ly low drop rate.
It is also one of the few control-and-damage skills that a Cursemancer has.
As long as the skill’s level is high, it will become a godly skill for grinding monsters.” Shi Feng tossed the Evil Whip skill book to Blackie without hesitation.
He also gave two of the Level 2 Cloth Armor to Blackie.

[Evil Whip]

Cast time 3 seconds.

Use 5 thorns to bind a target in a fixed area.
As long as the target exits the area and breaks the thorns, every thorn will cause a base damage of 20 points, with an additional 30% Spell Damage.

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Blackie became ecstatic when he saw the skill, learning it quickly.
With this skill, his battle standards would be increased by a big leap.
After he switched to the two pieces of equipment, it was as if he turned from an air gun into an artillery cannon.
Blackie’s Intelligence increased to 20 points, increasing his Spell Damage to 48, and also activating the Hidden Basic Skill for Intelligence, [Rapid Cast].

[Rapid Cast]

Allows the player to skip the chants of spells that are below 1.5 seconds, requiring only action to cast it.

Also, allows the caster to better focus on attacking their target.

As for the two pieces of Plate Armor, they were the [Recruit’s Heavy Armor], and [Black Steel Armguard].
However, amongst these pieces of Bronze Equipment, Shi Feng only fancied the Black Steel Armguard’s Attributes.

[Black Steel Armguard] (Bronze Rank, Plate Armor)

Level 3

Equipment Requirements: Strength 9

Defense +14

Strength +2, Endurance +2, Agility +1

Durability 20/20

The Recruit’s Heavy Armor was just mediocre.
The Level 5 Recruit’s Heavy Armor could not compare to the Sky Armor at all.
However, Plate Armors were still precious so it could be sold for a good price.

The two pieces of Level 3 Bronze Leather Armor could be sold as well.

Amongst these pieces of equipment, the most valuable one was the Gray Giant Ax.
It was definitely the darling of Berserkers.

[Gray Giant Ax] (Bronze Rank)

Level 5

Equipment Requirements: Strength 15

Attack Power +21

Strength +5, Endurance +2

Durability 30/30

It was the absolute weapon for violence.
If a Berserker got ahold of this weapon, their damage would become extremely violent and horrifying.

“If I could create a hype over this Gray Giant Ax, it would definitely be worth a lot of money,” Shi Feng slightly smiled.
He had a plan in his heart to make a load of money using the Gray Giant Axe.

Afterward, Shi Feng and Blackie returned to the smithy.

“Master Jack, I’ve killed the Kobold Chieftain.
This is its skull.” Shi Feng said respectfully as he took out a Kobold’s skull.

Master Jack, who was currently hammering away on steel, glanced at the Kobold skull.
After he confirmed that Shi Feng had done it, he satisfyingly said, “Not bad, young man.
It seems you do have the right to inherit my forging skills.”

System: Hidden Quest ‘Road Of Forging’ completed.
Player has learned Forging.
Player has become a Basic Forging Apprentice.
Player has obtained the Forging Talent, ‘Forging Genius’.
Rewarding 10 pieces of [Hundred Refinement Steel]

[Forging Genius]

After a successful forging, there is a fixed chance to increase 2 Proficiency Points.

Two Proficiency Points were not to be looked down on.
It should be known that a Basic Forging Apprentice making a piece of Common Equipment only had a 20% success rate.
After successfully making the equipment, there was a 40% chance to obtain 1 Proficiency Point.
Now, however, Shi Feng had a chance to obtain 2 Proficiency Points as long as his forging was successful, increasing his efficiency for promotion to the next rank by several folds.

Becoming an Intermediate Forging Apprentice required 1000 Proficiency Points.
An average player required more than ten days, at the very least, to become one.
Their supply of materials must also be continuous, as the horrifying rate of failure would waste large amounts of materials.
With the Forging Talent, Shi Feng could now save a lot of materials, saving him quite the amount of money.

On the other hand, Hundred Refinement Steel was a good Support Material for making Bronze Equipment.
It could increase the success rate of making a Bronze Equipment by 10%. 

With the Forging Talent and Book Of Forging, Shi Feng couldn’t help but wish to start forging equipment immediately.
However, he needed materials if he wanted to forge equipment, and in a large amount as well.
If he were to collect the materials himself, it would waste too much time.
He could only purchase them in bulk.
However, that required a lot of money.
Not only that, making Common Equipment would not earn him any money, but instead cause him to lose it.
Only Bronze Equipment could be sold for a good price, but that required Forging Designs that Shi Feng did not have. 

“Deathly Forest is a must-go.” Shi Feng thought about the Bronze Equipment Forging Design that could be obtained from within the Deathly Forest.
The equipment that could be forged using the Forging Design was both cheap to make and had very good Attributes.
In his previous life, there were quite a few Forgers who became rich because of that Design.

Just as Shi Feng turned around to leave…

“Young man, you truly make me look differently at you.
Even after so many years of forging weapons, it is still my first time seeing a Magic Weapon.” Master Jack called out to Shi Feng.
He had sent his gaze towards the pitch-black sword hanging around Shi Feng’s waist.
Even if the black sword was rusty and looked like a fire poker, it could not escape the eyes of a Master Forger.

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