ordinary expert.
He was a Refinement Realm expert who ranked 305th on the God’s Domain Experts List.
Not even ordinary Refinement Realm experts stood a chance against him.

Yet, the Dark Hunters had killed him.

Even before the battle with Tyrant Emperor, the Dark Hunters had created many frightening battle records.
Only, these battle records had been carried out in secret, unknown to the various large Guilds.

The adventure team’s accomplishments included the assassination of Crimson Horn’s Guild Leader, Crimson Ghost.
This was also why Crimson Ghost wasn’t happy to see the six Dark Hunters’ members.

In Crimson Ghost’s opinion, the players from the Dark Hunters were inhuman, and he hadn’t reached this conclusion just because of their monstrous strength.
Rather, this opinion was based on the appearance they took on when they activated their true power.
When they used their true power, they lost their human form, transforming into true monsters.
They also used different combat methods than players like himself.

Every one of the six players that had been sent from the Dark Hunters was a Tier 2 player.
Even without the help of the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, these six players were more than enough to deal with Zero Wing’s main force members.

“Since everyone’s all here, we’ll proceed with the next phase of our plan.
First, we’ll set up an encirclement around the Primordial Divine Ruin and Silverwing Town.
But make sure you stay a safe distance away from the town.
We estimate that those Magic Towers have a maximum attack range of around 1,500 yards.

“Do not enter that range.
We won’t be responsible for your deaths.”

Hearing Wind Hunter’s warning, the various Dark Players nodded their heads.

War weapons were no laughing matter.
The Magic Towers’ attacks possessed power at the peak of Tier 3.
Moreover, the attacks had very large ranges.
Unless one used an Invulnerability Skill or Spell, no player at this stage of the game could block an attack from a war weapon and survive.

No, there was one player who could block an attack from war weapon like the Magic Tower, but none of these Dark Players believed that they had the strength to rival Black Flame.

When Wind Hunter finished speaking, the present players went into action.
Wind Hunter then organized his Evil Demons and Evil Beasts to surround the Primordial Divine Ruin and Silverwing Town.

Shortly after the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts began to move, the players in the Primordial Divine Ruin discovered their advance.

“There are so many Evil Demons and Evil Beasts! That should be at least 50,000, right?”

“Is Beast Emperor launching another assault?”

The crowd at the Primordial Divine Ruin gulped when they saw the approaching Evil Beast and Evil Demon army.
Although they knew that Beast Emperor only planned to target Zero Wing, they couldn’t help their growing fear and anxiety as they watched the monsters draw near.

“Good! They’re finally here.” When the various superpowers’ upper echelons saw the Evil Demons and Evil Beasts, their moods considerably brightened.
“Let’s see how Zero Wing maintains its arrogance after this.”

As long as Beast Emperor was willing to fight against Zero Wing, Zero Wing would be under a considerable amount of pressure regardless of whether Beast Emperor won or lost.
In that case, they would have an opportunity to acquire the shares of Silverwing Town.

However, when the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons were less than 1,000 yards away from the Primordial Divine Ruin…

One of the Magic Towers in Silverwing Town, which stood over 3,000 yards away from the monster army, began to gather energy.
The Mana around the Magic Tower swiftly collected at the gigantic crystal atop the tower.

After a two-second charge, a pillar of black-white light shot up from the gigantic crystal.
Even the players at the Primordial Divine Ruin could clearly see the pillar.

“What’s Zero Wing trying to do?” The sudden development confused everyone watching.

As these players wondered about the light pillar, it angled downward and shot into the center of the Evil Beast and Evil Demon army.
Following which, the light pillar expanded and devoured the nearby Evil Demons and Evil Beasts.
Every monster at Special Elite rank or below died instantly as the light washed over them.
Only Chieftains and above had survived, although the monsters at Chieftain rank had very little HP remaining.
The attack had even heavily injured the Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons and Evil Beasts…

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