taking a direct hit from a Tier 1 fire-type spell.
Just what kind of Defense did he possess? Aqua Rose even started to suspect that Shi Feng was a Shield Warrior or a Guardian Knight in disguise.
However, even Guardian Knights possessing the highest magic resistance could not forcefully survive this move.While the two suffered their shock, the Black Knights of Blackwing City had arrived.Compared to other towns and normal cities, Blackwing City ’s management was far more strict.
The penalties it administered were even more unbearable.
Hence, in Shi Feng ’s previous life, no players dared cause a scene while in Blackwing City.
Any who did simply sought their own deaths.
Not to mention, Brilliant Wargod had actually dared attack Shi Feng, who possessed the status of a Demon Hunter.

Hence, Shi Feng did not immediately take action against Brilliant Wargod.
In reality, he simply waited for the punishment Blackwing City would provide to Brilliant Wargod. ”Brilliant Wargod, you have committed an offense against Blackwing City ’s laws.
Moreover, you attacked the Lord Demon Hunter.
From now on, you will remain in jail in Blackwing City for 15 days.
After your release, all your Attributes would be decreased by 10% for a duration of ten days, and the EXP you gain will decrease by 20%, ” the Black Knight Captain walked up to Brilliant Wargod, stating his verdict.

Hearing such a penalty, Aqua Rose sucked in a cold breath.
This penalty was simply too heavy.
Even if they locked Brilliant Wargod up for 15 days, as an elder of Twilight Echo, there were other people available to help him level back up.
However, now that he was Level 0, with the 15-day gap and 20% EXP gain reduction, Brilliant Wargod would need to grind ceaselessly for over a month to catch up with the level of the majority of the players, not to mention catching up to the top-ranking players.

”Hahaha! Black Flame, I admit that you are amazing! However, from the moment I took action, I had already decided to delete my account and start all over again! Did you really think I would fear the system punishment? ” Although Brilliant Wargod trembled slightly when he heard the penalty he was to receive, giving it another thought, he planned to delete and rebuild his account.
What should he be afraid of?

”Is that so? Then, I look forward to you deleting and rebuilding your account, ” Shi Feng smiled faintly, not bothering to explain.

Seeing Brilliant Wargod ’s confident smile, Shi Feng could not bear to shatter his fantasies.
Brilliant Wargod thought too lightly of God ’s Domain. 
If a pig-brained person like Brilliant Wargod could think of such a method to escape punishment, the Main God System would certainly have a solution.In Shi Feng ’s previous life, plenty of players had thought of God ’s Domain as only a virtual reality game; they thought they could do whatever they wanted.
There were even some players who had done unscrupulous and condemnable things towards female NPCs.
After all, these players all thought they could simply avoid punishment by deleting and rebuilding their accounts from scratch.
However, the outcome spoke differently.
Unless one no longer wanted to play God ’s Domain, otherwise, 
any and all punishments would be meted out.
No matter how many times one deleted their accounts or changed their gaming helmets, the consequences were inescapable.

Although God ’s Domain was a virtual reality game, it had its own bottom line as well; the rules of God ’s Domain were the final bottom line.
Any and all who dared go past this bottom line would do well to prepare themselves for their punishments, no exceptions.When Brilliant Wargod saw Shi Feng ’s smile, he suddenly felt uncertain about his decision.
However, when he gave it more thought, it was possible that Shi Feng just tried to frighten him.
Immediately, Brilliant Wargod logged out of God ’s Domain, preparing to delete and rebuild his account.Meanwhile, Shi Feng no longer cared to pay any attention to this brainless princeling.
He then opened his bag, examining the clue to the God Slayer that he had just obtained.There was no marked location on this map.
There were also no written words to give an explanation.
If any other players were to obtain this map, they would have no clue of what to do with it.
After all, they would not know the location displayed on the map, nor would they know how to look for it.
Moreover, the official site did not publish a world map for God ’s Domain.
That explained Brilliant Wargod ’s ignorant generosity of wagering this map.

Fortunately, Shi Feng was extremely familiar with God ’s Domain.

In Shi Feng ’s previous life, the various major Guilds in God ’s Domain made their own maps of God ’s Domain, and Shadow was no exception.
Ten years after God ’s Domain started its operation, the 
world map that Shadow possessed was very thorough.
Meanwhile, familiarizing oneself with the world map was one of the basic requirements of a Guild Leader, including Shi Feng.

However, the map currently in Shi Feng ’s hands displayed very complicated terrain.
Only after racking his brain for some time did Shi Feng manage to recall a place with a similar terrain as shown on this map.
It was the forbidden territory for humans, the Ruined Mountain Range.

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